Being sentient implies that a living being is aware of itself and its surroundings.

Being conscious- well, perhaps a fly is conscious...I do not know.

But does a fly have a soul?

Years ago, it was thought that only humans were sentient and had souls. I think this idea has changed- we now know that gorillas and chimps are sentient, because of the work of people who have taught them sign language. We know that dolphins are sentient and communicate with each other in complex ways. Even elephants bury their dead...Perhaps we do not have the corner on the market when it comes to "soul".

But how does one draw the line? What are the criteria?

I think this is an important question...I have had many cats, and I have seen them do things that make me believe that they, too, have souls. For example, I had a cat named Lucy, who was blind from birth. Lucy liked to retrieve socks. Sometimes, in the morning, I would wake up and find a pile of socks next to me on the bed. As soon as I opened my eyes, she would come. I would have to throw the socks over the side of the bed for her to retrieve, which she did with amazing speed and accuracy. She even could find clean socks as well. Unbelievable.

Lucy was showing me that she was thinking about her favorite game long before I awakened, and she would build up her "armory" next to me, and wait for me to get up and throw her the socks. This implies planning and thought. That is part of sentience and soul. Don't ask me how I know, but I know that all my animals had souls. Each was different in personality, and each impressed on me their unique selves.

It's a puzzle.

Have at it....:)


Jai ♥

alt text

This is Lucy in 2006. She passed, sadly, in 2009. I still miss her.

I edited this question from my original one because it was a duplicate question. ♥

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(13 Dec '13, 08:17) Roy

I wondered about that...Thanks, Roy...Jai ♥

(13 Dec '13, 08:38) Jaianniah

Wondered and didnt check?

(13 Dec '13, 08:47) Roy
(13 Dec '13, 08:54) jaz

Re wording a question that has been asked before,doesnt make it yours..

(13 Dec '13, 09:02) Roy

jai, self-awareness, that level of consciousness where the life form of whatever consistency knows that it be alive, but as mentioned above all that exists in the universe has soul

(14 Dec '13, 04:51) fred

@Roy The last I checked, Yahoo Answers and Inward Quest had nothing to do with each other.

Saying someone already asked this question and turning to Yahoo Answers to prove it really makes you look bad. Also comparing a question about Robots to animals, you are really grasping at straws.

(15 Dec '13, 08:09) Wade Casaldi

So your saying that its alright to take a question from another site and ask it on IQ? I dont think so...

(15 Dec '13, 08:21) Roy

I didnt add that link about robots,ursixx did.Maybe he felt it fit in with Jais ???you have to read the name beside it...

(15 Dec '13, 08:35) Roy

@Roy are you implying she stole the question from Yahoo Answers? She thinks and is inspired to ask her own questions. I'll bet every question on here including your own, you can find someplace on the internet. So in that case you would have to say the entire site is stolen.

(15 Dec '13, 08:51) Wade Casaldi

not implying anything jade...:0

(15 Dec '13, 08:56) Roy

If someone has an genuine interest in asking a question ,I believe that they usually research it first...

(15 Dec '13, 09:02) Roy

@Roy She values peoples answers here, there are some good answers here that are not found in that Yahoo Answers link. When inspiration strikes she writes. She thought she had friends here after devoting four years here on IQ but increasingly we're both losing interest here.

If everyone researched every question before asking, IQ wouldn't exist because all information is someplace on the net. My name is Wade not Jade,you are calling me a worthless horse.

(15 Dec '13, 09:31) Wade Casaldi


(15 Dec '13, 09:54) Roy

@Roy "oops" that's a pathetic apology.

Thanks anyway.

(15 Dec '13, 10:13) Wade Casaldi

@Roy yes I did think the question was similar. @wade lighten up bro. jai+ wade = jade . thought it was cute. Jade is valuable gem.

(15 Dec '13, 10:34) ursixx

@ursixx saying Jai and Wade to me is an insult to both of us. She has no input on what I write, neither do I on what she writes. There are only certain times one will speak for both, at those time one of us will sign Wade and Jai but most times we think and write for ourselves.

However she did tell me she is sorry she ever posted this or any question here.

