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Part One

After participating on IQ for over a year, reading many questions and answers and observing the responses and reactions of many users; it’s become evident to me that many people cannot quite grasp the validity of the law of attraction (LOA) - no matter how good the explanations are.

After thinking about and considering this, I realized why some people may be resistant to the idea of the LOA. Consider this:

You meet me for the first time and I say to you:

Hey, do you realize that even though you don’t know this, Santa Claus is indeed a real person and it’s actually true that he delivers all of those Xmas presents to every house on the planet, in person, within a 12 hour period on December 24th each year.

Based on the general mass conditioning and beliefs in place, very few will believe me (and rightly so) and I see that the idea of the LOA can be analogous to the above statement as well.

Simply believing anyone at face value that the LOA is real may fall into the category of gullibility and refusing to believe it without inquiring yourself, with an open and skeptical mind, may fall into the category of cynicism. Both gullibility and cynicism fall into the category of ignorance.

In addition, many people who decide to test the validity of the LOA for themselves are met with failure due to their own conditioning, which includes unconsciously self-imposed and self-limiting beliefs that were picked up from their childhood, and which they’re still unaware of. Thus, the understanding of the nature of belief is a critical and necessary stage when inquiring into the LOA.

The reason that I personally have no issue with the LOA and know it is real is because of the other areas of life that I’ve become aware of and have inquired into.

To assist others, who may be confused or teetering on the edge of grasping the validity of the LOA, I’ve put together a list consisting of the main areas of understanding that led me to and helped me to understand the LOA. The list is approximately the order in which I became aware of and discovered the validity of each of these areas myself.

This list is not a fixed or definitive order, only the order that helped me and so may help others.

  • Awareness of the action of my mind (the first step). This led me to an understanding of: awareness, thinking, thought, beliefs, the ego-self, rationality, reason, logic and the existence of the
    Now moment.

  • We create our own reality. This led me to a deeper understanding of: beliefs, emotions, imagination, excitement, the LOA and vibration.

  • The nature of reality. This led me to a deeper understanding of: remembering, beliefs, truth, who we really are, consciousness, oneness, duality, polarity, illusion, dream reality, creator, higher self, soul, density, parallel realities and other dimensions etcetera.

My understanding of all of the areas of inquiry is still ongoing and probably will indefinitely be so :)

Note: While the LOA is a natural law, the words ‘law of attraction’ can be replaced by many other words and terms which explain the LOA, so I suggest not getting caught up in labels.

From my perspective, I see that understanding the reality of the law of attraction helps us to know why and how things, people, events, situations and circumstances exist in our lives and how we can change any of these into those we prefer. It’s the best Xmas present ever :)

Part Two

I believe it may be helpful to non-believers of the LOA to read why believers of the LOA believe it, as they may get insights from others that help them in some way...

Therefore, part two of this question is directed at the people on this forum who know about the LOA and have seen evidence of it working in their lives.

To assist people who are new to the LOA or who just cannot grasp or accept it as a reality: what are the three main areas of awareness/understanding that helped you to fully grasp the idea that the LOA is real and that it works in all of our lives 24/7/365?

It doesn't matter if your list is similar or exactly the same as mine or completely different. The idea is to assist others by introducing concepts that they may feel pulled towards investigating or in providing confirmation that they're on the right track.

What do you say?

asked 17 Apr '11, 04:45

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I am glad you asked this buddy :)

(17 Apr '11, 05:21) you

Do not ask the question if you are not ready for answers that you might not like. You might as well just preach.

(18 Apr '11, 04:41) you

And for cryin out load, come down from there

(18 Apr '11, 04:45) you

And get over yourself.

(18 Apr '11, 07:15) you

Thats a very insightful question and statement.Im going to dwell on this a bit and then perhaps answer or add. But i must say youve hit on some pertinent points there.

(18 Apr '11, 09:30) Monty Riviera

Thanks Monty, we look forward to your valuable answer :)

(19 Apr '11, 00:37) Eddie
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what are the three main areas of awareness/understanding that helped you to fully grasp the idea that the LOA is real and that it works in all of our lives 24/7/365?

