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I've been having problems with this whole 3D Earth experience ever since I was a child. Like there was some kind of glitch within my 3D experience that allowed me to see future events not only with individuals I communicated with but also future World events. I would sometimes see flashes of my past lives in various dimensions of existences. I would sometimes feel a strong connection to 9D but I didn't know why and so on.

Well I finally may have figured it all out!

You see, I believe that most of us here on Earth no matter what your 3D experience is, were first consciously created in the 7th with 7D science or for the very rare few in the 9th dimension with 9D science and sent out throughout the Universe to experience life in various physical forms throughout the various dimensions of existence. It is no secret that 3D science on Earth, we are now able to clone Human bodies but we haven't figured out what Consciousness truly is or what Soul Energy truly is as of yet so these clones are nothing but consciousless zombies so to speak. But the technology is out there to create human cloning it's just we haven't figured out yet how to transfer consciousness from one body to the next.

Well my friends in 5D have solved this problem and can live their lives for thousands of years if one wishes to do so by transfering their soul energies into another physical avatar when their bodies wear out or accidentally vanquishes through unforseen circumstances without going through the whole birthing process all over again (unlike in our 3D physical experience) so they can continue on living their own personal lives in that 5D experience no matter what Planet or Race they choose to experience. But the difference is, we keep our souls memories or our conscious memories of who WE TRULY ARE at all times unlike the 3D life experience where our memories are wiped out before birth.

So in other words when you finally pass on from this timeline, you will retain your memories of this 3D experience. You then have a choice of re-living the 3D experience once again and experience another memory wipe or simply ascend back into the 5D experience with all memories restored.

I believe the reason why I see white light beings in the 4th, 6th and 8th dimensions when I astral travel is because, let's say the 4th for example, which is where Souls gather to re-experience the 3D timeline for the ultimate Soul Experience without the memories or attachments of our former lives. But sometimes I feel like some of these souls may also be trapped in the 4th dimension for some reason. When you think about the ultimate vacation experience for our souls, this 3D experience is probably the craziest adventure your soul can ever experience because of the memory wipe before we birth into another 3D body no matter which Planet we choose or which Race we choose to experience our 3D re-incarnation in. The same in the 6th for a different 5D experience and the 8th for a different 7D experience and so on.

The real reason why there is a population boom over the last 50 yrs or so instead of a decrease in population of souls like it should have been if Heaven let's say actually exists is because Soul Energies seem to really like this 3D experience because of the unknown factor, the thrills, the endless types of adventures and so on. Only in the 3D can we experience such an array of emotions and wild experiences all in one lifetime unlike those experienced in higher dimensions. It's like the ultimate carnival ride created by the sciences of the higher dimensions. It also explains why some souls seem like they were created for the sole purpose of either being a musician, doctor, athlete, actor, plumber, physicist and so on and they succeed with hardly any effort whatsoever while other souls choose to wing it for an unique unknowing and ultimum experience or really have to work very hard to accomplish their own goals in life.

You see! Now I do understand why we choose the families before our incarnation into the 3D experience. I must have been really cocky or wanted a real messed up adventure for me to choose the 2 of the craziest families in this 3D incarnation or I may have been sent here against my own will (still working out the details). No wonder I never fitted in with either family. They are all bonkers but that seems to be the experience I chose for this lifetime. I think!!! Mind you most here probably think I am bonkers also lol.

I have memories of physical incarnations in the 3rd, 5th, 7th and finally in the 9th dimension and I just couldn't understand for the life of me why or how I descended all the way down to the 3rd dimension willfully/purposelly otherwise I would still be existing in a 9th dimension physical body created by 9D Science with my 9D family because the 9th dimension is one of beauty and perfection unlike any other Dimension I have ever visited so far and what my memory allows me to remember. Well the 7th Dimension isn't that bad either but pales in comparison to 9D.

I know what you must be thinking about our soul Energy. Is it merely a highly advanced computer generated program with 7D/9D Science which allows us to incarnate into other physical experiences from various dimensional timelines. Yep that is what I am saying lol. But this highly advanced technology is after all 7D/9D and nothing like our understanding of 3D technology. We also have consciousness and freedom to explore our Universe at will through various timelines which allows us to learn and create a personnality or individuality that is unlike any other soul energy in this Universe. Like an highly advanced higher dimensional form of AI tech so to speak. We learn who we are through our own individuated physical dimensional timeline experiences.

