They say that we all astral travel while we sleep which may or may not be true. But if it is than to be able to consciously choose to travel to where ever we want to go and remember all the details when we get back. So, than how dangerous would that be? Some say all our dreams or not just dreams but places and experience we have went and experience while astral traveling. I am not talking about lucid dreaming either.

Well, you would come in contact maybe with negative or evil entities out there and differently some different ones. You are suppose to place white light of protection over you. But if you are not familiar with the laws and rules of astral traveling than you might do more harm and damaged to your self because simply of the lack of the correct knowledge and experience. They say if you focus on the negative than that is what you will see.

Than what about invading on someone else privacy is that not important! Than what will you do with the knowledge you have learned from your travels and how would you know that what you have seen is real and not just someone else imagery from their own imagination.

I believe you should not go any where if you don't know where you are going and what you will expect and are their real dangers and how to avoid them, and will any entity attach it self to you without you knowing about it. You must know the laws and rules in order to navigate safely around where ever you are going. If you haven't thought it out carefully and gathered all of the facts that you can and you are prepared and protected than don't go. Some things especially if you don't fully understand about it is better left alone. All knowledge is not necessary good knowledge.

But those are my thoughts on the matter what are yours.

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flowing water about someone else privacy that is a funny question what if i tell you that nothing is hiden!that at the top level everything is shared! if i tell you that spirit of living and dead are around us all the time but we almost never notice!

(04 May '11, 07:41) white tiger

Yes, that is true in some cases the spirits of the dead are around us at different times either stuck I limbo or on their way to where ever spirits go to wait or do according to the spiritual laws and rules set of by God, for me, at the begining of time. But that is where the lack of knowledge is good at times for the idea of eyes of someone is always watching you on some spiritual level besides God and angels can be very unnerving to the emotional mental makeup. I have heard of others with the gift to see spirits and able to spiritually leavs their bodies and travel and look at others.

(11 May '11, 11:26) flowingwater
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Do you know what you are going to dream?
When you lay your head on the pillow to sleep do you ever know where that nightly journey is going to lead you.
Yes it is said that you can steer your dreams in lucid dreaming.But just because you been down the same road before doesn't mean that the scenery has not changed since you were last here.
I think The Travelers advice in the question What effective astral projection techniques are there?

"What ever you do practice creating a circle of protection & ask your higher self to provide you constant protection from un-seen forces."

Would also apply to every night dreaming too.


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Yes we should always be fully protected whether we are in the physical realm or the spiritual. As for me I believe in putting on the full armor of God and asking for his protection and wrap you up in the white light.Thanks ursixx

(03 Jan '11, 11:08) flowingwater

when we sleep the spirit travel why do you think you dream? difference between dream and lucid dream is awareness! difference between dream and obe (dense physical form) or astral projection (body of energy)the veil of the mind is lift! good way to see that is trying to grab something with your hand! if it pass through it you are not in dream anny more!you can also try to change enviromment with your though like in dream if you can't it is not the veil of the mind! way to protect your self remain in control and do not fear you need to master your self! can some entity attack you yes they can! if they do defeat them! be respect full and avoid looking for problem! you can also see some guardian over there when you cross some area they might ask you what you are doing there do not fear tell them the truth! they will let you pass!if they don't you are not ready to go there so go explore somewhere else! the weakest link is when you are stuck in the body aware but not out yet!have faith in god to protect you if you are attack at that state!say i am in god and god is in me kill me if you want but you will be destroy! and the evil thing will go running away! also if you have some entity that you trust they can guide you and come protect you if you need them!


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white tiger

This the first I heard of you couldn't go certain places because of a guardian. So I guess you astral travel. They say we all do while we are sleeping. But most don't know how to while they are awake for the spirit must leave the body. Peace and light.

(04 May '11, 03:43) flowingwater

when you dream you leave the body it is just that you are not aware of it because of the veil of the mind!

(04 May '11, 07:36) white tiger

I have heard those words that your spirit travels while you sleep bit ypi just don:t remember. white tiger.

