Our thoughts create our reality. So what are the most beneficial thoughts to think? What are the thoughts that bring about the most powerful creative feelings. Can we come up with some thought mantras to helps us affirm our true nature keeping us in the vortex?

asked 02 Jan '11, 10:21

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My answer would be that the most powerful thought is who we really are.

I firmly believe that when we meditate on the fact that were one with Source we are dealing with the most powerful revealtion and fact available to humanity.

What top trumps being one with Deity?

I cant imagine anything more powerful than a realization that were one with the Father.

What thought could possibly provide more power?

What man made religion could ever offer more than that?

That one revelation is the real cornerstone of Christs teaching. Its the bedrock of Esther Hicks teaching.It stretches through all religion and so called new thought.

One with God...so simple to say,but after years of thinking about it i still cant get my head fully around it.

One with all power One with all intelligence One with all love

Thats got to be powerful



answered 02 Jan '11, 11:42

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Monty Riviera

@Graham, yes sweet blessed Union.

(02 Jan '11, 14:16) Tom

The most powerful thought in my opinion: “is to know thy self!” And I think once you have come to terms with knowing who you really are, and how to fine tune your skills, and ability to work in your favor, you have earned the rights to self mastery!


answered 02 Jan '11, 21:43

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Inactive User ♦♦

i think it's a huge advancement to admit you really know yourself. i think once you come to terms with the fact you really don't know yourself, (peel off the labels yourself and society has assigned you) you can slowly uncover who you really are. by all means great mantra when you have some idea :)

(10 Feb '11, 12:21) realityVSimagination

"I am happy" :)


answered 11 Jan '11, 23:29

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Karen 4

Come to think of it that's a brilliant answer! +1

(12 Jan '11, 05:20) The Traveller

Positiveness: Being positive bring much inpiration,love,thoughtfulness and most of all caring to one's soul. You go through life being negative or hurtful because you are missing out on everything.


answered 02 Jan '11, 13:14

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Love and acceptance.



answered 02 Jan '11, 13:44

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jim 10

"Be Still and Know That I am God"


answered 02 Jan '11, 15:04

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Whoa!! Hey! Take it easy Tom. Just kidding, great answer :)

(02 Jan '11, 15:38) jim 10

@Wandering Dude, It's a quote from the book, The Impersonal Life by Joseph Benner. This is a great meditation book.

(03 Jan '11, 03:21) Tom

@Tom, then I shall read it :)

(03 Jan '11, 04:49) jim 10
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"The presence of God is within me now."


answered 02 Jan '11, 16:47

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(03 Jan '11, 10:15) Zee

You can see it
You can touch it
You can smell it
You can taste it
You can hear it
You can listen (think) it

You can work with it in all six modes at once

It is YOU and it is CREATION.

It is the observer and the observed simultaneously being one and the same

There is nothing more powerful than to realize this and know this.


answered 04 Jan '11, 03:29

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The Traveller

The most powerful thought is to realize the power of creation within your soul. Scientists have proved that intent and matter are directly related. The act of observation effects the observation. Your will is a nuclear engine creating worlds before your eyes. You are a creator. Acknowledge your loan of power.


answered 04 Jan '11, 14:16

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The Knights Alchemy

Acceptance /allowing / forgiving


answered 06 Jan '11, 02:37

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We are all Gods, but you don't believe it that's why you have no power. You will understand once you all remember and realize who you really are.


answered 26 Mar '11, 15:18

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Robert 2

For me, it's "So what?" :)


answered 01 Apr '11, 17:21

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yes a mind with no mind so that you can see and experiance the truth!after your though will be more in tune to the truth!


answered 16 May '11, 08:08

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white tiger

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