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i have had many lessons on this from my source. he has explained that there are many, actually an infinite number of universes. There is a very complex way to explain, even though i am familiar with the science, I will let my source speak for himself., also an expansion on this

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I'm switching this to Community Wiki since it appears to be information rather than a question

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it is a question as well because i want to ezxpand on my understanding but i understand this isnt a "spiritual" question as it should have been, i appologise for this barry

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Once we realize that everything came from nothing and thus, there's no one reality that's real per se, then the idea of parallel and infinite universes makes a lot of sense. I've had situations where I was aware of being in more than one place simultaneously, although only fleetingly aware. And in that moment, a fear of disintegration overcame me and I had to sit bare footed on Mother Earth to ground myself and reintegrate myself. I feel more comfortable when I'm aware of being in one place at a time :)

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wow, that realy makes sense, thank you

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This is my current way of explaining our existence as multidimensional beings, experiencing parallel, probable realities in an infinite "multi-verse", simultaneously, from a single location.

 It begins with a familiar analogy.  Pick up a paper back book. With your thumb at the first page and a slight pressure down the centerline, the pages flip one to the next like when you ruffle a deck of cards. Now imagine that this particular book (which belongs to you alone) has an infinite number of pages or a finite number of pages that continue around in a circle where the last page is followed by the first, for those who seem to be "going around in circles" in their lives. (The binder would be a tube in the middle). For our parallel worlds analogy, you would be flipped the pages at an extremely fast rate, as they represent our continual shift from on reality to the next).

 The odd thing, however is that, although I'm flipping through potentially millions of pages, I the soul, with current ego, the total being that is me, is represented by the printed words on one page which describe the story of my life.  This "story", like the thumb holds steady as if the text were a dense lower vibration substance that holds it position as the significantly less dense pages flip past the print as a spirit would walk straight through a roomful of people, passing right through them as though they were not there. Furthermore, as the vibration of the printed story changes (higher or lower), the text will get caught up in any flipping pages of a similar vibration, in effect, choosing what page I am on.  "Are we on the same page here?"

 For the best understanding of our multidimensional reality, you will first need to abandon your three dimensional brain and attached appendages.

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Recent data implies that rather than having one universe we live in a universe of many billions of bubble multi-universes, each built around slightly different mathematical constants, our universe is built around the golden ratio constant phi (1.16180339887...), some of these universes with organised living things and some without life ... all this implies that we are naturally sensitive to all these universes


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