1.It feels better to feel good. I try to go for the better feeling place all the time. And if that means also helping someone else to that place then that is also part it.
2.Do I want to feel happy or be right? You say the sky is green I am not going to argue with you. It is your perception. I might ask for you to explain yourself but that is not inferring that you are wrong it's more to satisfy my curiosity.
3.Tell a different story. If it's not how You / I like things or how they are working out .Then tell a different story, tell the story of success and not of failure.
3b.Now Its all happening now!



answered 17 Apr '11, 12:11

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Thanks ursixx. Exactly the kind of info I'd like people to hear about :)

(18 Apr '11, 02:12) Eddie
  1. The first area of understanding for me would coincide with Eddie's, and that is awareness of my own mind. Adopting that witness perspective of how I do the things I do and what repetitive thoughts I have on a daily basis has given me the ability to see how I created and attracted everything in my life, both past ( when I wasn't even aware of the LOA) and present. This obviously requires firstly a willingness to explore your own mind and secondly the courage to accept those parts you may have been denying. But will undoubtedly lead you to the acceptance of responsibility and thus the realization that the power to change is within you.

  2. By exploring that inner terrain, I am now able to look at the outer world and see the relationship between what is happening inside me and what is happening in my outer world. In other words I have more clarity regarding the circumstances in my life. When something is happening that I don't particularly want, I can go within and see what thoughts and emotions are driving my current reality. In this way I can generally catch the thought or emotion before it tailspins into a downward spiral.

  3. Last but not least, I'd have to say that gaining the ability to stay in the present moment ( most of the time ) has been the greatest gift and the greatest understanding of what it's all about. By residing in the present moment I enjoy life in a way that I previously didn't know existed. The simplest things become enjoyable when we are fully present... we just feel better, and are creating a great future because our point of attraction is always Now.

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answered 17 Apr '11, 13:05

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Thanks Michaela. I love it. Whole books have been written on the Now moment, when will we see yours? :)

(18 Apr '11, 02:15) Eddie

Thanks Eddie :) Who knows maybe someday ??

(18 Apr '11, 22:22) Michaela

Hi! My name is Carl, and I believe in the LOA.

Sounds like AA doesn't it? Well, it could be treated very much the same, which is what caused me to think of posting it that way....

The LOA works.

It doesn't matter about what we believe about that, it just is the way the Universe works. It is even working when we don't believe it works, by providing experiences that seem to point to that.

I'm not sure when I would say I began to truly believe in the LOA as a tool in life, but I've been noticing in my life and in the lives of others for a long time now, how it is working for me and for them.

As I've gotten clearer of the limiting beliefs installed in my mind, I've seen more factual results along the way that reinforce my observations.

Looking back, I can say that the LOA is active in the creative process in my life continuously.

Here is an example; I live in the Silicon Valley area, and have worked inside many of the Silicon Wafer Fabs where exotic chemicals are stored and used.. I noticed, from time to time, whiffs of some of these chemicals, and wondered, Are these poisonous? Also in the day to day work I was doing I would handle toxic chemicals such as solvents, and lead, Cadmium, all sorts of exposures to things now considered Carcinogenic. Then, guess what? I was diagnosed with Stage 4 plus Lymphoma..... Now some might think that was a foreseeable outcome, but I am the only one who got it... Was that the LOA in action?

Now to the part that really demonstrates the LOA... That was ten years ago. The Doctors didn't think I would live one year, much less ten..... Oh by the way, I am healthy!

In the moment, I was shocked by the diagnosis, but I still didn't think I would succumb to the disease. Why? I'm not sure, but I do know that was my reaction at the time. I just kept doing what made me feel good, and paying attention to what was being shown to me at the time, and wended my way through the maze to the other side of the sickness. Many things have happened along the way, and it really was a journey for me that has taught me a lot about life and the way LOA works.

By the way, one of the things I learned is that Doctors, even in their very best moments CANNOT cure Cancer. It is true, and I will testify to it. Alternative treatment is what saved me. The LOA brought it to my attention, and by adopting it I was able to come through...

Since then I have learned about many Alternative treatments that work, and I am still doing some things that have an effect on Cancerous conditions, because once you have manifested Cancer it most likely will resurface at some point. (This is an example of Mass-mind belief).

I am so happy and grateful now that I have learned how it all works and am improving on my use of the LOA every day.

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answered 06 Dec '11, 20:32

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Thanks for sharing Carl. It's great that you had the ability not to get sucked in by the mass-mind-beliefs and to show through example that there are other ways. Another way of viewing how we move through life is that 'through belief' we choose a different parallel reality to experience. In your case, you chose a reality in which you don't have cancer. And get this: any change is a complete change, so in your NOW reality, you have never had cancer :)

(07 Dec '11, 01:15) Eddie

I say "what does it matter if anyone believes it or not?" for those who believe it, it works and for those who do not probably won't even try.

