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Has anyone on this site been experiencing the symptoms of Kundalini Awakening? I am very interested in hearing about other members' experiences.

A few years ago I began experiencing non-painful, but violent jolts of energy through my entire body, causing my body to bounce and shake, often similar to a body's reaction to a defibrillator administering a charge to the body. This occurrence would happen most when I was lying down and relaxed and/or trying to get to sleep. Sometimes such would occur when I was sitting up and relaxed - even in my car whilst driving. Sometimes I would even feel as though I were being made love to; only that the feeling was static, rather than progressive, and never with climactic release. I would also often find the lower or upper half of my body (but never both at the same time)involuntarily lifting upwards, almost has though that part of my body were being pulled upwards by a magnetic force.

Round this time I also began seeing what is termed as 'faerie lights', as well as energy waves, bright sparkles, shooting black specks, and other anomalies, including white auras round trees and objects. Often I would only see such when I was using my peripheral vision, was tired, or in a state of directed contemplative meditation.

With the exception of the visual anomalies, the jolts of energy are now centred on my second and third chakra areas, as well as my neck area - my head will move violently back and forth swiftly and shortly, but causing no discomfort or pain, only annoyance when I am trying to get some sleep. I am surmising these concentrations may be Kundalini Energy attempting to get through blockages in these areas.

My two dogs - who sleep in my bed at night - used to be frightened of these physical occurrences, but, in time, they got used to these occurrences and are no longer frightened.

A couple years ago, during a session, I addressed this occurrence to the attention of TReb - an entity channelled by our Inward Quest friend and member, Rob Gauthier. TReb said something about electro-magnetic energies slapping against each other. As per usual, I said something to the extent of, if not the exact wording of, 'Interesting!', and moved on to my next question.

Would anyone care to share their experiences of such?

I should add that I am not an 'abductee' of Greys, MILAB, etc. I have no recall of such or anything that would announce evidence of such. TReb did tell me, however, that I am am being non-physically 'abducted' (energy abduction, for lack of a better term), and have been since I was a boy, by a hybrid-race of Reptilians connected to The Ancient Reptilians. When TReb told me about this race I was astonished, as I am so very much like them in my energy. Or, should I say, THEY are like ME in MY energy, and learn from me -- hence the reason they bring me aboard their ship and 'study' me. And I do not mean the latter in a negative connotation, for it could not be further from such.

I announce the above paragraph simply for clarity and background information. Such has nothing to do with my experience of Kundalini Awakening.

Or does it? ;o)

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@T This could be kundalini awakening - others know more about that but the feeling kind of being over energised when you are trying to get to sleep could be geopathic stress in your environment. Here is an explanation of this

(07 Feb '14, 08:53) Catherine

Oooh interesting link @Catherine! Thanks for sharing. Have you tried it yourself?

(07 Feb '14, 20:34) Grace

@Catherine: Yes, thank you for sharing the link. I'm curious if you've tried this, too, and what your experience was/is.

Regarding me being over-energised when I am trying to sleep, I am not. What I speak of are called kriyas, that jolt certain parts of my body involuntarily. I do not practice yoga nor did meditation before these began occurring.

(08 Feb '14, 00:12) TGunn

What is particularly interesting is I laid down in front of a friend one evening and got into a relaxed state, to show her what was occurring within me, and not long afterwards, she, too, began experiencing kriyas, but in different ways.

(08 Feb '14, 00:13) TGunn

Some New Age/Spiritual Guides refer to such as being Ascension symptoms, along with disorientation, frequent fatigue, abrupt changes including purging of many things (including people, certain kinds of food, old paradigms and ideas, etc.), frequent GI upset, increased sensitivity to sound and visuals, sporadic sleep schedules, seeing white auras round objects and people, etc. -- all things I have been experiencing, as well.

(08 Feb '14, 00:26) TGunn

@Grace I did have trouble settling to sleep and found I slept much better once I had this installed - I would recommend it.

(08 Feb '14, 05:28) Catherine Intresting reading. @TGunn and others that find this wiki eye opening . Thanks for sharing!

(08 Feb '14, 05:29) ursixx

@T Gunn I experience kriyas (involuntary movements) when meditating sometimes. I also experience energy flow in a way I didn't ten or twenty years ago. I suppose my theory is that as everything is energy just in different manifestations, it doesn't hurt to sort out the nuts and bolts electrical stuff first. I don't doubt for a second that you are experiencing symptoms in response to the powerfully energising times ... you seem excited and positive about it which is great.

(08 Feb '14, 05:36) Catherine

Reminds me of the involuntary jerking of Darryl Anka as he contacts the portal Bashar ... these are signs of "leaving your body" of opening up a channel, of becoming totally aware, of entering the virtual ... feelings of being pulled by unknown forces, of energies outside your control, of blinding light in the center of your brain ... etc. All these phenomena are often interpreted as being extraterrestrial intervention, abduction ... L&L

(09 Feb '14, 01:46) jaz

@jaz: an astute observation, my friend! :o) Yes, my neck jerking is very much the same as Darryl Anka's, when channelling Bashar. I agree that these symptoms may be interpretted as intervention, etc.; but I know now that there is no intervention taking place; only overlapping and integration of concurrent 'lives' of my Over Soul. The hybrid reptilian I spoke of, that is connected to me in energy signature, and who shares the same Over Soul, has spoken through me.

