On my spiritual journey I have noticed how there are certain forces around me that tries to hender my avatars ascension. In my home there is a frequency, Maybe between 900-3000hrz. When I leave my house surrounding area I rarely here the rings, Little to none actually. And As I wake sun bathe and allow the light to cleanse my physical and soul I notice i can’t hear the ringing, sometimes it completely fades away. But sometimes it’s helpful when I need a mantra, as if that’s the frequency I should be vibrating as. Is this frequency a tactic of our oppressors or am I putting too much energy behind this? - thank you ☮️☯️ Im not sure why there is a character requirement as well. Being somethings are just simple am I right?Honestly I figured this would be a safe haven to come and ask questions, after doing some research and landing here, I felt like it was an excellent find. So this sort of bot activity is alarming. I saw some brilliant minds bringing amazing insights, Im excited for what’s next. Sn: if anyone knows away around all the characters please do tell lol.

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Zakariya seeker of knowledge

It just seems I’ve seen shorter questions that’s why I ask lol not to be negative Nancy.

(01 Dec '22, 11:34) Zakariya seeker of knowledge

@Zakariya seeker of knowledge - "It just seems I’ve seen shorter questions" - Many of those shorter questions were ambiguous as to what the questioner was asking, and some of them were asked just to gain karma points for the asker. Any short questions you have seen will be old ones before we introduced the minimum character limit. We'll let it go on this occasion because you are new here but please do not pad out your questions with irrelevant sentences in future. Thanks.

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Hi Z sok,

Who are the ancestors and could you describe the noise you are hearing. Is it a buzz?

(03 Dec '22, 20:45) ele

Hey,I can’t pose a new question onto the site, they suggested I let you kno, but I’m not sure there’s any other way to communicate that with you other than via comments.

(04 Dec '22, 09:50) Zakariya seeker of knowledge

You could add more data to your question by editing.

Who are these oppressors you speak of?

(04 Dec '22, 12:15) ele

@IQ Moderator

As for shorter questions ... why not allow with no karma? There are many questions that can be asked in just a few words. Thanks

(06 Dec '22, 09:36) ele

Hi Elf, my last response was @IQModerator,But to answer your questions. An ancestor is “ a person, typically one more remote than a grandparent, from whom one is descended.”, Or “ an early type of animal or plant from which others have evolved.” & no there’s no buzz sound, only frequencies, ranging from 900-3000hrz. Lastly, an oppressor is “a person or group that oppresses people.” & Oppress means” To keep (someone) in subservience and hardship, especially by the unjust exercise of authority.”

(06 Dec '22, 10:31) Zakariya seeker of knowledge

Thank you Z sok . I did wonder why you said they in your comment and who you were referring to.

I know the definitions of those two words. I asked who they were. Are they your ancestors?

Could you tell me what a frequency sounds like to you. You used the word ringing. Are you hearing the ring of a phone or bells or ? What sounds are you hearing? Please describe the sound. Thank you.

(06 Dec '22, 12:27) ele

No problem elf, I hope this post gives you insight. I suggest you try to google “frequencies 900-3000hrz ”to get an idea of the “ringing” that I’m discussing. Also if you find yourself questioning a lot it would be extremely helpful to leave the “answers” section to someone knowledgeable. Thank you

(06 Dec '22, 15:42) Zakariya seeker of knowledge
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Usually the ringing in the ears is related to tinnitus as the medical profession would have you believe. In some cases you would be hearing it all of the time and in other cases it comes and go.

As a spiritual person I also hear ringing in my ears in my home when all is quiet. At first I would shut off all electronic devices to see it I could still hear the ringings and sure enough it would still be ringing in my ears. If you listen carefully you will hear various frequencies at once. Our planet for the last decade has been bombarded with Light Energy coming into your bodies from the higher realms to help us with our Awakening Process and for some they can hear these frequencies being downloaded into us when they are relaxed and for others they cannot hear anything. Other times my Spiritual friends/guides are trying to communicate with me and if you listen very carefully you will notice a slight difference in frequencies and eventually recognize their own personal frequencies. It took me a little while to figure out the various frequencies and where it was coming from but with practice you can hone in on who is sending these frequencies to you. Once you learn their own unique frequencies you can automatically communicate with them.

Another possible answer to your question is everything has its own frequencies. For example wooden furniture has a frequency, money has a frequency and so forth. Being a musician I was able to differentiate different frequencies for each and every thing out there in our World. For example if money is an issue in your life then tap into the frequency of money to attract it into your life. Another example I meditate by the water in a very quiet area and I can hear the frequencies of nature. Earth itself has its own frequency. When I lay my hands on a tree I can hear its frequency which allows me to communicate with the tree and see what it has seen during its lifetime.

