They said that it was a energy transferrer from one plan to another to the places where angels dwell. A man out of Israel makes them and says that they remove negative energies. I don't have all of the information about it if you don't know about I will have to come back later and place a link here.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

No I have not heard of the wheel within the wheel, but thank you for sharing. I would be interested to learn more about it, and I will check the links out for more information. You have captured my interest!

(01 Jan '11, 08:09) Inactive User ♦♦
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Hi Flowingwater - I think you might be referring to Genesa Crystals and not the Merkaba ( If I'm wrong, I apologize ). Here's a link for you to take a look -


answered 31 Dec '10, 14:00

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Yes, and thanks in a sense I guess I was speaking about both really because this man is Israel carries both the Genesa Crystals and the Merkaba. But I was really Michaela speaking of the Merkaba but I did throw in some comments that was more dealing with the Genesa crystal. I will throw in a link to the man in Israel. But I have read a lot about the Merkaba and it is fascinating, mystical and spiritual.

(01 Jan '11, 05:43) flowingwater

"Wheel in the middle of the wheel" . An enough welth comment with biblical references at:

Before many years, reading and re-re-readind the Ezekiel chapter from Bible, I also waspuzzled by this wheel inside the wheel, the more so as the espression suggested me a bearing, id est the ball bearing . See this:

AHA!!! It is about Mechanics. Well !. And there and why is used the bearing? - When need to diminish the coeficient of friction. Then THIS IS AMECHANISM, A VEHICLE -What vehicle which come down from sky? - An OZN ??? - Yes!. Why not? And why reducing the friction if it flys on air? - Because the OZN come from a pfysical platform and in the moment of taking-off it need a very-very great energy to defeat gravitation of the starting planetand it need to spare the energy for realizing the antigravitational force.

Well. But what are the movements on four direction, without turn the body to the movement direction? There is a relatively simply solution:the cross shaft or cardan joint , or cardan shaft. They are commonly used on terestrial vehicles (in any car). See this at:

A very common example is a table with four wheels, which can be muved on any direction without spin it.

The biblical vehicledescribed by Ezekiel have nothing to do with Merkaba. Merkaba is not a physycalvehicle, it is an absolutely subtle, energetical configuration manifested by a human for him self and need an enough high level spirituality. See about:

I hope this will useful for you.



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I heard a woman preacher preach on the radio about why they were going to keep the Book of Ezekiel out of the bible because they did not want people to discover the secret of transformation spiritual from one place to the other on a spiritual plan of energies but I can not remember her name but it struck a cord with me and I had not ever understood that part of it. But I am beginning to understand a lot now Gleam. This is not physical at all.

(01 Jan '11, 05:49) flowingwater

@flowugwater. Iwanted to comment more: the four figures bizarely moving appears to be robots instead humanoids, to force Ezekiel eating the book instead of an psyche tool to introduce the informations into mind of Ezekiel (for ex. telepathycally) appears to be not a Divine behavior, etc. I'm a believer of Creation and Divine Creator, but not a bigot... I'm sorry, for some reasons I don't comment more... @Barry Alen: Thanks the proof you try block me. Appartenenmce discrimination?

(01 Jan '11, 10:39) Gleam

Hi flowingwater ... "energy transfer from one plan to another to the places where angels dwell", yes the merkaba is certainly all of that and more ... the wheel within the wheel within the wheel within the cosmic wheel

alt text


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ru bis

@ru bis "wheels within wheels" ... hidden or unknown things that influence a particular situation, making it more complicated than it at first seems; example beliefs, judgments that alter original notes

(15 Jun '15, 05:02) jaz
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