(11 May '11, 12:08) flowingwater
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Astral projection is, in fact, lucid dreaming. The characters and scenarios you encounter during lucid dreaming, as in all dreams, are creations of your own mind. You could say they represent your light and dark sides, your good and bad, and all that you like and despise in yourself. In any case, since they come from you they are not dangerous. Frightening, perhaps, to discover and encounter aspects of yourself that you are hesitant to acknowledge, but not in the least bit dangerous. Whatever you come across in the depths of your own mind, is there for a reason - learn from what you find!


answered 27 Apr '11, 11:16

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Tumbling Turnip

nope once the veil of the mind is lifted you are not in your mind anny more! it is not your creation things have a life of there own!

(29 Apr '11, 03:10) white tiger

the nightmare is the same things you are in the dream state but the things that try to attack you or try to make you fear is not under your control so find it and kick is ass!

(29 Apr '11, 03:12) white tiger

I agree with white tiger I don't think astral travel is dreaming because when you astral travel your spirit leaves your body but you are still connected by a spiritual cord so you can instantly think & be back in your physical body. Now, they say when you astral travel you have to visualize you in white light and don't focus on negtive things and think about where you want to go and you will be there. Thanks for you all answers.

(04 May '11, 03:33) flowingwater

Tumbling Turnip I have not yet figured out what dreaming is and what causes dreaming. I know lucid dreaming you can controll and change it once you are aware that you are dreaming and they say it is more vivid thzn regular dreaming. Welcome to our site.

(04 May '11, 04:55) flowingwater

you know what i never saw that cord and sometime i don't even have a body!

(04 May '11, 07:34) white tiger

I would assume that you would have a spiritual body but maybe sometimes you are seriously just trabeling with your mind only. Just my opinion a good guess no facts to base it on. white tiger.

(11 May '11, 12:01) flowingwater
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To be asking these questions in the first place means that you are not ready yet. You must be sure in your own fears first before going any further. You will know when your confidence and energy is higher, what to do.


answered 04 Jan '11, 14:24

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The Knights Alchemy

But The Knights Alchemy you seem to know so much more why you did not answer about some of the dangers if their or any which I believe ther are? I know you have to be careful about what information you give away but I know you fears play a large part into what you partake of but I work on raising my vibrational frequencies most of the time. I wanted a more detail answer because there are a lot of people out there trying to astral travel when maybe they should not because they don't understand enough of the dangerous out there if you are not prepared there are things which could happen to you.

(07 Jan '11, 04:36) flowingwater

This is a predatory universe. Within realms there are forces that prey just like here in the physical. Those forces know you better than yourself, so the answer would be to know thyself and your fears first before venturing the great inner worlds.

(07 Jan '11, 20:36) The Knights Alchemy

the only fear is darkness! the only fear is fear it self! hope this help you to master your fear!

(27 Apr '11, 06:21) white tiger

Thanks for your coment The Knights Alchemy.

(11 May '11, 12:12) flowingwater
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Hello I would like to say in my experience that Astral Traveling is perfectly safe. Now what I am about to share with you is totally honest and perfectly truthful. Only a few people know about these experiences ...

Years ago I met this friend named Paul a very humble and spiritual being. Eventhough I am an atheist he convinced me to partake in a meditation session at my kitchen table. He started speaking in sanskrit which is a liturgical language of Hinduism and repetitiously kept chanting the same phrase over and over again. At this point in my life I have never experienced let alone was even aware of what astral projection was. That was not the intent of this meditation he was merely trying to show me how to center myself so that I can release all of my stresses of the day/week/month.

After about 10 minutes or so as I was seated in the chair I started to feel like something inside of me was trying to escape through the top of my head and I can feel this pushing feeling from within and I didn't know what was going on. It felt like this force inside of me was trying to escape from my body I can still here Paul's chanting until I just couldn't here it anymore. So I just went with it and took a chance to see what would happen and I just let go. And then it happened ... I was looking down at my lifeless body sitting in the chair and I could see Paul's body too sitting in his chair. This is what freaked me out ...