(15 Dec '13, 15:25) Wade Casaldi

Apparently Roy is pointing out the rules to IQ have changed. You no longer have to search IQ to see if your question has been asked, you need to search the entire internet!

(15 Dec '13, 15:42) Wade Casaldi

@Roy Here is how you could have posted that link without offending. You could have said, "Someone asked a similar question at Yahoo Answers. Maybe these answers could help. Here is the link, if you'd like."

The way you wrote it and your reply makes it look like you are accusing her. She doesn't even use Yahoo Answers. As long as I've been with her I never saw her go to Yahoo Answers. I on the other hand used to frequent there before this was made.

(15 Dec '13, 16:09) Wade Casaldi

... going to head over to Yahoo, filch questions, add to them to get the required 500 characters; but mark them wiki & ask them here .... Great idea, why didn't someone think of this before? (humor)

@Wade Here we go again. Once again threatening to leave IQ (mentioning all your contributions trying to shame us as well as guilt us) & once again, speaking for Jai & making a drama out of a comment made by another member who did not agree with her. Playing the friend card. (Part A)

(15 Dec '13, 19:25) ele

(B) Ppl disagree all the time & don't make it personal or get mad at one another. You sound like a 5yr old - "you aren't my friend if you don't agree with me" or like you said to me "you must hate Jai" & saying I was eliciting some sort of pleasure from doing so or the accusation she made against SR on Meta when he was a tad critical. Jai is perfectly capable of speaking for herself. Just because someone disagrees or is critical - does NOT make it an attack. No one was attacking her &

(15 Dec '13, 19:28) ele

(C) & she did not need defending. Why do you continue to speak for her, portray her as a victim by defending her & escalating a simple discussion into a personal attack? IMO, you are harming Jai & not helping her by continuing to see her & treat her like a victim. Let her take her power back & stand up for herself instead of playing the victim card & attracting more situations like this one or worse. Words on a computer screen do not compare to what can happen to someone in the real world

(15 Dec '13, 19:29) ele

(D) with a victim mentality or the vibration of one.

(15 Dec '13, 19:30) ele

(E) correction -- disagreement is too strong of word. As I see it, it was simply a difference of opinion ...

(15 Dec '13, 19:36) ele

@Wade I actually agree with the point you were trying to make. Saying this "She thought she had friends here after devoting four years here on IQ but increasingly we're both losing interest here." was way out of line. Devoting? You've known @Roy a lot longer than me.. He's not a man who minces words. Next time you think about telling someone else how to word their comment, think about the words you are using.

(15 Dec '13, 23:01) ele

As for Jade ~ you've never heard Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie referred to as 'Brangelina' or when Jenifer Lopez & Ben Affleck were together ~ "Bennifer" ?

(15 Dec '13, 23:01) ele

@ele I'm not threatening to leave again. I haven't been as active here in a while, I don't know why Jai keeps trying herself, I believe it is because she used to feel safe and welcomed. I am standing up for her, not speaking for her. She doesn't want anything to do with this conversation.

(15 Dec '13, 23:16) Wade Casaldi

@Wade I clicked on IQ this morning before you commented, I checked out the links @Roy posted & I laughed because you can't compare a 1 sentence post on Yahoo to a ? posted on IQ. 1 site doesn't have anything to do with the other. (sorry @Roy) I imagine this is what other members thought too. Please note - No one voted up his posts. I have no clue why @ursixx thought robots had anything to do with this ?. (That left me scratching my head; but I admit I didn't ck out the link) ( I )

(16 Dec '13, 02:04) ele

( II ) Jai's reply to Roy was perfect & perhaps she should have posted it again if she didn't want to discuss it. There was no need to defend Jai & according to IQ rules - when you disagree with another's viewpoint, it's up to you to express your own viewpoint more eloquently & persuasively than the other member. Express does not mean defend. "oops" means I made a mistake. He admitted his error & "oops" should be good enough. He was only stating his opinion. You guys are reading

(16 Dec '13, 02:05) ele

( III ) something into his comments which simply is not there. Read each comment as is & don't assume he is saying something else. Right now, I honestly have no time for IQ; but I did quickly ck out her other ?'s. No one is making her feel unwelcome & many users have posted A's to all her ?'s including this 1. You guys are both down & this is prob the main reason for your hypersensitivity or maybe you should explore these feelings of being unsafe objectively to find the source.