Frequencies to an untrained ear may all sound the same but when you focus a little you can differentiate the various pitches of frequencies to whatever you are focusing on. The untold secret to manifestation is frequencies. Everything in nature has its own frequency and some are very sensitive to this while others are completely oblivious to it. Congratulations for being a sensitive. I hope this helps you a bit.


answered 01 Dec '22, 22:04

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"medical profession would like you to believe" John 10:10 ?

(03 Dec '22, 20:47) ele

"you would be hearing it all of the time without exception"

You know as well as I do that is not true. So why the false statement?

(05 Dec '22, 12:49) ele

Excuse me by I am not a medical expert and maybe I should have said in some people with tinnitus the ringing can be heard all of the time and in others it comes and goes. I was merely referencing a friend who does have it from a car collision and suffered head trauma resulting in continuous ear ringing. I'll correct my statement sorry!!!

(05 Dec '22, 15:28) Moonbeam

When you make statements such as that one, you lose credibility.

(06 Dec '22, 09:29) ele

@ele I apologize if I offended you, I guess I was merely trying to rule out tinnitus as a cause for the ear ringing and was offering other possible explanations. I should have expressed that much better than what I had in my original comment in which I clearly didn't and for that I apologize to everyone reading it.

(09 Dec '22, 21:45) Moonbeam
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These are accurate answers from @jaz and @Moonbeam

I will add....

That ringing noise in the ears on a physical element is easy to treat. I know you are referring to metaphysical aspects as well, hence why these answers are already covered.

In western medical ideologies, it has been said that tennitis (ringing of the ears) is caused by blah blah blah blah....

I have a counter argument and solution. Bear in mind, we are still purely only going on the physical parameters.

If you have tennitis.

Go be a Buddhist monk in a cave for 3 months.

Your tennitis will disappear. Your eyesight will probably improve sharply.

The modern Western health community is not entirely to be dismissed. But critical thinking will reveal what is nonsense and what is genuine.

The 'tennitis' diagnoses, is, quite simply.....Just your ears recovering and regulating to a different volume of the room.

One more real example. Eye sight.

If you go into a dark black room initially, you can't see anything.

Within 15 minutes (and ongoing), notice how you can now see things you previously couldn't. Has nothing to do with the lighting. Your eye sight just adjusts.

Apply this to tennitis. But, the two answers above are ones I back up and agree. Especially coming from two musicians, these are beyond golden answers.

God bless. Narizrovye


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Hi @Zac apart from the indepth answer from @Moonbeam there's a few things you can do from a practical point of view ... a good way of finding the cause of ringing noise in your head is to find which treatment lessens the noises.

there's a technic of creating a drumming noise using your fingers on the back of your skull ... you can train your brain to screen out the noises or drown the noises with music ... make sure your ears are cleared out from wax ... watch out for excessive use of coffee, tea, smoking ... it's interesting to note that when outside your house the ringing seems to disappear

have a great day :)

update: here's a video you may find useful ... have a great day :)



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Hi jaz,

"interesting to note" I noted that also :)

(06 Dec '22, 09:30) ele

Thank you Jaz! That was extremely helpful.

(06 Dec '22, 15:28) Zakariya seeker of knowledge

most of this info comes from my dad who in his youth as a young soldier was severely war blasted ... he was eventually cured by 4 weeks of medically induced coma, it calms the brain

(07 Dec '22, 00:05) jaz
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If the ringing is constant and sounds more like a million crickets chirping, It's probably tennitis. If it happens ocasionally and comes through as a solid tone burst of short duration (1 to 5 or 6 seconds long), I vaguely remember it was Bashar who said it was an information download.


answered 14 Dec '22, 20:26

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I would like to offer a perspective on this topic. Based on 40+ years of spiritual exercise I understand that the sound is actually a vibrational aspect of Spirit as it flows in waves from the higher planes to the lower planes. Heard as a kind of ringing in the ears that can be heard even when the ears are covered. Some disciplines call this the HU sound, HU being an ancient name of God. It manifests as sound and light and along with those it carries all the qualities attributed to Spirit, love being a primary quality emanating from the Godhead. From this perspective I have found it to be the most hauntingly beautiful music there is. One exercise I often use is to quietly sing the word HU in a long drawn out breath to bring my consciousness into alignment with it while listening to it’s presence grow. Just my 2 cents for what it’s worth.


answered 27 Jun '23, 11:17

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perhaps, the vibrations
are technocratically
beamed to attempt a convert
against ancient wisdom


answered 29 Jun '23, 20:31

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