I need help and I need it bad. I have been very positive and very happy all my life. I understand and very much internalize the idea that what you think, becomes. It has been me all my life. Now all of a sudden I am full of negativity, negative thoughts about work and finances primarily. This happens especially late at night, I sleep a couple of hours and then I wake up and worry to the point I can't get back to sleep. It is terrible,it is ruining my life, I am tired, I have this pain in my chest that won't go away.

How do I break this cycle? How can I turn this around? I have tried EFT on other issues from time to time but this is worse. I will appreciate any and all suggestions from the Inward Quest community. I am very depressed and this is just not like me.

Will accept remote manifestation, reiki, you name it...I am deadly serious.

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John 4

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John, you sound clinically depressed. I would follow Vesuvius' advice to the letter!!! And hurry! Love, and praying for you, Jai

(15 Feb '10, 02:54) Jaianniah

John, although I wrote an answer to you, I am now wondering if you are perhaps in a transition to becoming a lightbeing? If you have always been positive, but now see a complete reversal, perhaps you are awakening spiritually. Look up lightbeings, lightbearers and see what you find. Blessings to you.

(15 Feb '10, 08:19) Awaken to Spirit

comment field didn't seem t work - First of all thanks to so many of you who care enough to respond. I did go to a doctor. Actually I had been going for a while because I had experienced unexpected weight loss. I like to joke that I have been trying to lose weight for years and all of a sudden 20 pounds disappears. Anyway after blood work, xRays and ultrasounds it seems like I'm physically OK. Dr. gave me Lexapro and generic paxil. Only the second day on both, still only taking a half a dose of the Lexapro. I slept better the first night but not well last night again. I am working most of your suggestions. The thing that I find so unusual is that the feelings are so irrational. I have been thinking abut retiring anyway but have deciede it would be better economically if I waited a while. So then why do I worry about losing my job...wouldn't it just help me firm up a decision I am trying to make anyway? Oh well the Lexapro does seem to take the edge off things and the doctor says it really doesn't take full effect for 3 or 4 weeks. I'm still plodding along and still very much appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Thank you all.

(20 Feb '10, 15:53) John 4

None of us can give you medical advice without putting this forum under scrutiny by the authorities. That's why I'm sure even it there are medically qualified individuals here, they refrain from giving you specific instructions that can only be given by medically qualified practitioners. We have to censor our response, always being aware of the line that we cannot cross.

(20 Feb '10, 16:12) The Traveller

Since you have access to the internet, as it is obvious that you are posting here, may I suggest that you do a specific search of the effects of Lexapro in Google. In fact let me give you the exact phrase. type in "dangers of Lexapro" and see the results you get. My instincts tell me that you already know this. Speaking for myself, I never pop in a drug into my body without knowing its side effects.

(20 Feb '10, 16:18) The Traveller

Glad to see you back interacting - for me the pill thing just didn't feel right but I am not a medic and if that is something that is giving you relief right now - that's great:-)I would advise you to keep interacting here - I think it may help just being able to communicate with others. Best wishes:-)

(20 Feb '10, 17:20) Michaela

Here is the link to the manufacturer's webside. http://www.frx.com/products/lexapro.aspx Please download the pdf document and familiarize yourself with the side effects of Lexapro

(23 Feb '10, 06:46) The Traveller
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Try to find one thought that makes you feel a little better. I know when you get caught in a downward spiral - one thought can lead to another too easily and those negative thoughts begin to take on a momentum all of their own. The "Focusing technique" that Vesuvius mentioned can be very effective if you are able to be still long enough to just "Be" with those feelings. Sometimes if the momentum is so great, it can be easier just getting up and "doing" something to take the attention away from the negative energy and when the negativity loses a little bit of it's intensity, go back to the stillness and try the "focusing technique". Anxiety and panic take on an energy of their own and cause chemical changes in the brain which send a message to your body and those constrictions in your body send a message back to your brain ( the fight or flight response ), you then become caught up in a vicious circle between your brain chemistry and the constrictive reactions in your body and the only thing that can change it a core level is to change your thoughts. I had panic attacks to the point my heart was beating so fast that I was told I would probably have to have heart surgery due to some electrical thing with my heart. I knew the answer was not in a pill or surgery so I asked the cardiologist if stress (manufactured by my mind) could cause this reaction. Guess what? I didn't need surgery and I never took medication and I know that I have full control of my life - through my thoughts and choices.

I in no way presume that your situation is the same but I do know that you have the power within you to get through this.There is some amazing energy available on this site and I sincerely hope you feel better or find a technique that works for you.

