There is a lot of material from Abraham-Hicks, books, videos, CDs and LOA cards. There also are plenty of materials on how to have a great life from countless sources. So my question is, why do people still use this site. Are we explaining Law of Attraction and manifesting in a way that Abraham is missing? Are we kicking up any new dust? If so What? Are there parts of manifesting and reality creating only found here. Explain if you have specifics. One thing I noticed is making the Universal Laws work can be easier that I thought.

asked 31 Dec '10, 02:51

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New dust? No I think it is new people kicking up the old dust. Meaning that this journey we take as new and different it may seem to some at times has been plowed through for thousands of years by many others before.

ABraham/Hicks is just another tool in my tool box to get another perspective. Along with Celestine Prophecy, Quantum Physics, Buddha, Rasha, Seth, Jesus, I Ching and other methods for learning about spirituality, they are all sign posts in the direction I want to live MY life.

I still use this site because I am always led to another point of view or new information that sparks my interest. I have actually learned more from members here than I have many authors I have read.

This site is much more to me than about manifesting. I learn so much from the questions than from the answers..about people and what matters to them.

Most importantly I re-affirm that positive thinking creates positive outcomes in my mind.

Time to Wander :)


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jim 10

Nice answer! I feel the same way too.

(31 Dec '10, 04:02) The Traveller

You have made a very important point: you learn about people, and what matters to them, priceless!

(31 Dec '10, 05:39) Inactive User ♦♦

@Wandering Dude, I agree and appreciate all the different views. Manny Blessings.

(31 Dec '10, 05:50) Tom

Thank you. And thank you for teaching me.

(31 Dec '10, 15:27) jim 10
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Take the old dust add a few new flavors, and the old dust shall become the new dust with a new improved flavor for 2011!

Do you know what is so unique about this site: it is the people that visit and ask the questions, and answers them?

Inward Quest Website has many great and intellectual people from different back grounds and diverse groups, so we are a rich culture of people, like mind, will attract like minds!

I feel completely free to express my creativity and to ask questions, and answer them!


answered 31 Dec '10, 06:20

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Inactive User ♦♦

Your right about the OLD DUST Vee. Theres really nothing new under the sun!Happy new year.

(31 Dec '10, 09:36) Monty Riviera

Yes and happy New Year

(31 Dec '10, 23:46) Tom

This site is here because most people read the other stuff that you spoke of and then go
"But how do I know that this stuff really works"?
"What if this is all just nonsense"?
"Are there any other people out there who are just as nuts as I am for being interested in this stuff?"
"How can I find out if others have had any success with this information?"

Of course you can also assume that everyone here is just lying about their experiences.

But for that to work we have to all secretly conspire to make up all this stuff just for the hell of it.

Here is an idea.

Why not perform autopsies on the brains of the greatest minds in history to understand exactly how those ideas occurred to them so that the "technique" could be taught to the rest?

If one can find this illusive "intelligence" under a microscope, then for that person this place would seem like a gathering place for a bunch of people snorting a different kind of dust.


answered 31 Dec '10, 03:33

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The Traveller

You are a very funny person I am LMAO

(31 Dec '10, 03:37) Tom

I also was lol-ing. Mr Traveler is another reason I come here, his sense of humor...thanks

(31 Dec '10, 03:52) jim 10
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