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Is suffering required in order to awaken?

is it neccessary or could we do with out it? to experience learn and grow? tell me what you think?

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white tiger

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No, suffering is not necessary. But sometimes suffering provides the motivation for a person to change, when they wouldn't otherwise. And in changing, that person becomes a better person.

It's worth noting that in many cases people choose to suffer. If you have a roof over your head, enough food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to sleep, and are otherwise physically healthy, what exactly are you suffering for?

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so vesuvius what you are saying is that it is neccessary until people don't need those lesson no more! i think out of all those being poor would be the most easy one to fix if people would really want to do it! then that lesson would not be needed no more!

(03 Jun '11, 18:04) white tiger

Vesuvius, I got a necrotizing bacteria in my leg and right knee in 2009. I did NOTHING to deserve it, and I nearly lost my life. I suffered just perhaps because of the germs that may have been created by Hurricane Katrina...another event I did NOT choose for myself! I cringe at this attitude that I somehow "created" these events for myself. Believing such stuff is cruel and serves to make the sufferer feel totally responsible for random evil...I am also aghast that despite this attitude, you have three votes..in other words, people agree with your theory...it appalls me. I am sorry. Jai

(21 Aug '11, 16:52) Jaianniah

@Jai: I edited my answer to better reflect my intent.

(23 Aug '11, 16:01) Vesuvius
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we are part of the universe and experience all its parts - sufferring and joy can lead to change where some people choose to generate more sufferring, while others choose to help heal sufferring and generate more joy.


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I found this great question languishing in the dust, and decided that perhaps I can answer this question from the unique perspective of having nearly died, losing my marriage, going through withdrawal from the massive amount of pain meds I had to take for years...and so on...

What did I learn in my suffering, in that Great Valley?

I have answered this before...

I learned, first and foremost, that the Will to survive is unbelievably strong in me. I did not realize this until I was shivering, sweating, and crawling from withdrawal, and refused the meds that were right across the room from me!

I learned that suffering yourself makes you really, really aware of the suffering of others. In fact, there will always be someone worse off than I...always!

I learned perspective...that I could laugh with the nurses even though they were hurting me as they changed the dressing on my necrotic leg. I found out that I was only one human in a sea of suffering humans...and I decided that I would rather have my share than that of someone else's.

I found out that I grew. Even my chakras (energy centers of the body) grew. This means so much to me...because it means that I fought through and won!

If you are suffering, I am sorry..please hang in there, and force yourself to grow through it. You will not be sorry at all, once you pop out the other side!

Blessings, Jai


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I think we can only realise our innermost strength during those times of adversity or when we are willing to face our greatest fears. I think at those times we have the ability to call forth the indomitable spirit that resides within each of us and those times of suffering then become a stepping stone in our own evolution if we have the courage to confront what we're being shown... every situation even the seemingly most dire contains the opportunity for growth :)


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