You said that you have always been positve or happy - has something happened lately to trigger a negative response? Or maybe some suppressed emotion has surfaced. I hope you find inner peace and the answers you are looking for.


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What has happened to you recently? Anything life-changing, like switching jobs or changing where you live? Or even having to talk in front of a large group of people...That one is pretty high up on the anxiety thermometer.

Sometimes, traumatic events that occurred in your childhood will surface when you are older. People can go for many years without remembering these events, and one day something happens, or someone says or does something, that triggers the latent memory. You won't always remember the actual event; sometimes you will just get the feeling.

I would first see your family doctor and have them do some routine tests, to make sure that there is nothing physical or biochemical going on. If that checks out, it might not hurt to have a few sessions with a family therapist; this will give you a safe environment to discuss your feelings. You can decide where to go from there.

If you want to do it yourself, you can try Eugene Gendlin's focusing technique. Focusing will allow you to put words to your feelings, and help you understand their origin. Once you have that understanding, frequently the feelings will ease of their own accord.


answered 14 Feb '10, 19:33

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http://www.focusing.org/sixsteps.html I found this on Eugene Gendins website. very practical

(15 Feb '10, 08:16) ursixx

First off, who are you? Are you seeing yourself as a spiritual being having a human existence or solely human? For me, the acceptance that I am a spiritual being created by something far more intelligent than myself helps immensely. More than that, I DO believe that I am created in the image of my creator which then makes me incredibly powerful IF I choose to use my power correctly.

Once you accept that you are a co-creator of your reality and that you are created in an image of something that is essentially perfect, then you really have CHOICE back in your life! You can choose or DECIDE to not create a world that is filled with stress and negativity.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle most of us face is letting go of that rigid universe that our parents, teachers and clergy instilled in us! Guess what? That was THEIR perception...doesn't have to be yours!

If you can accept that you are energy and as such in vibration all the time (because that is what energy does), then you can follow that Law of Attraction that everyone is talking about!! LIKE (energy) ATTRACTS LIKE (energy). So, what you dwell on becomes your reality. If you want a stress free reality, you must decide that you have the power to create that and then VISUALIZE what that looks like. The more practice you have doing this, the easier it becomes, but it does take work.

God/Source gave us this amazing playground and with it everything we need to live a life that is free of negativity and pain IF we choose this way! We usually have to unclutter our minds from all the muck that we learned growing up and then RECREATE a new world and universe that is better suited to how we wish to live. There are some great resources out there for you: Quantum Success by Sandra Anne Taylor, almost any of the Esther and Jerry Hicks books, Carolyn Myss, Gregg Braden, Check out the website www.psitek.net for free books on changing your life!

If all else fails, you can check out my website and I can work with you to teach you how to create a new world that is much better for you!


answered 14 Feb '10, 22:23

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Awaken to Spirit

A message for you from White Eagle (St John the Divine ?)


When your tasks seem a little heavy and overwhelming remember just to do one thing at a time quietly, and leave the rest because the rest is not your job. What you cannot get through you must hand back to God, and God will work it out for you.

The Quiet Mind, Sayings of White Eagle.

The White Eagle Publishing Trust Hampshire ENGLAND.


answered 15 Feb '10, 01:56

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Inactive User ♦♦

I agree with Vesuvius that if these feelings are something totally new with you, it could be something chemical or physical, and it might be worth getting that checked out just in case.

Barring anything like that, in order to get your good feelings (and sleep!) back, you may have to do some calming mental exercises. I suggest any of the Silva Mind Control books or recordings, and I also suggest the Abraham-Hicks books---any one of them! They show you how to climb the scale from overwhelment back up to happiness. Both of these methods have helped me cope and then succeed at difficult times. Not just once, but consistently.

EFT has been a great help to many people, but it seems you really have to know what you are doing in order to help yourself...e.g. choose just the correct phrases, perfectly worded. That's hard unless you are an experienced practitioner. For most of us, it would be hit-or-miss and it sounds like you need relief fast.