I then saw Paul's astral body floating above my couch in my living room and me being the playful idiot that I am and I don't know why I did it but I managed to changed my appearance into a Lions head and other silly beasts as to try and scare him. He smiled and wasn't at all phased by my attempts to scare him lol Instead he pointed upwards and that is when I could see through the ceiling and the walls it was as if matter was transparent so I hovered upwards until I was just above my house and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I could see in everyones homes then I heard a voice speak out to me and all I could see was this larger than life left white arm with a white hand extending downwards towards me from the universe so I flew like superman towards the hand until I was absorbed by the hand. It knew everything about me and it told me stuff that I cannot repeat then it sent me on my way back into my body. Within a blink of an eye I was back into my body. What a rush. I couldn't believe what had just happened to me. Well as soon as I came back into my body I totally lost it and at about 100 miles per hour attempted to explain to my friend Paul what had just taken effect. To him it was nothing out of the extra ordinary and I was shaking like a little chihuahua puppy. So he calmed me down and explained to me that I just had my 1st experience with astral projection and that my consciousness, my soul, my essence had indeed left my body.

Well after about a month I tried to see if I could do it alone and focused on one of my friends just to see if it truly worked and that it wasn't my imagination getting the best of me. So after about 15 minutes of centering myself I felt it again this separation thingy about to happen through the top of my head and I went with it and I did it and I was looking down at my body sitting there and so I flew to my buddies house within an instant. I was just hovering outside his kitchen window and I could see him with red track pants on, no shirt on, messy pillow head hair and he was cooking eggs on the stove. So I flew back to my body and when I was able to refocus I called him to confirm what I saw. His response flattened me when he said ... How did you know? Are you standing outside my kitchen window? This rush came across my whole body and I told him that I will call him later and hung up. OMG!!! Now things just got real in a big way.

I have many many stories of my exploits and I just want to say never have I ever violated other peoples privacy from that point on. I've astral traveled all over the world everywhere imaginable even to installation areas that could get me into trouble with various government agencies but that was 20 years ago and I don't do the Earth thingy anymore. As a matter of fact I stop doing it all together about 10 years ago. But I did learn the difference between projecting in the 3rd dimensional plane and between higher dimensional planes. I astral traveled throughout space to other planets onto space crafts visited the space stations and traveled far within our universe and way beyond the 3rd dimension and experienced things beyond human comprehension. I've seen things that only a few on this planet would or could ever believe or comprehend. So I stopped doing it because It got to the point where I didn't want to come back into my humdrum body and life anymore. I never used protection when I went out venturing because I didn't feel a need to have it. But if you feel a need to use protection then by all means do. I just want to say that after astral travelling throughout the universe for 10 years no matter whom I met or what I experienced no harm had ever come to me not once not ever. And I was challenged by the greatest of warriors and situations and I met beings from every walk of life imaginable within the 3rd dimension and way beyond and I never ever showed fear not once nor was I ever harmed and not once did my physical body ever experienced physical harm as a result of my astral travelling. There is a reason why I am an atheist. Not your average one I must say but an atheist nevertheless.

My 1st astral experience with the larger than life left arm and hand thingy is still a little confusing and a mystery to me as I still don't know who that was and why it chose to communicate with me that day the way it did because every other being I met after that moment on all of my Journeys, I saw their complete bodies no matter how far in the universe or multiverse I traveled or how high in dimensions I ventured.

I must confess that I do miss astral projecting or travelling a lot and I did indeed have met some great and fantastic and beautiful beings during my travels. This universe alone is filled with billions of planets like ours with beings way beyond what we can imagine. Some are a little strange, some mean like our planet and some meaner, some so evolved both scientifically and spiritually, but most were so welcoming and curious as I was. But all were very beautiful even the mean ones after all aren't we beings all just learning to live as one.

I must say though this planet of ours out of all the planets that I had visited throughout all of my astral journeys had the most diversified cultural and racial backgrounds that i have ever encountered. Most had only 1 group of beings on their planet some with 2 unless it was a planet that was a neutral zone for trade and business.

But I must say if you do want to astral travel have a PURE HEART and a PURE MIND and you will never ever encounter any form of danger and to just go with it. And if you do encounter something that you do not feel comfortable with you can easily come back to your physical body within an instant. It was by far the best 10 years of my life. If I could take my physical body with me when I astral traveled I would never come back and I would explore every square inch of our diversified multiverse and beyond.


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