I also think that you are painting with a pretty big brush here. LOA encompasses a few areas, feeling good, raising vibrational states, personal responsibility for all things that happen to you good and bad, creating experiences, and my fav (wink wink) material gains.

Now for me, I (and hate to use this word) believe that a few of these aspects of loa are valid. Most of all that when you change your attitude (vibration) that you attract yourself to that thought pattern. More so than things being attracted to you. Like when people notice 11:11 on clocks, it is not the clocks conspiring to make you see it but that you are seeking it out. YOU gravitate towards what you align with.

Last year when I "manifested" a flat stomach, it did not happen with magic, I believed it so much that I unconsciously did all the right things to make it happen. I know that when I'm in what some call the Vortex, douche bag people still show up around me, I just do not notice them. Nothing really changes "out there" but everything changes in me, and when my perspective changes the world changes TO MY POINT OF VIEW. So there is no new matter or people start acting differently to me, I just pick and chose what to notice and how to act accordingly.

Where LOA lost me was on two things.

  • My state of well being and how I feel is not responsible for accidents or tragedy. Tell the people in Japan that they manifested that tsunami. Every one of them did that? No sorry.
  • Material things are being conspired to be delivered to you. No you have to work at what you want.

So in conclusion, there is some validity to LOA and for me it should be renamed "The Principle of Feeling Good". When you feel good, you notice more good and you propel your self towards more goodness.

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answered 17 Apr '11, 05:21

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Got to say i agree with the point about the Japenese tsunami.

(17 Apr '11, 10:36) Monty Riviera

We are all responsible for the unfortunate devastation in Japan. WE ARE ONE :) Love and Light

(17 Apr '11, 11:50) Roy

when it come to japan and natural disasters, it is a mannifestation of the earth as an entity and the dissharmonis energy she/he has, another issue that i just learned from my source is when it comes to colective consiesnesses mannifesting any thing has diffrent dinamics that the single way of it. as far as teh "work for what you want" thing i have recived many things from teh generacity fo others and if you state it as a belife (as you have) then it never WILL happen withoput you working for it :-) at least thats my 2 cents lol love n light

(17 Apr '11, 21:23) TReb Bor yit-NE
  1. Thanks for your reply Michael. I can’t give you +1 because this question was designed to help those seeking clarity and/or confirmation from experienced believers and conscious practitioners of the LOA.
(18 Apr '11, 03:26) Eddie
  1. It only matters: if you're ready to begin to allow yourself to lift the self-imposed and self-limiting beliefs that you have placed upon yourself in order to go deeply down the rabbit hole of extreme limitation. When an individual is ready they'll begin to find ways to do this, without any coercion or convincing from anyone. This post may serve as a signpost for those on the threshold of self re-discovery, not to defend an idea that just IS...
(18 Apr '11, 03:27) Eddie
  1. Like many people, you seem to have a belief that money or material gain is somehow bad (wink wink) and that it’s outside of the true realm of vibrational attraction. Once we understand that everything comes from nothing and that the only meaning anything has is the meaning that we impose upon it, we can move past those limiting beliefs :)
(18 Apr '11, 03:27) Eddie
  1. See how firmly you cling to your own belief in limitation and how hard you resist the idea that everyone, including you, is a powerful creator of your own reality? You hate to use the word believe, while at the same time you understand that nothing happens without belief.
(18 Apr '11, 03:27) Eddie
  1. When you’re in ‘The Vortex’, you say: “douche bag people still show up around me, I just do not notice them.” Can you see the contradiction? If you’re not aware of someone, how can you know they’re there?
(18 Apr '11, 03:28) Eddie
  1. You obviously have serious doubts about the LOA, yet at the same time you enjoy participating on an ‘openly stated’ LOA forum. Whereas many of the users of this forum happily spend their time providing information to assist others with their understanding, your MO seems to consist of ‘trying’ to debunk it or to change its meaning into something that fits with your beliefs.
(18 Apr '11, 03:30) Eddie
  1. Finally. Forget about the LOA and look at it another way. Let’s say that your current reality is: you’re sitting in a restaurant and decide it’s time to go home. You see an image or idea of your home in your mind’s eye or imagination. You believe that by taking certain actions you’ll arrive home. So you journey home and then your current reality is: you’re at home. So can we say that your imagination creates your reality?
(18 Apr '11, 03:34) Eddie

1.So if I do not support your belief system then I am "wrong" it sounds like.

