Much spiritual information talks about focusing on the frequency rather than the form, meaning don't focus on the specifics but how you want to feel. The idea is that you just have to keep feeling the feeling of the frequency you want to experience rather than getting bogged down in the details.

I'm guessing most people are fairly good at telling the difference in frequency between say joy and contentment. Is it just a question of conscious awareness and practise to feel finer grades of frequency difference (the difference, say, between contentment and hopefulness) or are there techniques you know of that would help me to refine my ability to pulse a specific frequency.

Or, could you be brilliant at pulsing a specific frequency but then your resistance on a specific issue means that during your day (when you're not consciously pulsing that frequency) you are constantly contradicting that frequency - could this be what keeps what you want from coming?

EDIT: 13th March 2014

Just came across this earlier today and thought it shed some light on this question - i.e. how to identify a certain frequency.

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Hi @Catherine - I have had this question bounce around in my head, too. I've tried to pinpoint exactly what I'm sending out to the Universe, but I could never get the question worded as well as you have. @ursixx and @Stingray gave me some good advice here:

Thought you might find it helpful too. :)

(01 Apr '14, 03:15) Grace

@Grace Thank you my friend - some useful advice there.

(01 Apr '14, 09:36) Catherine
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Calm your mind, let your ego rest, let go of judgement and trying to understand, and simply allow how you FEEL to come forth and take centre stage, so to speak. Our feelings are the most accurate way to identify the frequency we are in, as well as to identify a frequency we do not wish to be in.


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@T Gunn That is actually really simple, good advice. Thanks very much TG.

(12 Mar '14, 02:33) Catherine

@T Gunn I have marked this as my chosen answer because it is simple and effective and probably is the best way to identify frequency - thank you.

(13 Mar '14, 08:55) Catherine

@Catherine: I'm glad I could help. Thank you, as well, for you have taught me, too.

(14 Mar '14, 01:35) TGunn
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""" Or, could you be brilliant at pulsing a specific frequency but then your resistance on a specific issue means that during your day (when you're not consciously pulsing that frequency) you are constantly contradicting that frequency - could this be what keeps what you want from coming? """

Yes, you will pulse out different vibrations on different subjects. The fastest way to getting what you want is to 'go general'. Focus on generally feeling good and pulsing that frequency. Find whatever subjects you can feel really good about, and put all your focus there.

As your general frequency rises and rises - because of your attention to dominantly feeling good - you will get swept into the vortex and once you're in there consistently the Vortex will clean up any resistant subjects that you're pulsing for you (once you're in the vortex, the vortex performs all the clearing of resistance) and everything you want will flow into your life, because you will be a match to it all.

Being in the vortex basically means you're in consistent alignment with your inner being so your inner being is doing the thinking for you. Your inner being doesn't see you as being without anything and everything that you want so you start thinking like that too.

Instead of practicing thoughts like: THOUGHT ONE: 'could this be what keeps what you want from coming?' Your dominant thoughts would be more along the lines of THOUGHT TWO:'The X that I want is here in my life now, lucky me!!!' THOUGHT TWO is a match to the presence of what you want and THOUGHT ONE is a match to the absence of what you want. When you're in the vortex your inner being makes sure that you only run thoughts that are a match to the presence of the things that you want and not the absence.


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@Yes-and @releaser99-some time it is said that focusing on the things which we want to have is better n some time it is said that focusing the things you do have yet causes absence of the thing. which approach is better?

(11 Mar '14, 11:30) Zee

So get in the vortex more ... always good advice. Thank you.

(11 Mar '14, 12:49) Catherine

You're welcome Catherine :) ... Zee, I think it depends on your vibration on the subject. Only you know if you're feeling a sense of positive expectation/belief/knowing on a subject or not. If you're there consistently then focusing on it will increase a positive energy flow. If you're thinking, Where is it? When will it come? I should do a focus block to make it come faster or other thoughts of worry and doubt on the subject it's best to leave the subject alone and focus elsewhere.

(11 Mar '14, 13:16) Yes
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This is a question that has been asked a number of times in different ways. Both of the previous answers make valid points and might be helpful. In my own exploration of topics related to LOA or creating your own reality, I like to try and find answers that provide the simplest approach in terms of application. Identifying a specific frequency is more likely to create a limitation than be of any real benefit since that frequency can change moment to moment. If you decide you're at some particular frequency or other, you could inadvertently lock into it. I think that Bashar's response to this question offers the simplest and most effective answer that you can apply without getting bogged down by specifics. He suggests not to worry about what frequency you are at at any given moment. Instead, simply follow your greatest possible excitement whenever you can to whatever extent you are able in that moment. When you reach that point, find the next thing that excites you most an follow that. It may be out with a crowd or home alone with a movie, music , comedy radio, or knitting a scarf. This way you will know you are on the frequency you are wanting for the purpose of manifesting your desires.


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@i4cim2b or not i4cim2b (sorry, I couldn't resist it!) A link to the other questions would be much appreciated. What if, you have no choice but to look towards a specific frequency. I don't want to go into too many details about my issue but it isn't a red car, it is something more personal and more specific. I take your point though and thanks for answering.

(12 Mar '14, 02:32) Catherine

yes the key to transforming your life is very simple, step into the frequency of a super positive way of thinking and feeling and the rest will follow :)

(12 Mar '14, 05:25) jaz

Jazz, It is so simple I could weep for all the time I made it complicated - but then I wouldn't have stuffed my vortex full from all of that lovely contrast! :) 'step into the frequency of a super positive way of thinking and feeling and the rest will follow'. That should be the answer to every question on IQ! It's that simple and then everything you want flows into your life one after the other. And, the only thing ever stopping it coming in the first place was our flowing thoughts of doubt! :)

(12 Mar '14, 06:57) Yes
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Here is a part of the process "Moving up the emotional scale" from "Ask and It Is Given". It should help you to identify your current frequency. As you practice it, you will get better at identifying.

