And where would "poignant" feelings place on the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale?

I have been kicking this question around for months, but I haven't been able reach an answer yet. It's a little difficult to describe, but I think the best way to express it is to say that the question comes to mind when I think of rich experiences, depth of feeling, or anything percieved as "touching":

  • Listening to music, or experiencing any art form, that moves you deeply.
  • The intense connection you feel with people who live through extreme circumstances with you.
  • Rich, almost painful sensations associated with "going home".

These are just a few examples; they feel like the stuff of life to me. Poignant. Rich. Human. But not always experiences that can be described as joyous.

In intentionally raising my vibration, I have found these often to be heavy, low vibrations that drag me down, so I have avoided them to some extent. It's been worth it, don't get me wrong. :) Being more consistantly aligned with Source is also easily described as the stuff of life, and always brings me joy.

I do sense however that these feelings are important - maybe its simply out of affection or respect for their sheer humaness, their complexity. But I wonder if things can be powerful and poignant, without being painful?

Is poignant feeling cathartic, and useful in that sense to clear emotions, leaving you with a higher vibration? Is it perhaps a balance that would be best?

I would appreciate you sharing any advice or thoughts you may have on this with me. Thank you so much.


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I can relate to this feeling of "poignant". It feels good somehow, doesn't it? We feel some good feeling relief when we feel poignant. But there is also one low vibration in it, though it's not dominant. We know that this low vibration is now over and not active anymore because it is replaced by a high vibration. But we still look quickly at this low vibration from the past to re-experience the relief of going from low to high.

Why do we do that?

I think it feels good to re-experience the movement into alignment, rather than only experiencing the full alignment itself. We love the contrast and the feeling that we moved from low to high.

It's like the difference between gratitude and appreciation.

When we feel gratitude we look at our past circumstances (low vibration) and then we appreciate our high vibration in conrast. "I was so sick and depressive (low), but I am so grateful that I am healthy and joyful now (high)"

Whereas appreciation is just looking at what is, without looking at which low vibration was experienced before. "Oh look at this flower. Isn't it beautiful?" (only high vibration)

And where would "poignant" feelings place on the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale?

I think it can be almost every feeling on the emotional guidance scale. It is a combination of one high (joy - contentment) and one low vibration (boredom - powerlessness)

The intense connection you feel with people who live through extreme circumstances with you.

"Extreme circumstances" implies that you experienced low vibrations and moved to high vibrations together with those people. So for instance you felt powerless together, struggled together and now moved to let's say hopefulness.

Why don't we just enjoy hopefulness without re-experiencing the low you might ask?

Maybe it's our excuse to feel more connected to some people in particular rather than feeling utterly connected to everybody in this world.

I like this feeling of poignant too. It's like doing a complete focus block (from powerless to joy) in matter of seconds:). I can move from powerless to joy in 5 seconds just by thinking about the low for 1 second and then immediately thinking about the high for 2-3 seconds :)

Here is my favorite:)

"I was about to commit suicide (low), but look at me now, I have all these mighty tools and knowledge about the universe now and I feel so powerful and free (high). I'm so grateful. I could just cry." :)


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YES. YES. YES. THATS IT!!! You get it! Thank you for understanding, and helping me sort this out. You hit each point that has been rattling around in my head. It has been a little frustrating, I think because I have not been able to express my feelings clearly, and I've started to feel I must be wrong about this, making an ass of myself... Something. It must be me, if no one can understand me. You did, and now I feel better! :) ....

(27 Mar '13, 23:20) Grace

...Wonderful clips, too. Quintessential Abraham-Hicks, perfect for right where I am, right now. "As always, we remain... Blissfully, joyously, appreciatively incomplete." :D

(27 Mar '13, 23:20) Grace

WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS "I live in the space of thankfulness – and I have been rewarded a million times over for it. I started out giving thanks for small things, and the more thankful I became, the more my bounty increased. That’s because what you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way when I learned to be grateful no matter what happened in my life" ~ Oprah Winfrey ~

(28 Mar '13, 01:21) ele

@Grace I am very pleased to read that you feel better now:). "It must be me, if no one can understand me." I found in my life that you are never the only one who thinks or feels in a particular way. Even it is a very specific, abnormal issue or character trait, there are always many others among those people on earth who feel or think the same. And I think it would be especially arrogant to believe that no one else on this planet could experience the same thing you experience :).

