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I'm reading the "Celestine prophecy"

And mid way through I had to google visualizing energy, As I'm so interested. It must be a gift or done by anyone if you learn to use the inner power. I'm 21 and this is my first book - so sad :( but not the last! Am I changing into a spirtal junkie or is faite taking place!!


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It's a skill like any other in everyday life - and the same rules apply as learning any other skill. Just because something is labelled "spiritual" or "psychic" doesn't make it different.

Taking a mundane example, some people may "naturally" be better at playing the piano but anyone can learn to play if they have sufficient interest and spend enough time practicing.

So why isn't everyone a piano virtuso?

It's because most people are not that interested in it that they are willing to spend time focusing and practicing acquiring that skill.

So regarding your question about "visualizing energy", yes, anyone can do it but - unless you are a "natural" - you may have to be prepared to study and practice. And because of that, unless you have a burning desire within yourself to master it, you may find yourself giving up and pursuing other interests before you reach that level of ability.


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We are all naturals :) Truth and Transparency are One and the same. love and light.

(05 Mar '12, 13:50) Roy

Hello Gaz, Ya, I agree with Stingray's answer about the practice of "seeing" energy. In regards to your comment about being a spiritual junkie, is'nt it great? Your spirituality is the next step in your personal evolution and it's perfectly natural. In fact, you are a spiritual being having a human experience and now you want to experience the real You. Congratulations!


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I don't know much about "seeing" energy, but lots of people can feel energy, especially those who are into energy healing. I can feel my own energy body fairly strongly now after years of playing around with EFT, chakra clearing, and other forms of energy healing. I am not so good yet at distinctly feeling other people's energy (I am definitely sensitive to it - but can't really differentiate between different types all that easily). I am more kinaesthetic in nature anyway - when I visualise, I don't actually see anything, but I do feel it in my energy body.

So, I don't know if anyone can develop the practice of seeing energy with their physical eyes - it could be that some people are more inclined to using certain senses to interpret the world (some people are able to visualise strongly - I would think that it would be easier for them to physically see energy), or it could be that feeling is the easiest way to sense energy, and that it's a stepping stone to interpreting energy with other senses.

When I started practising feeling energy, I found that focusing on my chakras helped me get a sense of it. According to Donna Eden in Energy Medicine (an excellent book for anyone who wants to work with energy, especially for healing purposes), our chakras are the strongest energy vortexes in our bodies. I started off using the exercise she describes in her book. Put your palm ca 4 inches away from the chakra, and slowly circle anti-clockwise for a couple of minutes. Then, circle clockwise. After a while I could distinctly feel the different types of energy in the chakras. Very cool!


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a gift as part of
your human heritage
it is to guide
your mind and will

to see that all is
but a formation
of varying fragments
from energy


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Well some scientist say when we are tired, this visualization of a fluid like substance occurs, but I think it could possibly be energy and if so, yes we may all be able to accomplish it.


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