For example I just luv flying aircrafts and I just didn't know why I had this deep passion within me ever since I was a child. During my awakening process I also discovered that in 2 of my previous lifetimes (which I can recall so far) I was also a pilot. One as Prince Zantiev in the 5th dimension where I was a pilot of a large fleet who travelled through space from Planet to Planet and the other one as a WW2 German fighter pilot in this 3D Earth experience. My luv for the city of Boston has nothing to do with this particular timeline as I was born in Ontario Canada but in my previous life, I lived in Boston after coming to America from Germany after WW2 and I fell in love with that city. I was also a musician and so was my former partner who lived with me in Boston. She was a piano teacher which explains my luv for the piano in this incarnation. Her favorite song of all time was 'Claire De Lune by Claude Debussy' and she would play it for me every now and then. My heart still flutters with emotions everytime I hear that beautiful song. I was really in love with her. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a very beautiful woman which explains my obsession with blondes in this incarnation lol. I spent my whole life looking for her in this lifetime and I never found her so I never married.

My luv for the martial arts and the samurai sword including beautiful oriental woman is related to when I was a Japanese Samurai Warrior who went rogue (ronin) in a previous 3D experience to fight against corrupted Japanese empires and corrupted emporers as I was known to take out small groups of armies by myself much like I did in this lifetime when my cousin and I defeated a ruthless and violent gang of almost 20 members and when I use to defeat smaller gangs of ranging between 5 to 10 members all by myself. Something within me knew how to defeat them easily.

I always hated violence but sometimes you have no choice to either stand up and protect yourself or simply run like most do when faced with such overwhelming odds. I understand where my warrior spirit came from and it helped me everytime.

When you look within yourself, within your soul essence you will begin to remember why you like certain things dislike other things within your being. You will also start to remember who you truly are. You will remember past lives and experiences. It will open your eyes to a whole new understanding why you are who you are today in this incarnation.

Moving on...

The only real danger about the 3D experience is that we have no control over our personal environment and upbringing and without memories we are all very vulnerable to what awaits us in this incarnation. This unknown factor seems to really excite soul energies for the experience of a lifetime in 3D for some odd reason. Life always continues to evolve on Earth from one century to another in this timeline and we learn to adapt in every 3D incarnation we chose to experience. All kinds of factors are inclusive with this 3D experience which makes it one heck of a ride for all of us no matter what we choose to experience.

Some of us wants to experience either the Spiritual, the Good, the Bad or the Ugly so to speak and sometimes because we lack our memories of our true selves, we get so carried away into our own 3D roles that it causes an imbalance within this 3D experience kind of like we are all presently going through in our World today.

As a matter of fact they (those in charge of this 3D experience) are re-thinking this whole 3D lack of memory experience because we have destroyed other Planetary systems before and Earth may be on the brink of another catastrophic Human extinction if we continue on this destructive and chaotic path. Not sure why these soul energies in Human avatars enjoy chaos and destruction so much? Puzzling to say the least.

So now I understand why Religion for example does not exist in the 5th and higher dimensions. Why this so called "God of all Gods" who appeared to me was nothing but a poser from the fourth dimension who had absolutely no abilities whatsoever and why these so called archangels were weaker than I once believed them to be. It is all just part of the 3D/4D Experience/illusion just like all of the other choices we have to choose from in this wild and exciting 3D life experience. So, if you want to experience a religious experience than there are many to choose from, if you want to experience philosophy, arts, entertainment and so on, again there are many to choose from. Everything in 3D is there for your own choosing to experience as you please. Some just like to wing it and go for the whole wild ride experience and see what kind of life they can create for themselves while others know exactly what they want to experience and choose the appropriate families to make their dream experience a reality.