  1. Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation.
  2. Passion.
  3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness.
  4. Positive Expectation/Belief.
  5. Optimism.
  6. Hopefulness.
  7. Contentment.
  8. Boredom.
  9. Pessimism.
  10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience.
  11. Overwhelment.
  12. Disappointment.
  13. Doubt.
  14. Worry.
  15. Blame.
  16. Discouragement.
  17. Anger.
  18. Revenge.
  19. Hatred/Rage.
  20. Jealousy.
  21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness.
  22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness.

Here is the way we would apply this powerful process: When you are aware that you are feeling some rather strong negative emotion, try to identify what the emotion is. Consciously think about whatever is bothering you until you can pinpoint the emotions that you are feeling. Considering the two extreme ends of this emotional scale, you could ask yourself, Do I feel powerful, or do I feel powerless?

While you may not actually be feeling either one of these emotions precisely, you will be able to tell which way your emotional state of being is leaning right now. So, in this example, if your answer is powerless, then shorten the range that you are considering, and ask yourself, Does it feel more like powerlessness or frustration? Still more like powerlessness. Then shorten the range still further. Does this feel more like powerlessness or worry?

As you continue (there is no right or wrong approach to this), eventually you will be able to state with accuracy what you are really feeling about the situation you are addressing...

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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@releaser99 Hi R99 - What you're saying is that I should just go back to AH basics rather than look for a brilliant new technique. If that is what you're saying, you're probably right but heck I was looking for a new brilliant technique.

(12 Mar '14, 02:25) Catherine

@Catherine Actually I was just trying to answer the question. This is what works for me and what feels straightforward and "to the point". However, if you are looking for something different, maybe try asking your unconscious by using muscle testing. There is a good book that teaches that. It also comes with a lightning-fast clearing technique. But you need a magnet for it to work, so it might look funny if you want to do it in public :). The book is called "The Emotion Code" by Bradley Nelson.

(12 Mar '14, 11:58) releaser99

@Releaser99 Thank you my friend - The Emotion Code - I've read that book, I'll take another look at it - thank you. I appreciated your original answer too.

(12 Mar '14, 13:59) Catherine
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I would say be on all frequency at the same time. example between people in this world some like other some do not like other for different reason. and every one is at is own level of understanding according to their experience and their reflection. you see the person that is having a issue with something or someone should deal with is own issue before pointing the finger at someone else. sometime it is not the other person that as the issue at all. and even if they have a issue if you have one you are no better or worse then him. and if you do not have issue and the other person as one then you can only try to help them if they want help if not it is their choice you do not have to take their pain and problem with you. they are just not able to get on your frequency because of their own issue that they do not want to see. you see the measure they apply to other will be apply to them also. let there be among you a person of understanding. the truth remain the truth that you want to see it or not. that you become blind to it and lie to your self does not change it. it is better to see the truth and learn from error then to blind your self and keep making the same error. this is why that perfectionist in this world can never be perfect because if you cannot accept that you are not perfect then you really are missing something. and if you are not perfect then you are imperfect. Then why do you say that you are perfect? the only way to become perfect is to accept your error learn from them to not do them again. some do and some don't but who can cast the first stone? Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Let there be light. be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.


answered 12 Mar '14, 15:43

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white tiger

@white tiger I'm working towards this WT .... be perfect, that's a good thought. Thank you for answering - I haven't noticed you around as much of late.

(12 Mar '14, 17:08) Catherine

@Catherine motion and rest. I still take a look but often it is the same question or question that one can easily solve by him self or sometime it is belief of different label or flavor. if I ask someone how to eat macaroni or spaghetti or what is macaroni or spaghetti made from. That someone hang on the label to suit is own belief should it change the answer? still interesting to experience the different flavor but if it turn in circle to stay in is belief system the choice is not mine.

(12 Mar '14, 18:28) white tiger

if you know where a road is leading and it is not going on the path that you need to take should you take that road or just see it for what it is? That is why sometime I prefer to rest. Also sometime there is some cup that you do not want to drink from to each is own taste.

(12 Mar '14, 18:33) white tiger

@White Tiger I understand what you're saying - although when you say "that one can easily solve by himself" this may seem easy to you, isn't always so clear from the questioners perspective. I understand though WT - sometimes it is good to take a break and rest.

(13 Mar '14, 04:34) Catherine

@Catherine if you think it is easy for me. try to show someone that is blind and can't see what he does not want to see. or to tell someone that cannot bear what I can say because it is the truth and the person often is not able to bear it. and will use their choice against the one that is helping them rather then solving their own issue. You see that is the ego wanting to say that it is perfect. like I said if someone cannot accept that they also make error they cannot learn from them.

(13 Mar '14, 08:16) white tiger

and if one cannot learn from is own error he will make them again. often they will use their measure on you. and since a person is not alone in this world. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. let the first one with out sin cast the first stone. since you say we see your sin remains. is that how one love himself and others? walk a mile in someone else shoe. talk is silver and silence is gold.

(13 Mar '14, 08:26) white tiger

I have condense what I add to say. some will get it. and other will not bear it. let there be among you a person of understanding.

(13 Mar '14, 08:30) white tiger
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