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I have been reading the PDF version of @treb-bor-yit-ne's "Benevolent Hybrid Reptilian Humans", and I am wondering what other good books are out there that cover similar topics.

I am interested only in books, not MP3s or videos.

Topics I like covered (I appreciate that no one book will cover all of these):

  • General information on the nonphysical, various dimensions and densities
  • Hierarchies and types of non-physical entities, and their objectives with respect to man
  • Cosmology
  • Real history of the earth
  • Aliens, and their interaction with man

I have got myself the two epic volumes from Montalk, although haven't had a chance to read them yet. Then I downloaded Treb's book and I'm reading it now. I am feeling a bit like a child in a candy shop and wondering what else I am missing.

Any light thrown on the usual conspiracies would be a bonus, although I appreciate that most channeled entities do not wish to talk about those for obvious reasons, although some touch upon them, like Treb has in his book.

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I'd recommend reading German post-Kantian idealism for mind-bending adventures in the nonphysical :D

(23 Dec '17, 12:48) Marin

The third volume of Conversations with God goes extensively into aliens.

(23 Dec '17, 17:38) Nikulas

Thanks @Nikulas, time to check out the "Conversations" books.

(24 Dec '17, 09:53) cod2

I'd also recommend Drunvalo Melchizedek's The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. It covers many of the topics you reference.

(26 Dec '17, 09:37) SteveL

I have a couple of suggestions for you,The life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, by Richard.T.Baird the six book set is the best it gives you the teachers manual.Second suggestion is The Seven Mighty Elohim speak on the Seven Steps to Precipitation by Thomas Printz both of these books were real mind openers...

(30 Dec '17, 12:23) Roy
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Hi there, please check out one of my own book Deliverance of Love, Light and Truth It revolves around my OBE's with the Transleations who reside 1000 light years from earth. Its a channelled book from the late 1990's You can download the ebook for free from Smashwords

Its a fascinating read which has been downloaded hundreds of times. I am sure you will find something in there. NB It has a fascinating question and answer section whereby i ask the non-biological entities questions about our Earth's history and things like how the moon was formed... the answer to which was confirmed by scientists in the press /on TV about a year after i had recieved the communication!! Here's the book synopisis. These channeled communications have continued from the Trans-leations (beings of 'light') who reside 1000 light years from Earth.This eagerly awaited sequel to 'Pathway', is delivered to you in the name of love, light and truth. You will know thy love ... the love that embraces thee, You will know thy light ... the light that helps you see, You will know thy truth ... then the truth will set you free!

My blog is

Merry Christmas to you and all. Peace. Good luck Dave


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Thanks @AscensionForYou, I'll check it out.

(24 Dec '17, 09:54) cod2

NO worries cod2! The book is called Deliverance of Love, Light and Truth - if Inward Quest ban the link because of the lack of my Karma points at least you can enter the details at

Have agreat Xmas ...cheers D

(24 Dec '17, 10:44) AscensionForYou

Some of the best have to be Courtney Brown's remote-viewing based books, Cosmic Voyage and Cosmic Explorers. Aside of aliens he also visits non-physical realms with powerful, long-departed beings. Apparently he met the Buddha. According to Bashar, he's got it over 90% accurate describing the Greys and the hybridization. He's also got a bunch of remote viewing videos I tend to get as soon as they come out- the latest one is about an ancient battle between Lyrans and a bunch of rather unsaviory extraterrestrials.

Then there's Messages by Stan Romanek, a remarkable book about a Zeta contactee and his various misadventures with both extraterrestrials and terrestrial interventions.

Then there's Communion by Whitley Strieber, one of the pioneers of using hypnotic regression to remember abductions.

Empire's End is a ficton book set in the final days of Atlantis based on rather vivid inspiration by my favorite spiritual teacher, Serge King.

Graham Hancock has all sorts of books on earth history, not so much spiritually derived as simply examining evidence without preconceived notions- Fingerprints of the gods has to be his magnum opus (which he wrote while stoned) and its much later sequel Magicians of the gods (which he wrote while sober). Now he writes fiction like War God, that delves into the nonphysical realms that apparently informed much of the Aztecs' unfriendly practices. He's also got some lovely talks on YouTube.

Also according to Serge King, the Hawaiians consider themselves in their esoteric tradition to descend from the Star People- Pleidians, and to be the last remnants of the lost continent of Mu.

I have also heard from various sources (Billy Meier, Neale Walsch, Serge King, Courtney Brown) about the ancient Lyrans and Pleidians who mixed up with earths native hominids to create us- the original gods.


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