(09 Feb '14, 03:07) TGunn

Yes -- spoken through my physical vehicle. The language was foreign to me and my friend who witnessed this. The language the entity spoke is beautiful: a cross of Latin, Sanskrit, and an unrecognised African tongue. My friend -- who was deathly afraid of Reptilians -- may have co-created this experience so she could face her fears. Eventually, this entity began speaking in English. It told my friend that I was a 'Reel-A-Tive' (relative).

(09 Feb '14, 03:39) TGunn

I later found out that this entity was hostile to my friend because she -- unbeknownst to her -- had strong Pleiadian connections and energy; which is odd, because my friend is strongly in disfavour of blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin -- prominent Pleiadian/Lyraen physical characteristics.

(09 Feb '14, 03:54) TGunn

"imagination is not an empirical or superadded power of consciousness, it is the whole of consciousness as it realizes it's freedom" - Jean-Paul Sartre

(09 Feb '14, 04:45) jaz

very interesting hummm

(09 Feb '14, 10:03) supergirl
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Kundalini Shakthi Yoga: the truth about kundalinishakthi ascension experiences

Kundalini was known to all parts of the world in the past only as an esoteric and mystical concept which was not explained in a scientific perspective. According to the research findings of Shakthiveda International institute of Consciousness Studies, Kundalini is a subtle semi solid liquid of golden color( cosmic blood) dormantly situated at the 108th layer of Mooladhara chakra. Kundalini Shakthi is the feminine energy counterpart of the Supreme Creator derived from Mata Sarveswari. This cosmic energy flow in progressive level of Kundalini Shakthi Yoga will be ascended from Mooladhara and enters into Sushumna nadi . The Supreme Creator Sarveswara ascends Kundalini Shakthi from Ajna to Sahasrara located in the spinning biomagnetic field of energy body. Kundalini Shakthi ascension from Sahasrara and above is divined by Parabrahmam transcending Jivathma, Athma and ultimately Athma shakthi. And finally Kundalini Shakthi will be merged with Mata Sarveswari. The terrific and psychedelic experiences as narrated by many persons on Kundalini shakthi gave only a falsified, exaggerated and unbelievable picture on the elated state of divinity. Moreover, in 99% of cases in Kundalini shakthi claims it can be detected through appropriate devices that Kundalini shakthi will be displaced which in turn lead to severe mental and metaphysical disorders. Rishidev Sri Narendranji, for the first time in the last 7200 years demystifies Kundalini shakthi and the silent divine process of Ascension through which an ordinary human being will be guided in the divine voyage to pass through higher levels of consciousness. The truth about Kundalini Shakthi Ascension The cosmic process is not simply Kundalini Shakthi awakening, but Kundalini Shakthi Ascension. No one can teach Kundalini Shakthi Ascension No one can learn Kundalini Shakthi ascension The true Kundalini Shakthi ascension will not happen by injection or psychedelic drugs

Kundalini Shakthi will be ascended from Mooladhara to Sahasrara by the designated deities at the will of the Supreme Creator without human intervention.

Nine progressive levels in Kundalini Shakthi Ascension by invitation to truth-seekers as per divine will.

Kundalini has no comparison with coiled serpent and hence it cannot be called as serpent power.

Kundalini Shakthi Ascension is a cosmic procedure bestowed to the deserving persons who have undergone the first 8 levels of Jiva Yoga.( exceptions may happen rarely as in the case of Dr. Krishna Madappa, USA who was straightaway bestowed the divine status of Maharshi even before undergoing either Jiva Yoga 8 levels or the basics of Kundalini Shakthi Yoga. One reaches the state of Maharshi when the Kundalini Shakthi gets ascended to Ajna by Adi Parashakthi , the primordial cosmic power) Energy enhancement verification Pre and operative auric field energy levels can be verified during each progressive level by dowsing pendulum , Universal Scanner, GDV, Aura meter etc KG sathyan Muttambalam visit

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This Maharshi and the steps sounds a bit like getting a drivers license and driving instructions. Some people have an ability to drive and require little in the way of lessons. And visa versa. And who knows maybe there are more people that are learning and experiencing this at an accelerated rate?

(09 Feb '14, 10:27) ursixx

@sathyaniji what is your personal experience?

(09 Feb '14, 10:29) ursixx

Hi TGunn

Here's something you may find interesting

A friend recently lent me the book "Becoming Supernatural" by Dr. Joe Dispenza ... I tried the breathing exercises as explained in the book, it was a very enlightening experience ... I would say that it allowed me to understand lots of my unexplainable experiences.

Here's a short video describing the essence of what the book is all about, it's very technical to start with, the actual breathing technique is explained in the last 4 minutes of the video

have fun :)


answered 27 May '19, 04:25

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