John, best wishes on feeling better soon, and finding a method that resonates with you.


answered 14 Feb '10, 20:48

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LeeAnn 1

Dear John, I want to help you. First of all, pray, when you pray, you don't think any more to your problems. Secondly, repeat the Dr Coué formula ten times in the morning once mentally, once load voice (if you can): ten times at night,once mentally, once load voice (if you can): from day to day, for every things, I'am better and better. Third very important: Try to don't think to the future or the past. Do your best on the present moment. Be focussed on what you are doing : smelling, seeing, tasting, earing,and touch every thing with all your attention. IT WORKS. You could also try the Yogic breathing: 4 seconds to inspire.... 4 seconds to stop maintain your respiration.... 8 seconds to breath out........ 4 seconds to stop and maintain.... and repeat this cycle 4 or 5 times. If you cannot sleep at night, no problem, beggin to read until the envy to sleep comes again. Don't worry we are all with you. If someone wants to correct my poor english, he or she is welcome!


answered 15 Feb '10, 01:10

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Le Bémo

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EFT is an excellent tool to neutralize negative emotions, fears, anxieties, obsessive thoughts, etc... If you do some tapping every day to remove emotional traumas from current or past events, as they become deactivated, you will feel the emotional freedom. As for the sleeping, make a list of things that you would like in your life, not the ones you put in the manifesting box. List these in the tense that says it has happened. Going by your post, I will give this example: "I am a happy person" or "I love being happy." Repeat that in your head in your bed when you are ready to go to sleep. Repeat it in your mind 40 X. I use a twitch in each finger and toe 2x each hand and foot, to keep track. It might take a couple of nights to get it down solid. Repeat this every time you wake up in the night to get back to sleep. If there are negative thoughts in your head, make a note of them now, or remember for the morning and use that list to tap on with the EFT and to put on your going to sleep list. Like if you are awake at 2am and worried about bills, on your sleep list write, "I pay all of my bills on time." Only use one item from your list per sleep attempt so you don't have to try to remember different sentences, just repeat the same sentence 40X.


answered 25 Feb '11, 14:49

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Fairy Princess

Hi John, I hope you are sleeping better this week. From the information you shared with us, it sounds like you are stressed about making the right decisions for your future as well as not feeling as secure as you would like to in your current work situation. You are letting your mind run wild with concerns instead of relaxing into a happy dreamlike state when it is time to get some sleep. I could guess that sleep deprivation then makes it more difficult to be on top of your game the next day. To break this aweful cycle, the simple technique of focusing on positive things can work wonders. Sometimes I start with the obvious things like appreciating my fully functioning body, having a warm soft bed to sleep in and feeling grateful for the amazing people in my life, I keep going with this line of thought until I begin to feel better. When you start to relax you can take it one step further and work on visualizing the beautiful future you desire. If you want to retire, how do you envision spending your days as a retiree? If thinking of the future is actually adding stress, try not to think about the "how" so much. Letting go a little and focusing on making the most of today could relieve you of the pressure you feel. Just remember whether you keep your job or lose it, you will not cease to exist either way and your needs will somehow always be met. This thought helps me keep things in perspective. I pray you can work yourself through this rough patch in a healthy way and get back to your positive, good-feeling self.


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very well put Earthlygoddess!

(25 Feb '11, 18:06) daniele

John the fact that you have reached out to Inward Quest members for help, know that you have began your healing process to recovery. Given that fact, I am personally asking each member on Inward Quest that is reading your question to join with me in sending out rays of positive energy to heal you, and to get you back on track!

Please repeat with me (3 times daily as you feel the need to say it)

John is in perfect health in body, mind, and spirit.

John’s job is secure and safe; he has the perfect Job.

John is relaxed, calm, and focused; all his needs are being met.

John life is peaceful, and happy; everyone enjoys John’s company.

John loves and appreciates life, and everyone.

John is receiving vibration healing energy right now; and John is very grateful.

John’s healing is complete, and he is in perfect health.

Thanks to everyone who is praying for John!


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Inactive User ♦♦

i am not going to prolong my answer, you need to seek simplicity and gratitue. try to use finances in that which is helpful to others, how do we expect to be granted mercy when we dont have mercy on others. be merciful, watch and self moniter yourself from being boastful, also dont forget balance, i.e not neglecting your health.., sharing and caring, go by these rules and fully embrace them from within. This is the key to sucess and eternal happiness.

(( And do good as Allah has done good to you ))

(( whoever does a good deed , male or female, We shall verily give them a good life and reward them for the best they have done ))

  • remember, a good life should not be merely based on superficial aspects , but a good life encompasses a life of self satisfation and fulfilment and this is what Allah will grant those who do good deeds and that is true profound happiness.

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Hi john,

Let me contribute some insight on your issue. YOU are your best healer. Search the solution in you. Any counsellors or advice will help you only YOU are ready 2 change for yourself. 1st and foremost thing is you should try 2 control your food habits and caffinated drinks after 6.pm in evening. Walk or do mild exercise and get tired. Automatically you will get sleep in the night. Once this is sleeping pattern is rectified rest all can be eliminated. Find out a fixed time 2 do some mild medidataion. Surely you can come out of your negative loop. cheer up be enhusiastic...it may stormy now this state will not last long....


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