After so long it's only a minority of us that believe that we create our own reality. Why is this?

What is the best approach to teach family members that this is true if they are close-minded to this?

How did you become convinced of this? Was it from the book or film "The Secret" and follow-up books? Or from Abraham, Seth etc? I'm particularly interested in how Energy Healing, Reiki etc works and whether this is linked to how we're creating our own reality (or other people's perhaps if we intend to improve their health) Are there websites that summarize convincing evidence for Law of Attraction? Has everyone that believes that we create our own reality come to believe this from the same experiences/observations I wonder.

Do any people who believe in Law of Attraction/creating our own realities also believe that we live in a physical reality? If so how can they reconcile this?

Have you had discussions with friends or family members where they so much believe in a physical reality that they can't reconcile that with us creating our own reality?

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Thank you for the well defined question.

Asking a great question is an art in-itself. You're good at crafting it.

I'll try to answer the "Why do they?" portion of your question & hopefully others will provide more insightful answers.

I think that it's a subject that doesn't reveal it's truth easily to anyone who doesn't have a personal experience related to it.

in school when I learned about the electron I didn't believe it, but I had to, so that I can pass the course.
I learned chemistry, and the classroom demonstrations helped towards believing it.
when I learned about religion I didn't believe any of it, In fact it was the only course that I always failed in class.

Why?...because I actually had personal spiritual experiences from childhood and as a result rejected all the religions that explained how the spirit side worked.

It didn't match my experience of it.

in this scientific world, we learn by education that should be supported by scientific fact.
Is all of it supported by scientific fact?
Not really.

Maybe Half of it.

the rest we accept without question, because the ulterior motive is to use the education to have gainful employment that pays the mortgage, the bills, the vacations, the car, the boat(maybe) and to raise your family and give yourself a decent life, to be accepted as an equal among your peers.

There is no incentive to rock the boat or bite the hand that feeds you.

We know that there is something incorrect in all the scientifically supported structures that form the basis of this experience, but it isn't causing an inconvenience to us personally for us to raise our doubt about them.

and, besides, anyone that does so is always treated with ridicule by the rest of the educated lot.

So why risk it?

Only those who experience crisis, and rejection of their personal spiritual experiences begin to finally question the Mainstream narrative.

And those who persist in the questioning of this official narrative, begin to slowly pry open the Pandora's box of the illusion of the mainstream.

That does not and cannot happen by the expansion of one's intelligence through intellectual curiosity.

This information cannot be processed by minds that depend on a system of validation, verification and fact checking through the same system.

the most invisible part of the system is that the entire "Free Speech, free thought, Free Media Reporting and Institutional Facts and standards are not actually free to scientifically validate these subjects.

All the official sources of knowledge are kept in line through dependency of funding.

A higher system of control above the banking and funding layer controls the narrative of truth.

They carefully infiltrate all sources of opposition to the mainstream so that even most of what you think is the "free voice of the people" is also kept in line through infiltration.

Only personal Crisis and abnormal experiences disengages our un-conscious conformity to the system.

you can't disengage someone's conformity to the system by trying to "reveal the truth"

You have to live your truth as you know it and wait until when they may be interested in knowing what kool aid your are drinking that is causing you to stay calm in the midst of all this madness.

then you can share what you know without forcing your truth upon them.

Their truth has no room for your truth that you want to share.

They know that reality creation through consciousness is pure and utter nonsense!
You know that it isn't
You know that Consciousness and reality are interconnected.

If you practice your truth then you can express it without forcing it.

But here is the greatest truth of this phenomenon.

the question "Why do most people not believe this".... itself is the having of an experience.

within the having of this experience there is only 100% abundance for "people who do not believe"

Your 100% abundance is already filled with "why do most people not believe this?"

So if you want people who believe this to infiltrate your already full 100% abundance, you have to re-define your 100% abundance to also contain "I love that so many people now believe this"

After you re-define it, the universe will, first, send more non-believers to test your commitment to the new set point.

