If a group of say 5 or 10 people were to sit and collectively visualize the manifestation of a common goal; how would that compare to these people visualizing upon their respective goals?

Someone once told me that x number of people visualizing a common goal produces x*x times the energy produced by a single person. Could someone confirm if this is true? Also are there things to be kept in mind while doing something like this.


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Hi Hitesh, Yes the energies will be amplified and much much stronger than if just one person does it.

We are all interconnected on an invisible level but also have free choice. Healing someone works better when a group prays or does visualisation to help someone. If this someone knows about this and believes it than the results are great but if this someone doesnt believe than their unbelief and negativety will cancell the good work done by others.

If someone is prayed for or visualised for and doesn't know about it they can still be helped but how much depends on their mindset at the time.

If you want proof I sugest you read "The Isiah Effect" by Gregg Braden.


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Just what I was looking for .. THANK YOU !!

(14 May '12, 07:14) Hitesh

It depends on what they are trying to accomplish.

For example, say they all want to start up a business together. If they all visualized and believed in the success of their company, they would do very well.

But let's say they're trying to visualize someone cured of a disease. Then I would say the wellness of that person came from themself and no one else. I know people have said they were helped or healed because of someone else's prayers or energy- but I think that's just because they believed it would help them.

I see it this way- we are all vibrating our own energy, not taking it or giving it to others. I don't think its something that can be given or taken, and that's why we can't change anothers reality. I think the best we can do is try to keep our own vibrations high so that others will pick up on it and raise their own. But its still completely up to them whether or not they do.

Or, say you pray for someone but don't tell them, and they get better. Was it because of you? I think our vibrations can reach others, regardless how far they are. I believe we can feel them if we are open to them, but it is still up to us how we respond. We can just stay put and ignore it, or respond to it and vibrate to match it. But the choice is still up to us individually.


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Nicely said, @LapisLazuli! We only affect our own reality.

(13 May '12, 17:50) Dollar Bill

Thanks Dollar Bill :)

(13 May '12, 22:17) LapisLazuli
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