some people seem to be able to foretell future events...does that mean that thought can travel faster than light and bring back precise information of a future event ?

asked 30 Jul '11, 09:32

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blubird two

A nice question that took me some time to formulate an appropriate answer for :)

(31 Jul '11, 05:48) Eddie

was thinking about @TReb Bor yit-NE and when he channels though Rob .I know he has explained it, just don't remember when or where. But the thoughts that treb and Rob channel are almost instantaneous. Even though he is many light years away

(10 May '14, 19:18) ursixx

practically instananeous communication, yes ... many light years away? just as time is instantaneous so too is space, space/time are illusions everything is happening here now in all dimensions

(11 May '14, 02:27) jaz
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In a sense we all predict our own future, because the reality we experience is determined by our definitions and beliefs concerning how reality is for us or how we now prefer our reality to be. So really, our life experience is a series of self-fulfilling prophesies. Of course, unless we have faith or trust that the reality we’ve defined and now believe in is true our prediction may not manifest.

I'm sure there are beings that can sense the collective consciousness of our combined human energy and thus they can predict a possible or probable future reality for our species; but nothing's set in stone as the variables can always change and there are infinite probable and possible (future) realities.

Remember that thought is energy and that time, and by definition, space, are artificial constructs, thus, at the root there is only energy existing here and now forever. Even the concept of distance and movement, which are measurements, are illusions of the artificial personality construct of the lower physical mind.

As an idea that our mind can grasp we can say that thought is like a wave moving at infinite speed.


answered 31 Jul '11, 05:46

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Scientific experiments are one thing. but as per my level of understanding and awareness, the best authority to tell about thoughts and manifestation is a true yogi. a developed yogi is actually able to 'see' your thoughts. LITERALLY. as per them, thoughts have colours and forms. and they travel faster than the speed of light.

In fact thought is the most subtle form of energy and yes thoughts do travel. By travel I mean functional energy movement rather than physical movement. I personally know of a person who is actually able to hear your thoughts, then and there. he can even see the chakras, and can tell you if there is any imbalance. he can tell you what you have eaten, what you did when, about your past, your present and obviously much more.

He doesn't do it on request. because everyone is not a believer, and a yogi doesn't use his power in vain. and there are loads of people, and if you want to be in the company of anyone, you can use the law of attraction.

alt text


answered 28 Aug '11, 19:37

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abhishek mishra

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yes they have colours and form you can see them vibrating when someone is speaking to people. or when you do samadhi and exit the body you will see it in the i am light that speak with you. experience and enjoy.

(29 Aug '11, 03:37) white tiger

Thought travels at an infinite speed. Or, to be more precise, concepts of "space" and "time" do not exist in the thought realm.

I can see you are hungry for knowledge. I believe you will find many answers for questions yet to come in the theory section of Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics. For me, after such a lecture all questions cease.


answered 30 Jul '11, 10:37

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@asklepios-many thanks for the reply and link

(30 Jul '11, 11:54) blubird two

i checked out the link...i was wondering if you could point me to the exact section of Bardon that refers to "Space" and "Time" and especially where i can find this info...i have downloaded the book, but have searched in vain...thanks>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(31 Jul '11, 22:36) Jaianniah

Jai: I believe Bardon would go into that in either/or both the "astral plane" theory section and "The Mental Plane" section (which is what is "the thought realm")

(01 Aug '11, 03:13) Liam

(in the beginning theory section)

(01 Aug '11, 03:13) Liam

I remember I read it somewhere in his books, if not in this one, then in Practice of Magical Evocation or the Key to the True Kabbalah. I'll let you know if I find it.

(01 Aug '11, 10:19) Asklepios
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Once you latch onto this idea, everything is possible. I once asked a similar question about thought here. I asked if thought and space and time were truly all the same "stuff". I think that they are, and this idea is what makes all of The LOA possible.

Perhaps you may disagree with me- but I believe, in the end, it will all end up being the same material in different forms- as water can exist in three states- gaseous, liquid, and solid (ice). I got the idea from a Star Trek:The Next Generation Episode, and it was Wes who learned it from "The Traveler". The Traveler warned Wes not to tell anyone this truth--and such ideas as this are the basis of some pretty advanced physics. The Traveler said that "humanity was not 'ready' for such truth." Well, I think that some of we humans are ready for such lovely stuff...witness what Stingray has written about Manifestation!

Our mathematics simply has not caught up to our beliefs. I believe that the discovery of The God Particle (which is predicted for the end of 2012 at the latest) and the physics of this will eventually prove a lot of new truths about the nature of our Universe. The Big Bang, and the total Mass of our Universe will finally be explained.... and from such great proofs can come even greater hypotheses about reality...specifically, our own realities as we live them.

I realize that this is a pretty broad answer, full of "holes" that all of you Great Thinkers out there would love to question...I say this: What harm is there in manifesting this belief in my reality? It seems, to me, to be true. To me, The LOA proves that thought has some sort of energy in which lies the groundwork for the future of our own reality.

Blessings, Jai


answered 31 Jul '11, 01:30

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@jaianniah-i too loved the star trek series ... have a great day

(31 Jul '11, 15:18) blubird two

i absolutely cannot say enough about star trek...some of it is still the best scientific tv ever made! i loved how all the series liked to look at present day issues and try to see the solutions in the future...ty, blubird!blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(31 Jul '11, 22:10) Jaianniah

time does not exist it is man made. i am in the present. and from my present decision i make the future. every one does that. so the future is all ready there in the present taking shape. the future that can't change is set in stone. the future not set in stone exist as line of probability. example: you decide to eat pizza tomorrow. and i know it. so i know the future and saw it in the present. but lets say that the place where you order the pizza is closed tomorrow because it burned the day you are ordering. and you change your decision and order some chicken. that is the line of probability. so lets say that i know it the first day that you are eating chicken and not pizza and that the pizza place is burn down. then i have seen both line. and the probability of it to happen was very strong to change your decision from the present day. well experiance and enjoy.


answered 31 Jul '11, 14:56

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white tiger

You are assuming that thought waves travel. They do not. Thoughts impermeate all of existence. Once they are thought they rise everywhere at once.


answered 31 Jul '11, 20:06

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@you-thoughts travelling faster than light is a practical assumption when performing radionics...i agree thoughts permeate all of existence :)

(29 Aug '11, 03:27) blubird two
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