(18 Apr '11, 04:23) you
  1. keep your votes I have stated many time I do not seek or like votes
(18 Apr '11, 04:24) you
  1. Please do not condescend by stating "when I am ready"
(18 Apr '11, 04:25) you
  1. Wrong assumption again. I do not think material gain or money is bad but the desire and attachment to it usually leads to suffering.
(18 Apr '11, 04:27) you
  1. You should have stated that the question was only to be answered by those you want to support your belief when the title surely states the opposite. I am a somewhat non-believer. you ask for my opinion.
(18 Apr '11, 04:29) you
  1. Nothing happens without belief? Thats a new one to me.
(18 Apr '11, 04:30) you
  1. I know the douche bag people are there because people ask me why I do not react to them. People around me are affected by them but I am not. Try again.
(18 Apr '11, 04:32) you
  1. Lastly Eddie I hope your defensiveness of your beliefs make you feel better. I am just living my life my way. Do I think you are wrong? No. If you read my first words they say it works for those that believe it. Stating I obviously have doubts about LOA is almost amusing. I have no doubts in what works for me. And if it is so easy to just create your reality why not create yourself enough money not to work and while you are at it create enough for all of us. And this site is not just about LOA, actually it comes in third after spirituality and mind control. Be well Eddie and maybe we both
(18 Apr '11, 04:38) you

do not have to be so defensive. Just because you did not get the answer YOU liked does not make it invalid. Good luck!

(18 Apr '11, 04:39) you

Oh I missed one. I do not like the word believe because it assumes I know a truth and nobody really knows anything. Do they? Do you?

(18 Apr '11, 04:49) you

You should know by now there is no wrong or right. Just what works for you. And what works for you does not mean it has to work for everyone.

(18 Apr '11, 04:51) you

Hey Michael, I let this question sit as a draft for almost a week before posting, being careful to get the message across in the best way I could. When we do things spontaneously, we sometimes say things we don’t really mean. Peace ♥

(18 Apr '11, 08:26) Eddie
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well the question needs to be adressed , my responces on all of these questions are not "right" for everyone i am just illistarting that there ARE answers for all of them. here is the words of Eddie

"After participating on IQ for over a year, reading many questions and answers and observing the responses and reactions of many users; it’s become evident to me that many people cannot quite grasp the validity of the law of attraction (LOA) - no matter how good the explanations are."

as we all know just because we cannot grasp an answer does not mean it is not there, it just means many memebers of humanity have failed to grasp the isues that we are most unconfortable with,well it seems to me that this is true ONLY as it relates to an individual belief system, example

i am not singling anyone out but lets go to Sam Druker' s responce he says " Where LOA lost me was on two things.

•My state of well being and how I feel is not responsible for accidents or tragedy. Tell the people in Japan that they manifested that tsunami. Every one of them did that? No sorry. •Material things are being conspired to be delivered to you. No you have to work at what you want.

my responce, when it come to japan and natural disasters, it is a mannifestation of the earth as an entity and the dissharmonis energy she/he has, another issue that i just learned from my source is when it comes to colective consiesnesses mannifesting any thing has diffrent dinamics that the single way of it. as far as the "work for what you want" thing i have recived many things from the generacity of others and if you state it as a belife (as you have) then it never WILL happen withoput you working for it :-) at least thats my 2 cents lol love n light

another asks on another posting by Jaianniah

Isn’t it true that The LOA fails to explain childhood trauma, birth defects, the abuse of children, and murder of children, etc.?

my responce,

No it does not. I am a channeller and my source explains this to me.My son has c.p. (cerebral palsy), the law of atraction doesnt have to explain this... this is his life. It goes to what the soul needs... the soul needs all experiences. My son was a warrior( in his past life). He used his body in his whole life, he NEVER used his heart to love. In this life he is handicapped BUt he loves unlike any other can. Those who have a loved one with this understand, he NEEDED to do this, his soul REQUIRED this experience so that he could feel lack of body and an overabundance of love. I used to HATE the fact that he was haniycapped until I adopted my new belief system from my source. It aplies with child abuse, murder and all other "bad" things to kids. I see my 8 years of HORRIBLE drug use and the deep depression and violence that went with it BUT now I understand that if I would have never experienced this, no matter how horrible of a time I had in it, I now know that my soul required it so that I could help others . How could I have EVER helped those in the deepest darkest parts of their life if I didnt know how to get out of it??? It is my path and this is my life's work... to channel and help others learn... to teach. I could have NEVER walked this path unless I had these "bad" experiences. After you realize that a "bad " experience is only a point of view and 99.9% of all "bad" experiences you can find either good, a lesson , or experience out of these, then they do not seem so they ??? I hope this helped.

