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So, I deliver food in Seattle, and I always love to take orders to the suburbs because folks tip really well there. I thought it was because they just had more money, but last night I got an order to deliver an expensive sushi order to this really nice house with big lights on it. A woman opened the door and thanked me profusely, blessing me with the positive energy of the gods. The house looked immaculate inside - super clean, with opulent furniture. I complimented her interior design, and she invited me to join her and her family for dinner. I said I was hungry but needed to get back and get more orders. She insisted I take a break, offering to tip me $50 so I could enjoy some sushi with her. I agreed, and it turned out to be the best sushi I've ever tasted - really fancy.

She asked how I liked my job, and I said it's fine; it's a job. She said that's preposterous; I should have a job that makes me proud, prosperous, and expresses my truth. I replied that I need the money more than my truth. She asked if I wanted to be rich, and I said yes, but I thought you needed to be born with money to be rich. She said nonsense, it's the other way around. I was confused. She gestured to her living room and pointed out a sofa. She said that sofa was the only thing in her house that didn't look state-of-the-art; in fact, it looked straight out of 1987. She explained she used to sleep on it when she was at rock bottom, smoking every day, broke and couch-surfing. She knew that wasn't her truth.

I asked, "Your truth?" She said yes, the quantum reality you want to speak into existence. She talked about how on that couch, she read a book she got when she was pregnant with her first son, feeling something had to change. She didn't recognize it then as intuition. I asked what book it was, and she said "The Secret." A mysterious guy gave it to her on the streets, saying, "Read this to be rich." She read it every day, letting the words into her heart until she finally had her breakthrough: being rich doesn't come from money; money comes from being rich. That confused me again. Isn't being rich having a lot of money? She explained, "No, being broke is not poor. Rich and poor are vibrational frequencies; you can be rich even if you're broke."

She declared to the universe from that couch that her family is forever rich, wrote a sigil for it, and taped it to the couch. Next thing she knew, she got a job offer for $40,000 a year - not much, but way more than she was making. But that pales in comparison to when she read about gratitude being the most powerful frequency to send out to the universe. She's not wealthy yet, but she thought if she set aside some of this to give to charity and blessed the money before giving it to a donation guy, she'd be giving with a millionaire frequency.

She put that frequency into everything she thought, said, and did, embodying gratitude. She woke up every day at 4 AM to meditate and give thanks to the universe. Motivated to spend a lot of time in the library, she read every book with the intention, "This will get me wealthy." She learned a lot and saw a lot of other rich people because "the rich are in the library, in the gym, in the meditation room." She told them why she was reading so voraciously; they wanted her to get wealthy too and taught her about investing. Now she's rich, and her house oozes prosperity.

She speaks that millionaire gratitude frequency into everything she thinks, says, and does. That's why she tips well and always invites her drivers in for a feast. It all makes sense now why people in the suburbs tip so well - not because they have money but because they are rich. They got their wealth by being rich. It's not just tips; their neighborhoods are clean. They don't litter; they keep it clean and their houses too, showing gratitude. That gratitude comes back; they manifest a prosperous reality in the quantum field.

Who knew tipping well and cleaning was such a beautiful ritual? The way to prosperity is gratitude, so let's get in the frequency. We can be in the Christmas spirit any time of year because the rich are every time of the year. College kids these days think rich is driving a golden limo around with the doors going up and down, having the fanciest gadgets and a Jacuzzi on every floor of your house and vacations on islands. That's all fun, but richness begins not in the bank account but in the treasure trove of your mind. They think they get rich by cheating everyone else, but when they cheat, they exude a frequency of lack and limitation. When you are in gratitude, it sends a powerful frequency to the quantum field, and that's what gets people prosperity in the three-dimensional world they see, and college kids sometimes think they don't need to work ethic in the three-dimensional world.

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