(16 Dec '13, 02:06) ele

( IV ) He didn't intentionally set out to harm you. It was simply a difference of opinion. If you feel bad, it's on you. You're responsible for your own feelings. Read the 4 Agreements. Don't take things personally & don't assume. I apologize for bringing up Meta & I wanted to leave that behind but after what transpired here on Thanksgiving Day, I'm finding it hard to. Again, Jade is cute - I wish I would have thought of it. Have a good nite & I hope your tomorrow is better....

(16 Dec '13, 02:08) ele

@Wade I did note some members did disagree with her on other questions. Not everyone is going to agree. Are we supposed to agree just to make Jai feel good? Please think about this. We have a right to voice our own personal opinions. We're allowed to disagree as long as it doesn't result in a personal attack.

(16 Dec '13, 02:29) ele

@ele Thank you, yes we are both down we have been since before Thanksgiving. I wont go back into that. Two people voted this question down. I can't see anything offensive about the question so it must be personal. Roy telling her this question has been asked, is telling her (She should not have asked this question here, it is a duplicate of a question someone else asked someplace else.)

(16 Dec '13, 08:13) Wade Casaldi

I love this question and if you look at the responses below, it isn't as straightforward as people might think. I have absolutely no idea why anyone would vote this down but don't worry about it ... they are perfectly entitled to their point of view ... you and I are free to think it an interesting question!

(16 Dec '13, 13:27) Catherine

@Wade I checked Jai's Karma. Only 1 person cast a downvote & you know as well as I do who it was & why he downvoted. I haven't voted; but I'm going to cast an upvote which will cancel his downvote because it is a good ?. Can you drop it now? I think the wrong has been corrected. IMO, Jai has been vindicated. What more do you want? Suspended like flow? She's received enough attention. When I read your comments, I feel like you're trying to pit members against one another. (A)

(16 Dec '13, 16:43) ele

(B) Do you want another member to ride up on his white horse & reprimand Roy or worse? I like Roy a lot & I agree with him most of the time. I'm glad to see him actively participating again. If the worst thing that happened to you in the last couple months is someone disagreeing with you on an internet forum or being downvoted - Count your Blessings!


Please stop making @Roy out to be a bad guy. Thank you.

(16 Dec '13, 16:45) ele

@ele Thank you, I clarified myself. Also I feel better that you checked into the down votes and it is only one. As far as I'm concerned I said my piece. This matter is resolved.

(17 Dec '13, 02:39) Wade Casaldi


"However she did tell me she is sorry she ever posted this or any question here." (4 days ago)Wade Casaldi

any question here Being a bit melodramatic are we? Oh, come on Jai ~ Who will write the annual X-mas question if you don't. Stop being such a drama queen... (drama queen said with love)

(19 Dec '13, 17:38) ele
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Does sentience imply that a being has a soul?

Does it matter? :P

I'm pretty sure for example insects are part of a certain kind of consciousness ultimately they are probably/maybe connected to the soul than oversoul structure..

Maybe you should ask yourself "what is the soul?"

Because most people are clueless to what it is.. the answer is: the soul created you.. the soul is your primary reason for existing.. the soul was told/asked/created you to "learn/experience things".. so the soul is kind of on that chain back/part to/of you..

This diagram is a example of some physical to non-physical structure.. you can see if it helps? on that answer

alt text

Does sentience imply that a being has a soul?

