I stumbled across the following excerpt of a dialogue with Bashar

The idea of generating unlimited free-energy in the following way sounds fascinating.

Does anyone know if there has been any research into building a machine using the principles mentioned?

Q: Could you tell us a little bit about Nikola Tesla and who he was?

Bashar: He was Nikola Tesla. (AUDIENCE: laughter) And that individual simply recognized the connection of the idea of the primal energy vibrations that were inherent in your electromagnetic fields upon your planet. He understood that they could always be channeled and transformed into whatever type of energy was necessary for whatever your imagination so conceived.

Q: I recently watched a movie about his life and they put forth the idea that he had developed a system whereby energy would be free...

Bashar: Yes.

Q: ... to everyone.

Bashar: Yes.

Q: And you would merely need to put up an antennae.

Bashar: Yes.

Q: So, is that available to us?

Bashar: Of course.

Q: Okay.

Bashar: Do you wish to build it?

Q: It sounds exciting.

Bashar: Then go ahead. Rely upon the seven and one half cycles per second Earth frequency; and recognize as that individual recognized, that a transmission tower that would vibrate at that frequency would create a wavelength that is radiating outwards from that tower in circular fashion, exactly, coincidentally, the same as the diameter of your planet.

Therefore it would reach the equator, go to the other pole of the planet, bounce back and create a set of vibrational harmonic resonances with the entire planet, that would activate, crystallize and energize your entire electromagnetic field. Allowing you always, through any conductive material inserted within the ground, to be able to draw upon that energy. It is like turning your entire planet into a generator.

Q: A very interesting idea. Could you suggest where I might find reading material please?

Bashar: You will find it.

Q: Okay. And how tall are we talking about the tower being?

Bashar: You will find out. Again draw from the wealth of information around you and trust your own synchronicity. Also, do not forget that at this time, that particular consciousness is also tapping into those who are tapping into him, and will assist.

Q: Did he reincarnate again?

Bashar: Not really.

Q: Could you explain the seven and one half cycles again?

Bashar: Simply you will find that the circumference of a planet divided into what you call the speed of light, will give the cycles per second in the frequency of the world.

For it simply is the equational relationship to why the idea of any given material body exhibits the frequency that it does. Because you create the idea of the speed of light to be the representation of the primal energy pulse within your third density vibration.

In other words, what you call one hundred and eighty-six thousand, three hundred miles per second, divided by the twenty-five thousand miles circumference, will give you seven and one half. Seven and one half cycles per second.

Q: I see.

Bashar: All right.

Q2: So, could we construct the tower on the moon in the same way and get all the energy we need by its frequency?

Bashar: If you are on the moon.

Q: Well, you know they're always talking about how difficult it would be to set up a life-station on the moon and...

Bashar: We understand what you are saying.

Q: Sure.

Bashar: Yes, it is a good idea, in your terms. You can also, in your terms, convert the energy, and beam it to your planet. You can utilize your moon as a generating station.

Q: Well, if we could have this idea on Earth, why would we need to do that?

Bashar: In this way you may find, that because of the systems you have set up upon your Earth now, the system we are now discussing would probably disrupt them. Therefore, if you were to set it up upon your moon, you could convert it at your own leisure away from all the systems you now have upon Earth, and simply convert it, and beam it to where you wish to. Without burning out the systems you have.

Q: Sure. Okay, thanks.

Bashar: Thank you!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I do not know of any research being done on those particular principles.

But, I enjoyed myself when I saw this question because just a few weeks ago I awoke in the middle of the night for reasons unknown to me, and desires for free unlimited energy supplied to the whole world kept flowing through my mind (needless to say, the ideas kept me so excited I did not sleep the rest of that night). :)

(22 Apr '10, 22:00) Liam
(22 Apr '10, 23:18) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius - Looks like you have a drainage problem there. That mountain fence is a bit anti-social too

(12 Jul '11, 10:58) Stingray

David Ikeman is also promoting some serious theories with the moon, involving similar theories to this.

(05 Mar '12, 03:04) Nikulas

This is all fairly new to me. Is this referring to those lines of energy along which the pyramids are built? Stonehenge, too, I think? Or am I waay off base?

(04 Aug '12, 19:19) Grace

"... primal energy vibrations ... are ... inherent in electromagnetic fields" ... and primal electromagnetic fields hold the physical universe in place

(10 May '15, 00:26) jaz
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This is what you are looking for.




I also read someplace the Ark of the Covenant was a capacitor like that too.

Good luck I hope it works for you, I always wanted to try but "High Voltage" scares me to work with, I like living too much.

Added new video


This on a large scale might be promising, he is charging his cell phone with it so it is practical.


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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks Wade - some fascinating links there

(23 Apr '10, 12:33) Stingray

You are very welcomed, Tesla fascinates me too, watch the video, I posted a cool link.

(23 Apr '10, 18:18) Wade Casaldi

Hi Wade. I just checked out your links. Thanks for sharing. I knew about John Hutchison’s work for some time and I'm glad you put a link here about him. Of course, he is known more for the Hutchison effect ,(which was a term given by the military), and his zero point work (esp. in places like Japan). Wikipedia actually deleted his page (had I known that was going to happen I would have saved a copy on my hard drive just for fun)

(06 Mar '12, 23:33) The Traveller

Hmm. The last video you added a link to prompts me with this error message: "Admin Message 15: The video you were looking for was removed."

(07 Mar '12, 20:26) Snow

@Snow fixed link, I found the same video on Youtube. :-)

(31 May '13, 23:22) Wade Casaldi
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These words are gleaned from the above Bashar link;

"Primal energy vibrations are inherent in earth electromagnetic fields, they can be channeled and transformed. This allows to always, through any conductive material inserted within the ground, be able to draw upon that energy, the whole planet is a generator."

