For the past 6 to 7 months I have been having a problem with travelling outside my country because I have some problem with my passport and the immigration officers refuse to give it back to me for a reason which is long to explain here, unless its important to mention that.But since then, I have been using the "law of attraction" to attract my passport back and be free to travel again.I do affirmations everyday about it and put myself in a good vibe, but nothing is happening in that area, even though I don't have any doubt that the law works. I just don't get where I am going wrong in applying this law to get my passport again and be free to travel which I so much want as it's a big obstacle for my business and relationship. Please help, and if it's important I will explain why my passport is being held - I don't mind I can explain here. Please anyone who can help me to help me figure out where I am going wrong and why it might be taking time.

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It sounds Hanna as though you really need to get your passport and all your attention right now is focused on the lack of having it and that is where the problem lies.

When your attention is focused on not having your passport , the Universe is answering that request and is not giving you your passport.

Stingray has just begun a manifesting experiment called focus blocks which I think would be an ideal process for you to try for this request. You can find all the details at this link - Good luck - I hope you get that passport back soon :-)


answered 16 May '10, 12:44

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Thanks Michaela, I will start it now.I'v a meeting at the imigration offcie tomrow for the same reasons and how would you advice me to feel or to keep the comunication with them maintime.I tried to be postive about the whole things and see the good in it, and also use affirmation like, The imigration gives me my passport now,They are supportive and loving to me,they understand my challenge and likes.

(16 May '10, 14:34) hanna

The affirmations you are using are on the right track - keep thinking along those lines and moving in the direction of good feeling thoughts and don't let the doubtful ones take root.The focus blocks will help move you to a better feeling place when doubt tries to creep in.

(16 May '10, 20:15) Michaela

Thanks my dear for the support

(17 May '10, 19:26) hanna

Hi Michaela, Thanks so much for being part of lesson. I just recieved my passport today.Thansk for all your good energy

(31 May '10, 12:07) hanna

I am soo!! happy for you - hooray!! I have a huge grin on my face right now:-)

(31 May '10, 20:56) Michaela
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This could clear up suddenly and when you least expect. Don't give up hope. Imagine the end result is my advice....feel the passport in your hand and feel the relief at having everything straightened out. See yourself in front of your computer making some travel plans, with the passport right beside you. Best wishes!


answered 17 May '10, 03:06

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LeeAnn 1

Thanks LeeAnn. I am doing just that.

(17 May '10, 19:20) hanna

Hi LeeAnn, I just recieved my passport today, thank you so much for being part of my lesson. Its been amazing learning tho. Thanks again dear

(31 May '10, 12:05) hanna

I am so glad, Hanna!

(31 May '10, 13:30) LeeAnn 1
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Dear Hanna, I have experienced similar circumstances like yours and it does not matter what reason the authorities are keeping your passport. It is Yours! I will quote Florence Scovel Shinn. Her Wisdom has help me often but her Explanation of Loss is Great. 'If man loses anything it shows there is a belief of loss in his subconcious mind. As he erases this false belief, the article, or its equivalent will appear on the eternal.' Affirmations for Loss 1. There is no loss in Divine Mind, therefore, I cannot lose anything that is rightfully mine. Infinite Intelligence is never too late! Infinite Intelligence knows the way of recovery. 2. There is no loss in Divine Mind, therefore, I cannot lose anything which belongs to me. it will be restored or I recieve its equivalent. Page 135 The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn. It has worked often for me ! Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you! Stay Positive.


answered 17 May '10, 06:01

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Thanks dear. I will use the affiramtions. I already feel good reading them.

(17 May '10, 19:18) hanna

Hi G16, I just recieved my passport today and i want to say thank you foe being part of my lesson. Thanks a millions.

(31 May '10, 12:03) hanna

The Universe will always take care of you. :-)

(03 Jun '10, 20:58) G16
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Hi Hanna, you may want to do some soul searching to find out if there is anything going on inside you either psychologically or emotionally that is holding back the return of your passport. Think about this very carefully and honestly. What I am referring to here is beyond negative thinking but maybe feelings associated with fear or guilt (could be anything) that you may not have considered before. Good Luck.


answered 17 May '10, 14:58

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Hi Drham thanks. And I think there is a lot of truth in what you are saying. I used to regret about all the mistakes and for ignoring all the sings, i mean all the voice inside that was telling me not to do it.I even had a dream about this the day befor the imigration held my passport.I did somthing something illegal as i felt that was the only was to go back to South Africa, where i am based at the moment.But i have done inner work about this for sometime and i am less regretful about the whole mistake.What is you advice pliz???

(17 May '10, 18:53) hanna

But the mistake i did is not somthing that sud take this long to get my passport back and travle to South Africa again.

(17 May '10, 19:00) hanna

There is a saying that when faced with a mountain, try to find a way around it, over it or under it and if you cannot then turn the mountain into a gold mine. There is a spiritual reason for you being in the position you are. If you are convinced that you have done all that you can and you are still not making any headway then look for the gold mind.

(18 May '10, 14:44) Drham

Its true and i have seen some of the reasons why already.A lot of good things happend cuz of this and i'm always gratful for that.But i ask myself sometimes, all this good things that has happend coz of my passport and related issues could have happend in another way...and i sometimes feel like may be i'm fooling myself by saying things like....its all for good...this wouldn't happen if i have my passport and things.Could it soul choose this for some reasons???anyway whatever it is, thank you so much for the support so far. Will keep you posted about the result and the experiance.

(19 May '10, 12:54) hanna

Hi Drham, I just recieved my passport today and i want to say thank you for being part of my lesson.Millions of thanks

(31 May '10, 12:02) hanna

Wonderful. Its nice when we have such happy endings.

(31 May '10, 16:42) Drham
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I really don't have an answer. I just wanted to say that I am going through something similar. I keep positive thoughts, visualizing and being grateful. Today I just went through my 4th day in a row getting some kind of "bad news" bill! I'm still trying to stay positive but its starting to hurt so badly!

I read a related blog post about 'chemicalization" meaning that my positive thoughts and visualization are "clearing" the negative in order to make room for the positive. Is this something that you have heard of and what are your thoughts about it?


answered 24 Sep '10, 20:24

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Hi Angelwithch, I fell your feeling and everything U are going tru just cuz i have been exactly there. I would like yo share with you the things that helped me during that tough period. For your info, it took me more than 8month to sort out that and get it back. During this time, i wasn't working and wasn't ready for such long holiday in family house where i am expected to support finacially. What i know is things begun to change when i started to accept and allow what ever was going to be as it is and enjoy every day....i must say this wasn't fact it was so hard to have no resistance thought during that time...but i also knew that was a must in order to change things. But this is not to deny what is happening and be postive...but just to allow things as they are....i don't know if this make sense to you?


answered 25 Sep '10, 08:25

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Your question was your answer. Think about it.


answered 27 Sep '10, 23:34

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