Hello friends! Thanks in advance for the replies. Sorry about my English. I get very confused when bashar talks about "FRAMES".

1) In some videos he says that the frames pass through consciousness in Planck's time, that is, what moves are the frames and not the Consciousness. This video even makes sense to me, because consciousness does not leave the now, its only moment.

2) In another video he says: That our consciousness changes between frames that are static, giving the impression that it moves. However, if he moves, it means he is not at the same point he says, contrary to the concept that there is only Now. Here it gives the impression that you have drawn on several sheets of a notebook and put the sheets in motion with your fingers, that is, feelings and thoughts are also frozen, there is no life in anything, there are no feelings in anything, not even ours. own versions.

3) Another video he says that the Higher Mind that brings the holograms into physical reality, that everything goes through her and she always knows which better version of what you asked for, to bring you. Of all of them this is the video that resonates with me the most, here it gives me the impression that yes the frames do exist in a split matrix, and when I adjust my vibration to what I want, the higher mind sends a hologram and "fits" in 3D, generating this experience. The famous "co-creation" where the higher mind and I manifest together. Bashar says that the higher mind manifests together.

After all, is there so much different information that I get confused?

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static frames in graphic form are very useful in radiesthesia and radionics for sounding past, present and future events

(17 Apr '22, 02:11) jaz
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Hi, great question. No contradiction between the three. also, in number two - it can happen WHILE THERE IS STILL ONE NOW. For me there is no contradiction, i see the 3 points you made as one and possible, so if you have a specific answer ill be happy to answer.

i can see that whats confusing you in the question most is the time/now concept, so just switch it to perspective and everything will fit in. every frame = new perspective, and changes in a split milisec.

you can also watch the video i made that answer this question : what time is. https://youtu.be/1nrXV-Ol4Ss I hope it will bring clarity.


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So people's brains have no function? I don't move my arm because of him? but mute frame after frame? Are feelings static in each frame? I don't really breathe, ie I switch frames?

(16 Apr '22, 12:27) theccosmiccandlelab

it's very strange for me to talk to my mother and know that the photos change until she completes the sentence. That is, to say “I love you” in the first frame she says “I”, in the second frame she says “lo” in three “ve”, in the fourth “y” in the fifth “o” in the sixth “u” "

(16 Apr '22, 12:29) theccosmiccandlelab

in order to really understand this subject my advice is to go and meet this issue in a meditation. simply because i thought about how to explain that, but realize that it will be almost impossible. our brain is not able to understand this things. the higher mind does. i also tried to figure this out for a long time, but in only one meditation all the information were downloaded to me.

(16 Apr '22, 14:46) myself

see, our brain can only know what IS,and what was, after the fact, and learn from it. but has no ability to have ideas, so every time you have ideas you should know its not coming from your brain. (i know its a bit confusing because - if there's no time so how does the brain perceive Past? well...because the brain lives in a duality, in a time consciousness)

(16 Apr '22, 14:46) myself

"it's very strange for me to talk to my mother" - of course its strange... that is why you're not suppose to think about it. and that is why you're not actually seeing the frames changing. you are just living!. i also heard sometimes in the past bashar said that we singed on an continuity agreement so we will fell time on earth. so there you go.

also - there are many things that i still dont know (still human :) )

(16 Apr '22, 14:46) myself
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Why are you trying to fit Bashar's lessons into your journey of personal awakening and perspective and expecting it to "Fit" and make sense?

Why should it?

Let me illustrate the problem in a different way.

you walk into a home built in the 1950's and observe that you don't agree with all of its finishes as a right "fit" for you.

then you walk into a current home ,but ordinary, and observe that it is closer to what you want but it still doesn't fell like "home" to you

Finally you walk into a modern home and find it too open and cold in its feel and finishes. and it definitely doesn't feel like your personal space of comfort.

it doesn't occur to you that only the home you build yourself will satisfy your personal comfort level and produce the correct environment for you to release your pent up creativity.

Don't respond to this post with "Oh so you are saying that I have to incorporate these lessons from others as a catalyst for awakening my own inner understanding of these ideas?"

The answer is YES, but the real lesson is in realizing this and not needing to ask that question by doubting your realization.


I have decided to give a more useful answer to this question as I seem to be drawn to these "Bashar" related questions and realize that the following bit is more useful to the wonderful group of people that hang out here.

So we have Static Frames, The Now Moment and a constantly Moving reality. How do these connect and complement each other.

Out problem here is that we are stuck in a situation called linearity.

If you look at a book, you will find that every sentence and every moment in that book is in a state of happening written in present tense so that the entire book is a static record of right now.

Every part of the book is in a right now state of happening, and at the same time it is comitted to print that is unchanging and static.

What makes the book come alive is our experience of un-foldment of the static now moment book as we travel through it while reading it in "now moment" linear time.

our travel through the book is creating the experience of UN-foldment of events expressed within time.

Now if you can grasp this you will awaken much more of how we create time based reality and how we speed up and slow down time individually.

So like the book, the universe is individual frames of static potentiality. but they also don't exist physically. they only exist potentially. and at every point they branch off into not only linear dimensional directions, they also are 5fth and sixth dimensional branches of UN-explored what could have been, and 7th and 8th dimensional branches of what if I never existed?
OK some clarification.
you have a glass of water.
you can drink it and put it down. - linear static frames before, now , and after
what if you decide to break the glass? and now the glass is broken for you and everyone else in the same room? - 5th and 6th dimensional potential of linear static frames. before, now , after.
why? because both what is available and what did not happen are all frames of UN-realized potential.
Now what if you died before the moment where you are holding the glass?
what happens to the universe where you didn't die and what happens to the universe where you did die? - that's 7th and 8th dimensional potential of before now and after.

Now why don't we complicate this a whole lot more?

Everything collapses into a singular point of right now where all the points are the same one point.

Thanks to Bashar and other similar sources we have access to knowledge far beyond our reach.

But we are running out of time to take it all in.

This is the graduating class of awakening for all of us.

Ask your higher self to lead you to what you need to know and forget about what doesn't serve your individual desire

That might be the only way to make sense of what is necessary and relevant to our collective and individual experience for now.


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The Traveller

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@The Traveller this is a fantastic answer. It's warming my brain haha trying to follow along with your thinking, but I think I'm close... I did understand the static pages of a book analogy well. It is very helpful for me, as I've had difficultly understand this frames concept too. Thank you for your help. :)

(12 Jun, 12:24) Grace
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