And how do we awaken this invisible essence within us? Are there specific exercises to follow to arouse the awakening of our invisible essence?

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Can you explain what "invisible essence" is, or provide a link to a definition? I Googled it, and the first three matches are for Programming, African-American Women, and Axe Deodorant.

(28 Jan '10, 00:26) Vesuvius

Invisible essence refers to the invisible forces, energy, or spirit within. How to awaken that inner something from within, to manifest our desire?

(28 Jan '10, 07:06) Inactive User ♦♦
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I believe that the “invisible” description comes from the fact that it cannot be detected by the 5 senses. But the sixth sense, the mind can detect it, or is it.

This being so, I truly believe that something else is more powerful and often not given enough attention in matters of the spirit. That thing is BELIEF. But depending on where you stand you can also describe it as FAITH.

This belief is not just an idea or energy, it is a confidence that the thing you are trying to discover, or make happen is absolutely guaranteed!

But wait, how do you know if it will work if you have never tried or experienced it?

That is the strangest phenomenon. It is a catch 22. When you work on making some thing spiritual or otherwise happen, a strong belief and tenacity of confidence seems to shift things that are beyond your control in your favor.

What intelligence in the universe is making it so? I don’t know the answer to this, but the beautiful thing is we don’t need to know that answer to benefit from the cause & effect nature of this “Power of Believing”

But, alas, you are not necessarily guaranteed success in everything you try with this power of belief, in fact, you have a poor success rate at the beginning and failure is a more familiar companion.

But if you stay your ground and not waver in your confidence of eventual success, if it is possible within the limits of creation, it eventually delivers or appears. However timing is always a factor.

A six year old child may wish to be the next astronaut, but until the child is old enough, & has completed the necessary education and training, the experience is unavailable to that child.

Things of a spiritual nature are no different. But a continuous confidence in eventual success certainly helps to maintain ones inner peace. The important thing is not to change your mind based on what others say.

Eventually you arrive at the idea that this invisible power is the relationship between the "ego" or outer identity of your self trusting the inner or greater portion of yourself which is the "unknown" because you are left to figure out if this inner you is just you or is "all that is" as expressed through you.


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You awaken the "inner essence" by meditating.

In our daily life, we make a mental construct of who we are and what we do. We call this mental construct "self-image," and it resides in the ego. This self-image includes our body and the mental image of it, and our beliefs about our role in society, our role as parents and children, and our sense of right and wrong.

Meditation allows us to set our ego aside, and tap into the higher energies of our inner being. Meditation is a journey into our spiritual self, a release of our ideas and conceits about the world, and a surrender to the divine.


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'Invisible Essence' is the energy force which enlivens the physical form. It also exists in All That Is. Like the wind, we may not be able to see it, but we can see its effect all around us, and feel its effect within us. It is thought to be invisible, because we cannot see it with our physical equipment, but it is still there; always has been there and always will be there.


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