If the full moon has a effect on people's behavior how do you think the powers of the Blue Moon will affect people?

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The Blue Moon (and the full moon) affects people because people believe the blue moon has an effect. Then they notice things that happen that support those beliefs. This is a form of Post-Hoc Reasoning.


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it is a scientific fact that the full moon effects emotions of others do to the gravity shift when that celestial body is close to our planet. IF you look up crimes etc, more happen during the full moon. Before someone post there opinions its important to declare if its an opinion or fact before stating it.


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Minnie Vazquez

A Blue Moon is only an extra full moon within a calendar month.

And that only happens because human monthly ("moon-thly") calendars are only loosely based on the lunar cycle (which averages 29.53 days) and so there will always be times when the moon cycle gets out of sync with the man-made calenders.

So as far as the moon cycle is concerned, nothing has changed - a Blue Moon is just another Full Moon. It doesn't make any difference at all to what you consider the normal effects of a Full Moon are.


answered 21 Aug '13, 10:02

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