All physical matter is held together by electromagnetic fields, in other words, electricity is everywhere and can be channeled from almost anything;

Here are a few examples just to prove the point

  • a lemon battery


  • trees produce electricity


  • direct from the earth


  • from water


have fun :)


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blubird two

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Hmm.. Intriguing. Awesome concepts. Of course this is still a massive shot from being able to handle our large electricity demands, but if more research were put into it this could be the next stage in our civilization. It's quite amazing to ponder. =D

(05 Mar '12, 02:54) Snow

I googled seven and one half cycles per second and found this lots of links and more Bashar quotes here interesting question Stingray



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Thanks! - some interesting links to follow up on there

(23 Apr '10, 04:18) Stingray

The first 20 odd minutes of this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lEV5AFFcZ-s talks about the vector equilibrium model and how it is able to generate free energy.. and the rest of the video seems to talk about how people have been trying to surpress this model in order to generate more revenue...


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Hello @Stingray so what exactly is bashar saying?

He's pointing out that the earth itself is a giant oscillating circuit, natural oscillating circuits exist at all scales of dimension from the smallest planck length size to the largest the size of the whole universe, oscillating circuits are generators of energy, in other words it all boils down to "everything is pure energy".

The planet earth just like all planets is a giant generator of primal energy and this energy can be directed using a guide just as water can be channeled to produce hydroelectricity. The antenna he speaks of is a physical template for the stream of energy towards the surface of the earth, zenith energy.

Personally I'm feeling very excited by what Manoj Bhargava says, he also reminds us that there's unlimited clean energy right here beneath out feet, the deeper you dig into the earth the hotter it gets, he also says that strings of graphene may be the way of bringing that heat energy to the surface.

Graphene is carbon based and all of the carbon in the universe was made inside stars, the essential center of a carbon atom is made up of 6 neutrons and 6 protons and moving around the center are 6 electrons, 666 hmm ... they can't all fit in at the same distance from the center so there're different energy shells, the inner energy shell is saturated with just 2 electrons, the outer energy shell can contain up to 8 electrons, only 4 electrons are circulating

alt text

which means there's space available and makes it very easy for carbon atoms to combine with other atoms, it also means that 4 spaces are available for other things to happen, it makes carbon an excellent conductor of electricity.

There's a lot of interest about graphene in scientific circles for example "The released electrons prefer to travel across the graphene surface...instead of going into the electrolyte solution. That is how the voltage was produced by our device," say Zihan and co.


This gives a clue to what all the buzz is about, it's all to do with shapes and how energy moves within shapes. Everything that exists has shape, a specific pattern and a specific quality of energy by which it can be identified. Electronic structure, atomic and molecular geometry is how elements and groups of elements can be identified.

Energy always follows the path of least resistance and the 2D flat graphene surface apparently offers in practice zero resistance or quasi zero resistance to a flow of energy, how is this possible?

Graphene is considered a 2D material because it's only one atom thick and within the graphene structure 6 atoms of carbon cluster together to form a regular hexagon shape

alt text

the 6 dots on each angle represent the position of the carbon atom, the carbon atom when clustered in this way becomes less spherical more flattened, the lines represent the dynamic energy trajectories that the free electrons follow, at the center of the molecule is a hole, a void, millions of these molecules fit perfectly together to form a natural honeycomb, chicken wire shape grid, a perfectly balanced oscillating circuit. Here's a scanning probe microscopy image of graphene

alt text

and here's a graphic representation

alt text

it provides a real useable entrance into the world of immaterial energies such as light, electricity and other subtle vibrations, a world without shape. The presence of of such phenomena can only be perceived by their effects.

With the aid of specific shapes specific immaterial energies can be evoked, can be summoned. Other energies such as numbers, verb, sound and rythm can also display similar creative powers and under certain conditions these energies can be born one from the other.

separate just a single strip and things become a lot easier to explain

alt text

The perimeter acts as an antenna that absorbs ambient influences, the influence is drawn into the geometric center where it reaches a point of saturation then escapes. The influence corresponds to the vibrational pattern, for example if the influence is the colour red, it's the vibrational pattern of red that's absorbed not the red that can be perceived by the eye.

Taking heat as an example, the vibrational pattern of heat according to servranx is represented by this form

alt text

if there's a source of heat at one end of the strip, the vibrational pattern will be absorbed and travel inside the structure and heat will manifest at the other end, in other words it acts as a kind of suction pump or it could be imagined as a real flip door warp engine

alt text

So where could the seven and a half cycles per second earth frequency fit into this hypothetical flip door warp engine? well it could be tuned to the 7.5 frequency simply by finding the correct length. Just to give an idea of scale the hexagonal carbon ring is in the picometer range, and a picometer is equal to one trillionth of a meter, here's a useful practical scale tool


Here's an observation concerning the graphical representation of graphene; the carbon hexagon together with it's center can be constructed virtually by 6 triangles

alt text

which also looks very much like the drawing of a 3D cube, symbol of materiality.

Here's a bit of info that seems to be relevant, it indicates the path of least resistance through graphene ... it also discusses symmetry (harmony) is pervasive thoughout the physical universe ... symmetry is when doing something looks like doing nothing ... symmetry operation called time reversal ... if time runs backwards, a material will either look the same or it won't"


The article shows that the path of least resistance is circular within the hexagonal structure

alt text

and shows how oscillating energy is guided by the heagonal template.

As above so below meaning that oscillating circuits operate at all scales from the tinyest material form to the largest. This gives an indication of how the planet earth's oscillating energy could be guided and channeled by six antennas equally spaced around the circumference of the earth.

It also gives a clue as to how energy in the form of thought, thought forms

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

travel round the earth and also the speed at which it travels, seven and a half revolutions per second or in practical terms a fraction of a second.


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