Just like in 3D, our Souls can also experience other incarnations into 5D or 7D or in 9D or in any other realms in between the various dimensions and we also have a choice of experiencing darkness or light in whatever physical incarnation of our own choosing any other physical form of any type of Alien race that is vastly available within this massive Universe. We all have the freedom of choice to do as we please but within the boundaries of Universal Laws which are designed to prevent us from destroying ourselves and Worlds. We always retain our souls memories except for the 3D experience which is a big selling point so to speak for 5D beings living in a 5D physical bodies. Just think about it as the ultimate vacation for your Souls. No memories, just born in 3D bodies to grow and learn and experience the unknown that awaits us all in this 3D experience.

I think it is absolutely ingenious and I luv it. But I am surely done with this whole 3D experience lol. I have 4 choices awaiting for me before I move on from 3D Earth. I can continue on living my life as Prince Zantiev on another Humanoid 5D Planet in this Milky Way Galaxy or I can also live with this beautiful female named Princess Sakuna who is a variant humanoid species of the Arcturian race also in 5D or I can work as a pilot for this Milky Way Galaxian White Light Federation thingy which was offered to me recently, also in 5D or I can simply go back home in 9D where my goddess looking and very wise and powerful Mother awaits my return. Not sure yet who my 9D father is but soon I will figure it all out.

Now there are some who just don't want to be here in this 3D timeline and never felt part of this World and see themselves as outsiders and those individual souls may have been sent here like I was against their own will, because after all, the 5D Universe is also not a perfect Experience. They have their own problems just like 3D does. There are many more Planets and various lifeforms in 5D by far than there are in 3D. No matter what part of this vast Universe you live in or what Race you believe yourself to be a part of, this 3D experience can be very pleasant or it can be very difficult or anything in between just like it can be in 5D or even in 7D or if you want to explore the various realms within each dimension also. Realms are wild. It's like living in a fantasy World between dimensions. This Universe is simply amazing with all of the endless choices which has been created for all of us to explore, learn, experience and of course to enjoy. We are morally obligated to make the right choices not only for ourselves but also for others trying to enjoy this 3D experience too. We are all in this together on this 3D World called Earth.

The reason I was seeing what I have been seeing in visions and through astral travel lately is because of my choices made in this lifetime. I chose to be an atheist at a young age because I could not accept the various discrepancies in all religions and therefore was shown my so called awakening process through the lenses of Science instead of through the lenses of Religion which explains why archangels and these so called God entities including ascended masters seem so phony and weak to me. Because they are just an illusion of the 3D/4D experience and nothing more or just Aliens disguised as benevolent beings! They are only 3D/4D ideologies created by man for the 3D/4D religious experience. The Universe is so much more than what any religion can ever offer otherwise we would all be so limited in our Soul's Journeys/Adventures with all kinds of limitations and laws to prevent all of us from truly experiencing the true nature of our Souls Essence. Even the so called Spiritual realm we all are familiar with, is the lower spiritual realm in 4D where you have all kinds of false idols and malevolent beings including malicious and deceiving Alien species of sort. I did venture into 7D and I have met many spiritual (not religious) beings but I did not see any Archangels or God entities there. Only a narcissist would call themselves a God because the Beings I have met treated me as an equal and nothing less. 3D humans has a tendency to see themselves above everyone else and have this need to control others because of their ego's which explains the hierarchy established within our civilization. Therefore it only makes sense that all cultures on this planet believe in their own so called imaginary Gods. To me religion, fantasy, mythology are in the same category. But that's just my opinion.

Unfortunately like I have previously mentioned in this post some souls take it WAY TOO FAR and get carried away with their own life choices in this 3D experience. They get lost in their own ego's and selfishness which in turn creates this narcissistic behaviour pattern which in turn kind of dampens, limits or even destroys other peoples dream 3D experiences.

After all we do become a product of the physical DNA from our 3D lineage, personal environment and upbringing which can add or take away from the intended 3D experience.

That is why we should ALL put aside our differences, our prejudicism, our hate, the never ending violence, racism, genderism (no matter how you identify yourself as), all wars, all categories of greed, division and everything else that could otherwise make this incarnation a truly magical and beautiful 3D World experience for Everyone to truly enjoy.

There has to be some kind of law and order otherwise there is only anarchy so they have created various forms of governmental institutions Worldwide to try and keep balance and order on this Planet but unfortunately the ones in charge sometimes forget why they are here in the first place and sometimes power and money has a tendency to corrupt even the most righteous of Beings. Mind you there are other factors also involved like I have previously mentioned in previous posts. After all the 3D experience is far from being perfect and very flawed. One can only look at our history books to see how flawed this 3D experience really is.

