Or were they just making up things as they go along just to receive a donation of some sort with the reading of palms? There were many people afraid of them centuries back. Were they people with special gifts?

I knew of certain persons in this day and time who were told by Gypsies that they were going to die at a certain age or a certain time and they were very afraid of that even though they made it past that age or time. Many years later they still can't shake it, for these were the real Gypsies not the pretend. I believe they read the tarot cards on both of those people. I was told this so I have no links to put up. But did they have other abilities as well?

I believe they were people with special gifts and they learned more talents from their ancestry, past on down from one person to the other. Had they learned how to tap into the metaphysical things, seeing things other humans could not see for their eyes and mind were not trained to see or how to manipulate the energies, as the Gypsies might have been.

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I'm sure, that just like today, there were genuine gifted people among them who were able to access their Higher Self and Source. However, again just like today, I'm sure there were also frauds and charlatans among them. Only the individual can discern for themselves who are genuine and who are not - It's just a matter of trusting your own intuition or listening to that gut feeling.

I also believe that these people were no more special than you or me, they believed they could access their psychic powers. We all have the ability to do this but we have to firstly believe that we can and secondly, we have to trust our own intuition.


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Yes, and it does not hurt to have someone teach and train you to give you more understanding of the natural and the spiritual aspects of your own gifts, talents and just a natural desire about wanting to learn and comprehend and perceive what they are telling and showing you. We on the other hand most of us has lost the hidden knowledge for their was no one to reach out and say open your spiritual eyes and tell me what you see Michaela. Yes, there will always be charlatans out there with their misconceptions.

(01 Jan '11, 05:57) flowingwater

Gipsies: genuine, without the hard burden of civilizing preconceptions, stronger connected to Nature, with vivid, intempestuous feelings, spontaneous and intuitive, in a word: full of vitality; and, surely, everywhen ready to take advantage of naivety and credulity of others, for better surviving, without any self culpabilization, by an unbending confidence on their right to living. All the native talents are common to other people, but they are nor covered, neither lost.

Their songs and dances say much about them:





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Thanks for the links Gleam.

(01 Jan '11, 06:09) flowingwater

such a good and profound description of gipsies

(11 Jan '11, 16:36) blubird two
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