If you can stay the course and steadfastly hold the new 100% abundance of "So many people are now awake to reality creation through the self", slowly your family members, friends, neighbours, your town, country and the world will let you shift to the already existing parallel reality where you and they are already awakening to this.

and it will seem to you as if you are influencing them.
But in truth you are the one changing,... not them.

They are a projection of your belief system.

This section was added 24 May 2024 in response to KNRSSp's comment. there is not enough room to add this as a comment. & I couldn't condense it any more without losing the deeper meaning that is meant to be realized by contemplation rather than conversation.

The term 100% abundance is something that already exists in common usage, but I didn't quite get it until I slowly started realizing what it really meant in the greater picture of what is available to me.

It's a term I began to adopt more and more as I constructed my own realization of why something cannot be available within the un-availability of that same something.

The total quality and quantity of your 5 senses + your consciousness of what you have, can, and currently are taking in as the "Substance" of your reality, the sum total of your current "sense-ability" = your 100% expression of your abundance.

It is the Reality sum total of what you believe is "what is" expressed as your experience creating the effect of existence and physicality.

And this should be realized as a non physical "inward" starting point towards a "physical" + "intellectual" outward => "REAL" state of "ever becoming" constant point of change "non - point"

like staring at a bottling plant where the caps are being attached to the bottle tops where, every second, 4 to 5 bottle caps are being slammed on to the bottle tops, but your eyes see a continuously present bottle cap that is just snapping suddenly into different orientations on the top of the bottle seemingly happening to the same one bottle.

this is the constant point which is a "non - point"

We/You are that location

We are experiencing a reality that is moving constantly around us and it's availability is always incomplete when compared against our inner wanting. This inner incompleteness and the outer constantly changing maximum availability is our 100% abundance. Nothing more is available without changing something And the only something that is available for change is the inner definition of "what is"

This answer is deliberately cryptic. it is not meant to be examined by the intellect. It is for the contemplation of the quiet seeker, not the loud thinker(ego).

Like an organ transplant, your ego will always reject what it doesn't already contain or already agree with, leading to argument (on this forum)

But your all knowing unconscious is what is making you, the reader, look at these words in spite of your ego's well intended desire to protect you from becoming out of phase with the grid(Matrix)


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The Traveller

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Thanks for the great answer :-)

You say "They know that reality creation through consciousness is pure and utter nonsense! "

For nearly all my life I've believed totally in our world being a physical reality - So I can understand others' beliefs. I'd like to learn more about the 100% abundance and the parallel realities part of your answer before commenting further - can you or anybody else point me at how you've come to learn about this?

(18 May, 22:28) KNRSSp

There are 4 separate points and 3 questions and not enough room to answer them.

so Just the 100% abundance part:

But it's too long, so I've added it to the original answer

(25 May, 00:08) The Traveller

Thank you so much, I will re-read your answer and need to think hard about it! :-)

(28 May, 20:58) KNRSSp
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An artist might use oils on a cloth canvas as a means of expression. As spiritual beings, we paint our beliefs on the fabric of space/time. How we individually perceive the world around us and what we experience in this life is a reflection of those beliefs and the reality we created for ourselves. Believing this is not required for it to work.

Your question should be...Why don't more people understand this? I have been dealing with this issue for 50 years since my first exposure To the Seth Material. In time, I came to realize that the answer is simply that "most" people are not ready to understand the mechanics of reality creation. I understand that this can be difficult for you as an "awakened" soul to accept, but accept it you must. Share your knowledge with those who show an interest while allowing those who don't to just live their lives as they choose. The best thing you can do for you family members and friends is to be aware of their desires and the beliefs they express relative to those desires. Encourage and reinforce positive beliefs while recognizing and offering alternatives to beliefs that are interfering with progress toward their desired goals.

The knowledge you have can only be taught to those willing to learn. It can, however, be used to become a co-creator in the lives those you love.


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