Looking back at the last decade of my life I have noticed a trend.

It seems like there is always at least one thing in my life that I have to "manage" otherwise it brings me down and that really stinks as far as quality of life.

It is hard to explain it but there seems like if it is not one thing, it is another situation that is trying to bring me down.

Now I realize it is all within me but when people talk about evil and the devil I have to say these afflictions feel like they are coming from an external sometimes...

On top of it, I tend to obsess over each affliction as they come. I have to work to manage and see and push through it. Sometimes it is more more difficult other times it is easier.

How and why is this? What is this all about? Has anyone experienced this? Is it just a mental defect? However, the things I experience, I would guess if others had to deal with it, it would tend to bring them down too?

If you can help shed any light I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank You.

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Look at it this way, every day is a different day in your life with different challenges, but the secret to having an almost normal life style is how you approach these challenges when you have to deal with them, and that is the key to uplifting your self and moving on in a positive way.

You have to keep in mind that where there is a problem, there is a solution, and you will have to find the solution that works for you. It is unhealthy to allow your fears to control your well being, and to over shadow your personality. No one else is in control of your life, except you, so take back your control, and do not give up on happiness.


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nice answer Vee

(28 Dec '10, 03:47) Tom

Very helpful answer, thank you.

(30 Dec '10, 02:17) Back2Basics

It really is all in the perception. Perceive them as afflictions and that's what they will appear to be. Perceive them as opportunities for growth and you will discover a gift in each one and move through it a lot easier, and the end result will be a lot more pleasing.

Look around at others coping with afflictions worse than yours and you'll begin to appreciate what you do have and garner strength in the face of adversity.


answered 27 Dec '10, 23:45

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Life is movement. Those "afflictions" you manage allow you a sense of growth and progress as you overcome them. They keep you from stagnation.


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Everyone has a cross to bear. This is where poise comes in. Not the poise of personal relationships but the poise of coping. The best coping device is to go on a rampage of appreciation. Keep it up until you are flood with good feelings. Deal with the B S with as little feeling as possible. It only seems like these things came from hell, they are just part of every ones life Many Blessings!


answered 27 Dec '10, 22:00

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maybe we are on this earth to learn more about who we really are,
and the so called affliction may actually be the current lesson,
needed for continued growth/ unfoldment.


answered 27 Dec '10, 20:09

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yeah, that stinks. It seems like some people don't have to deal with such things?

(27 Dec '10, 20:12) Back2Basics
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