(28 Mar '13, 03:54) releaser99
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It's a bit of semantics but an important bit. Let say that every emotion is also on a scale Like a balance scale. alt text
And lets take emotion #12 on the EGS. Disappointment .Now when we are just plain disappointed the scale is in balance. When it's a poignant disappointment. The scale tips downwards on the EGS. As compared to say mildly disappointed that would tip the scale upwards.
Our emotions are just that ours.We all have experienced them for ourselves in varying degrees.Lets say that you have experienced much disappointment so you probably have a very wide scale of your disappointment.As opposed to someone that has not experienced as much would have a much narrower scale. The wider the scale the more sensitive it becomes. Sounds like you feel this when scale is tipping downwards when something is poignantly disappointing, and when you a feeling of poignant optimism it tips the scale upwards. Personally @Grace I've seen how you have learned to work the scales on various emotions to your advantage. and some your still working on .
I am reminded of a time when I was a teenager ,working in a market .At the cash register was a scale that you lifted the produce to weight it .It had a tray that you sat the product in and it was open under . There was a little old lady that when she bought produce it would never exceed a certain weight!Then one day we caught her placing a thimble under the tray thus blocking the scale from weighing anything over that weight..Well she wasn't allowed to shop there any more but the point is Grace get a thimble if you feel that the scales aren't tipping in your favor.It's not cheating when it's your scale,more like a shortcut.


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@ursixx - Thank you. This answer is reminding me of another you gave recently regarding the programs that start up with our computers - We can choose which ones to automatically run. You are right, and I feel like I am a work in progress in that regard. It is wonderful here, on IQ, because I don't have to react right away, as I have to in person. Here, I get time to think, decide how I feel, and choose an action rather that allow a reaction. It's good practice, and develops good habits.

(26 Mar '13, 18:52) Grace

I'm thinking now that the feelings I am referring to in this question are really the rapid rise or fall of strong emotions. It's kind of an addictive feeling. :)

(26 Mar '13, 18:59) Grace

@Grace just the other day I went from 10: frustration to 19:rage in a split second.And took a few minutes to realize settle down and say to self "I don't want to feel this way" resolve the issue apologize for my behaviour. Then move on. I think it's when we are open to the feeling ,to look at it in a non-personal instead of I'm angry.It's I'm feeling angry ego /painbody/... you know what I mean ;)

(27 Mar '13, 09:58) ursixx

@ursixx - Yes, I understand. I was getting suddenly very stressed out at work the other day, and as soon as I noticed it, my thoughts went like this: "Oooh look at this... When that kind of call comes in, and this and this or that happen, it makes me feel this way.... Heart racing, body tense, etc. Heck I don't need or want to feel this way. Ptttttht! This is nothing. It's a beautiful day... Wonder if I can get outside for lunch?...." :D ...

(27 Mar '13, 10:26) Grace

.... No need to engage in it, is there? I want to have that 100% of the time. Right now I think I'm at around 80%....

(27 Mar '13, 10:26) Grace
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Rather than thinking of the emotional guidance scale as being a ladder type, i prefer to think of it as being a circle

alt text

all feelings are useful in the dimension of duality, and by definition there is always a flip side to everything; for example in "joy" there is always a grain of sorrow. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the vibration. This is what i name horizontal energy.

The quality of vibration is on a vertical scale, like a ladder, the higher the vibration the closer it approaches perfection, the lower the vibration, the more discordant it becomes. Think of a symphony orchestra, the beautiful music it produces approaches perfection, then think of a young child bashing a tin drum, that's the difference, (though the child's mother would surely perceive this too as being a real symphony).

The whole range of horizontal energy can slide up and down the vertical scale, the two coexist perfectly.

27th march update

Imagine that all the 22 emotions on the emotional guidance scale are of equal value, it's now in perfect equilibrium; turn the disk 90° and we see a straight line. This is how the horizontal straight line is derived from the enneagram;

alt text

symbols 1,2,3 represent thought, word and deed and can be agglomerated to form one end of the scale - symbols 5,6,7 represent counterparts of thought, word, deed and can be agglomerated to form the opposite end of the scale. The horizontal line symbolizes the scale in equilibrium, the horizontal energies. The vertical energies are symbolized by the straight line joining 4(earth) and 8(sky). Aligning the whole structure we get

alt text

and this leads to the perfectly balanced human scale symbolized by

alt text

Humans are between sky and earth. There is a real measurable difference of potential(voltage), for example if your physical height is 1m70, the voltage between your head and feet is approximately 170 volts.

alt text

Emotionally allowing means the scale is in perfect equilibrium, each emotion has equal value, and the more we tend towards this perfect state of equilibrium, the higher up the vertical scale we can reach. In other words we become creators, because by a simple conscious thought we can alter the point of equilibrium of the scale.


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ru bis

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@ru bis - "all feelings are useful in the dimension of duality" I lose sight of that in my efforts to keep a high vibration. The correlation between poignant feeling and an orchestra is terrific. Thank you for your answer.

(26 Mar '13, 18:40) Grace

@ru bis - Love your illustrations. :) I haven't been thinking in terms of all emotions having equal value, or of balance these days, as I am favoring happier emotions to keep myself enjoying my life. But I can see clearly that all my feelings do deserve my respect, simply because they are my own. I guess the balance here is to honor it all, then choose?

(27 Mar '13, 22:37) Grace

all emotions have equal value, how could it be otherwise in a world of duality? The opposite to dark, cold, uncomfortable, noise, alone, isolated, feeling unwanted, just has to be light, warm, pleasant, calm, accompanied, integrated, feel wanted.

(28 Mar '13, 02:45) ru bis
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