How do ley lines that are underground affect us and our energies? You can do dowsing to find these ley lines.

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I think if you are in alignment with your broader self (i.e. feeling good) then these background effects like Ley Line energies do not really affect you at all negatively. Though I guess you could allow them to affect you positively if you chose to do so.

Not too far from where I live there are plenty of ancient monuments built upon Ley Lines. I am fairly sure that those with psychic gifts would be able to sense the Earth energies there.

Indeed, I used to work with someone who, at night, could walk through a dark forest and all the trees would be lit up for him, as though they were made of fluorescent lights, because of the energies coming into them from the Earth. He said it was like a huge spider's web of light as the energies jumped from tree to tree.

These energies are around us all the time - just think of all the mobile phone, radio and TV signals that are passing through us constantly - but none of them will have any adverse affect on an aligned person.


answered 06 Feb '10, 12:15

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Wow, that was a good story. But why would the trees like up for the man. Was it because he had a strong electrical energy. Were they lit up to the point you could see as though a flash light or something was shining are not that bright? That is a great story thank you Stingray.

(06 Feb '10, 12:22) flowingwater

He was just very psychically sensitive in that way - he could perceive those energies that most of us can't see. The energies are always there. We don't always know that though. He told me the lights were quite bright but obviously I am only taking his word for it since I couldn't see them. I'm no longer in touch with him so can't really get any more details.

(06 Feb '10, 12:24) Stingray
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