I just remembered stingrays vibrational goal setting method. It's Very powerful no doubt. I was wondering if taking super slow action would be the equivalent to allowing manifestations but in a more focused and systematic way.

With allowing your focused on everything rather than on one desire. And of course the action you take is inspired and is scattered in many different areas and is on many different desires.

When you take action your focused on one desire at a time, however slow action might be the answer to allowing inspiration and aid from the universe in a more systematic manner.

Inspiration is taking action when it feels good. But I was wondering if taking action in bursts of lets say 5 min intermittently and daily has the same effect or if there are other factors to consider.

Allowing gets us aligned to take action when it feels natural but i'm not sure if the timing of the action has anything to do with it.

I've found that the slower I go the more I see and the more I appreciate the progress I've made.

Thoughts Please

Thank You

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I may have something to say about that. It may seem a little confusing at first, but you may want to think a bit on this suggestion.

Your purpose, or vision, must be as near impossible as you can conceive.

That near impossible vision will keep the light at the end of the tunnel for you, so that you can always keep hope and faith - while, in a "healthy", more "realistic" way, you keep "lack" at bay by not really nurturing big expectations about it manifesting.

"You must act on your highest excitement with zero expectations" (Bashar)

I don't really think humans can act with zero expectation, but I would say that you must have "near zero expectations".

If you are able to nurture a near impossible dream, and act on it with near zero expectations, just following your bliss, it's possible for you to feel what a desire may feel when it's not loaded with the feeling of "lack".

Your dream must be so near impossible that, if you never manifest it, you will really not care - but, at the same time, you act on it, because it's not really impossible, only near impossible, and there's this little chance of you manifesting it someday.

The action you offer must be guided by love of action, by bliss, by excitement, by enjoyment - it's not action offered because something is lacking and you need to manifest it or you will be eternally "lacking something".

I am going to give you an example from my own life, because it was by trying to figure things out that I stumbled in this "formula".

My near impossible dream is to be a concert pianist. There are many reasons why it seems to me that it's an impossible thing to achieve. During the time I believed it to be possible, I worked diligently to achieve it, and those times were really blissful to me - so much so that my life became really prosperous without any effort in that direction on my part.

But time went by and I started to believe my dream impossible to achieve; I felt lack and was miserable and paralysed.

Only after thinking a lot about it I realized that I had zero expectations about achieving my dream, and that was the cause of my being depressed and miserable. I didn't want to act on something I considered to be impossible to achieve, but I missed the fun of "action".

How would I solve this problem?

First I realized that having zero expectations of manifesting something is not really bad, it's, according to Bashar, something good.

But I still didn't feel inspired to act on what I believed impossible, so I needed to inspire myself to believe that the dream is not impossible, after all, for I am not dead yet, and I have all those future days to work on my highest excitement, which is to achieve that dream. It became to me not an impossible dream, but a near impossible dream - near impossible enough that I have hope enough and faith enough to get out of the couch and work on it, to act on my highest excitement.

However, I am not so hopeful that I feel lack about it, for I know it's an near impossible dream, and my achieving it or not has nothing to do with day to day life (except that I act on my highest excitement every day).

The advantage of it is that I will only take score of it during the last few moments of my life - I don't take score now, because this is a near impossible dream to me, and it's too soon for me to take score.

Focusing on that dream alone has given me so much trouble that the others things I wanted, like a prosperous life, and love, and health, and travelling, got free of the feeling of lack. And the Universe acted beautifully on those areas, because I never interfered in those areas ("if you want it, you can have it, if you get out of the way...")

So, my suggestion is for you to think BIG, near impossible, act on it without really believing in it enough that it will cause you to feel lack, but believing it enough to make you follow your bliss - to live in your fantasy world, if you will.

Focus on that dream and let the Universe take care of the rest, for it will - it's a certainty.


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