If we can achieve the third eye experience what would we experience? I have read things about the third-eye. One person was seeing with their third-eye and did not even realize that he did it. It was just something that he was always able to do he said.

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Advice only, do try to open it Perse. Balance is our goal. All of the Chakras are important. The Throat Chakra basically feeds energy to the brow Chakra. Read up on the matter. There are certain energy experiences you are not going to want to have. Get a mentor If possible. A good Kundalini Yoga teacher, or book is the place where many start their journey. Why? With psychic abilities come the proper psychic protections. Please do not ignore this advice. Many Blessings!


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Hey Tom thanks for the advice. No, I am afraid of the kundalini I know if done wrong will cause a lot of problems even physical and mental problems. I have read so much about this but I just want to know why does it have to be shaped like a serpent and it lays dominant until you bring it to rising up going through all of your charkas including the third eye and own up and out. But I have been seeing peaks of my third eye all the time and didn't know what it was but all I have seen was just small peaks Tom. Thanks again for the concern and the warning as well.

(01 Jan '11, 06:38) flowingwater

@Flowingwater Try this affirmation (now that I know you are aware). Daily my third eye opens in a way that is perfect for me. I don't why it's shaped like a serpent. Why are is any thing shaped a certain way. I am not the Creator, not all by myself anyway.

(01 Jan '11, 18:44) Tom

Thanks tom! I will try to say that. But I have notice I will be seeing some things with my third eye and than when I began to notice and try to see with my physical eyes than all disappears. I think we are all blessed to see with the third eye but that we are so intergraded in the physical that we have lost or they lay dominant, some of our spirituality gifts that are all natural to us as a human being but we have forgotten as time evolved on.

(03 Jan '11, 05:10) flowingwater
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How important is the Third eye to you, or it is just that curiosity of you wanting to have an actual experience of seeing with the Third Eye?

It is a wonderful and shocking experience to see with the Third Eye, and it is a shock to the body, and mind, to see with the Third Eye, especially if you are not prepared for what is about to happen!

Sometimes, curiosity kills the cat!


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