Man I tried to keep this post short as it was my initial intention to do so but it is so hard to write a post with limited wording without writing a book in the process for such a complicated subject.

Again I apologize for the long post but I felt many if not all needed to here this message. Take it as you will! It doesn't really matter that much because soon you will all know the real truth when you finally move on from this 3D experience.

I do realize this is my own 3D experience and I may be either sharing a form of truth or maybe simply sharing my own truth. No matter what, I have learnt a lot about myself along the way. So all in all it wasn't really that bad of a 3D experience and it was a fun adventure no matter how I look at it. My next adventure awaits me as soon as I decide which path I wish to explore next.

Now I understand why people make the choices they make in this 3D experience. Souls are just Souls and we are individually different from one another and some seem to like the darker side of things while others seem to like to Lighter side of things while others float somewhere in between no matter which dimension, realm or density they wish to explore in. That is what makes us all so unique and so beautiful.

In my personal opinion, this memory wipe before our 3D birth, to me is for the birds but I can see the alluring factor for those who wish to experience a completely wild adventure in the 3D life experience.

Mind you this is what I have learnt and experienced so far during my awakening process but I could be off a bit in some of the details because it can get very confusing eventhough I can consciously astral travel outside of my physical body. The fact that I don't support any religious ideologies might be another factor for why I am witnessing these things in my personal awakening process. Sometimes it can get very hard to trust any Being in the higher realms because I do not have blind faith into anything that I cannot see with my own eyes and I certainly do not support any man made religious ideologies for it was created in a time of facist and theological lies and control. I'm more of the "see it to believe it" kind of guy. In all of my astral travels I have never met this one so called singular God entity of this whole Universe and I don't believe such a being exists but then again maybe I haven't explored high enough beyond the 10th dimension yet. The ones who have shown themselves to me and who claimed to be a God entity well let's just say that I was very disappointed in what they claimed to be with their little to no abilities hiding behind advanced alien technology to create a false illusion of this so called GOD ideology/fantasy. I find it strange that throughout this incarnation that my so called Guides are no-one from this Earth realm and are just regular folk from advanced civilizations in higher dimensions.

Well I said enough. Much Love to All of you and Good Luck on Your Soul's Journey/Adventure!


Well I have recently discovered through the gracious help of my guides that most people were indeed first consciously created in the 7th dimension so that their soul essence can experience 5D living in a 5D physical body which is different than that of 3D bodies and only a rare few were actually consciously created in the 9th. So I had to make some adjustments in a couple of paragraphs in this post and also corrected or deleted some things I had written as this was written in the spur of the moment. Sorry about that! I thank you for putting up with me as I am, like you, still trying to figure it all out and having the ability to leave my physical body at will can sometimes confuse me in comparison to what has been taught to us throughout our lives.

When I first started this awakening process many years ago my Guides told me to forget everything that mankind has taught me without losing my identity in the process. This whole journey has been and still continues to be a crazy and wild adventure for me. Luv always!

Peace, Love n Light

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not so much a vacation
but crash course in knowing
3D appetite

(13 Jun '23, 11:37) fred

@fred Then could you explain the memory wipe before our incarnation considering if what you say is nothing "but a crash course in the knowing"? It seems to me that in order for one to evolve in the knowing shouldn't we remember what we are actually evolving to? Kind of impossible if our memories are wiped out! For example how could you learn from your past mistakes in this lifetime if you were suddenly involved in an accident and suffered permanent amnesia? It kind of debunks your comment.

(13 Jun '23, 15:40) Moonbeam

we have all been here before,
the memory is not deleted,
veiled for us to not distract
from why we chose this jump down

(13 Jun '23, 17:58) fred

@fred You are right our memories are not deleted but as you say "veiled" otherwise I wouldn't be remembering my own past lives. I should have used the word "veiled" instead of "memory wipe" but I sure didn't use the word "deleted." :)

I luv how you say so much with so little words in all of your comments. Poetic, inspiring and thought provoking. Thank You!

(13 Jun '23, 19:06) Moonbeam
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