Some people claim that life is all about the journey...


But isn't it great to set a goal, and finally arrive there?

Which do YOU think is better?

An example: In 2007, I decided to go back to college to get my Christian Studies Credentials to be a minister. This year I will graduate, and boy, does it feel good to say that!!! But I cannot decide which has more merit- the journey there, or finally finishing up...

Put another way, did the chicken cross the road to cross the road, or to indeed get to the other side?

Tell me your tales of journeys and destinations!

Blessings, and Happy New Year 2011!!

Jai, the mighty questioner!!! LOL!

asked 01 Jan '11, 08:31

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My ego enjoys the goal.

My soul lives for the journey.



answered 01 Jan '11, 20:54

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jim 10

Man that is truthful and deep!

(01 Jan '11, 21:11) The Traveller

Very wise. Very deep. Very true! Thanks, Jai

(02 Jan '11, 02:50) Jaianniah

The excitement of achieving a goal is temporary. It might last 5 days, 5 hours or 5 minutes.

The joy of enjoying the process lasts a lifetime.


answered 01 Jan '11, 20:47

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When arriving at the destination becomes our main focus, we miss the beauty of the scenery along the way.


answered 01 Jan '11, 21:31

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If you are referring to life in general then I dont think we ever reach a destination. Its all about the experience.


answered 01 Jan '11, 23:31

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The destination is the end of the journey, where it all starts, and end, so there is no beginning, and ending of the journey it is all in the pleasure of the now, now, now!


answered 02 Jan '11, 02:02

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Inactive User ♦♦

What is neat about life, I think, is that we are not only on one journey, but a thousand journeys all at once. There are little trips and grand expeditions that take years. So it is always an interesting trip, and I agree with you all. The Rewards of our goals may come quickly, or slowly- and are spaced out so we never get bored. I like having many goals, and many journeys.

Blessings, Jai


answered 02 Jan '11, 02:55

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That's lovely :)

(02 Jan '11, 14:35) aquamarine
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