do you all see what i am getting at? just because we cannot get past our own personal hang-ups doesnt mean we cant explain it with the law of attraction. I am not ONLY talking about others and i am not pointing my fingure at ANYONE! even in my own heart it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to see the reason that the LOA has a "good" explination on why children get raped and murded, BUT just because i can not BELIEVE that there is one, does NOT mean there is not a valid answer , you know? anyway that is my two cents and i just want to say i am not tryng to be rude to you Eddie or Sam or Jaianniah, i just had to find quick examples !

love n light , rob

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answered 17 Apr '11, 21:40

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 17 Apr '11, 21:50

Thanks Rob. I didn't take anything you said as being rude and even if you said anything rude I Don't Care! :)

(18 Apr '11, 02:25) Eddie

well i was hopping lol , thank you , i just used you all as examples and oviously you were the one who started the convo so,,,, thank you, some people get offended eaisily and it was NOT my intent! thank you for being a great guy! love n light

(18 Apr '11, 02:38) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thank you also for sharing the love n light. Now if only those people who get offended would ask themselves what actually is it that gets offended...

(18 Apr '11, 08:15) Eddie

right, i figgured no one cared about what they said , otherwise they wouldnt have posted it BUT you know that some people will, just covering the bases! lnl

(18 Apr '11, 13:06) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I've seen parrots manifested on demand, rare musical instruments appear when I have no money, and people in comas talk again. "Still, no dice!" There's too many caveats, and LOA never works consistently! Why am I here?

I like the positive spiritual discussions, and hope I can see through what has been hidden from us. My skepticism is friendly, and I think we're half right


answered 07 May '13, 15:42

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I want to believe in the Law of Attraction because if it would be pretty darn incredible if it was real. I understand where Sam is coming from with the argument that although the LOA techniques can make you feel better and may change your perspective, do they really change the actual reality of the situation? I'm new in trying to implement the LOA consciously.

I would love to hear from others who can say that the LOA has brought them things (health, love, money, whatever) and has actually changed the situation and not just how they thought about the situation. I don't want to discount feeling good but if we're looking for concrete examples here can anyone share those experiences?

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answered 18 Apr '11, 06:42

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Thanks eve. I'd be happy to answer your questions if they were asked in a new post :)

(18 Apr '11, 08:16) Eddie

If there's only now and you feel good now, only good can come to you. It's your thoughts that actually change the way you feel. Then your Universal mirror has no choice other than to reflect your state-of-being back to you thru the events and circumstances of your life. Yes, everything changes. Yes, there's only now :)

(20 Apr '11, 02:00) Eddie

If you believe in the Law of Attraction it works for you, if you don't believe, then it still works because you are attracting things in your life to prove that it doesn't work.


answered 07 May '13, 15:25

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The question of belief or not resides exclusively with our personal experience with the LOA. For some, coincidence has become something more as our own awareness and link between our thoughts and what shows up in our lives have become more apparent. Yet for most, its nothing more than a hopeful punchline to play around with

There is no question, it is happening ALL the time.

The reason most don’t see it is three fold:

1) The stream of thought or the thinking process is way too turbulent for awareness to observe that unfolding on the surface when it happens

2) We believe that all we have to do is just have the intention.

3) Most of keep wanting the thing instead of embodying the experience of having it now. We don’t practice being to become.

As long as the attitude with LOA focuses on the prize (destination) as the reason for my fulfilment/ happiness and not with the journey in witnessing that creative process as it unravels, then seeing this always happening expression of the universe, will remain as elusive as anything else beyond out sight.

Essentially, You have to become the thing (the state) before you can have it. If you do that then you embody the attitude, posture and providence that directly corresponds with that choice. Therefore, your inner state must bring forth your outer world because you already have it. The seed is planted.

I broke it down for my daughter like this:

My State is my fertile ground. My thought from that state is the appropriate seed in that ground, my action is the effortless cultivation and my having is the harvest


answered 12 May '13, 23:45

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edited 12 May '13, 23:48

@no1wakesup - sounds as though you've woken up my friend :)

(13 May '13, 04:20) Eddie
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