I think the bottom-line answer is yes... but I don't think that answers gonna help you much.. understanding completely the physical to non-physical interface structure.. even understanding animal consciousness (there much more connected than we are!) or insect is really outside of our ego abilities.. I'd just say give it a rest and just recognize that oneness, that reflection of yourself in their eyes :)


answered 13 Dec '13, 09:15

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edited 13 Dec '13, 09:16

soul is balanced love and light, it's the essential energy of our being, when we have deep feelings for example of inner peace, of heartfelt forgiveness, we're in contact with our soul ... the soul energy of living things, objects, symbols, drawings, representations, photos ... etc is what allows dowsers to perform and complete their researches ... in this sense everything is "alive"

(14 Dec '13, 04:15) jaz

Not my understanding at all @Jaz the statistic offered to our class was about 1% of your soul can even inhabit your body.. (big energy not much space in the body) maybe 5% these days.. but shoot on up to your soul star "chakra" above your head.. and say "hello" to the soul :)

(14 Dec '13, 05:57) themaster

for me soul is the space of awareness, it cannot be understood or known, it's not an object we can only be it

(14 Dec '13, 11:23) jaz

yah, I agree with you but also disagree @jaz when you say understood or known you are creating a limitation.. but I can agree to "big energy"

(15 Dec '13, 02:28) themaster
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if you can remember what i said in the beginning about this: (o).

look at this video here is the hint that I give you (o) can you see it?

make thine eyes single concentrate and focus on that single spot in front of you that is not there.

to answer your question.

every one that is able to reflect as water as a soul.

here is a video to help you with the water understanding:

who is the observer and the observed?

Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you . For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 13 Dec '13, 09:15

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

edited 13 Dec '13, 17:07


yes @white tiger, love Gregg Braden and the way he explains things

(13 Dec '13, 10:27) jaz

@jaz I also like that greg braden is getting there and talk about is understanding is though of is seeking and share is light with people.

(14 Dec '13, 04:25) white tiger

Good answer & great links @white tiger

(16 Dec '13, 02:11) ele
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I have heard of animals having group souls. But you raise an interesting point about sentience. This does seem to put a wrinkle on soul groups for all animals. Yes self awareness would be a separate individual soul. Maybe animals are evolving spiritually into single soul beings. They are becoming self aware, it seems.

I can see where this could be so. These animals that have self awareness and are gaining self awareness could be evolving on the spiritual level.


answered 15 Dec '13, 09:48

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

The word "soul" implies a duality that may not exist.

What do most people think of when they think of themselves having a soul? Is the soul the "ghost in the machine," the being that inhabits the physical body? And when the body dies, does this vaporous apparition return to whence it came?

Or is the soul merely a physical manifestation of that which already exists in the spiritual plane, an image that disappears upon death, a place where we allow our consciousness reside for a time, but from which we are liberated upon death? Is the body the apparition, in other words?

As humans, we see in three dimensions. But it is said that, in the spiritual world, there are four (or perhaps more than four) Time (the fourth dimension) has no meaning there, because you can see that dimension, all at once (like the wall in a room).

So, by way of illustration, let's imagine that there is a world called Flatland, and in this world live one-dimensional creatures on a two-dimensional plane. If I am a creature living on flatland, all I can see are points or lines.

What if my true nature was a three-dimensional being? What if my lifetime in Flatland were simply my intersection between Flatland and my outer boundary? In this model, the "infinite" plane on which people live would represent the physical universe, but the three-dimensional space in which spiritual beings reside would be the spiritual universe.

alt text

Other beings living on flatland would see me as a point, and then as a line, increasing in size until the line was the inner diameter of my sphere, and then gradually decreasing in size until the sphere of my being passes completely through Flatland and disappears (marking my death in Flatland).

Flatlandiers wouldn't even see my true nature (as a circle) in Flatland, because all they can see is the line he can see viewing the side of the circle so created where my sphere intersects with Flatland. But my nature (being a sphere) outside Flatland has not changed, and it still doesn't change after I leave Flatland.


answered 16 Dec '13, 13:48

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edited 16 Dec '13, 14:50

@Vesuvius very good of you to put a sphere this is the symbol for the soul(water) the spirit is the light with in. one that is born of water know this. Why he know this is because he see is own light reflected on the water that is now still and the cup is clean with no darkness at all that cause overflow from the heart that produce evil. since he is not intoxicated any more he can drink water to never thirst again. the next step is to make the water and the light become one again in truth-

(16 Dec '13, 18:58) white tiger

and understanding with a pure heart. how much will you have to bear? you where one and became two. what will you do? most of the time people cast stone ignore paint and all kind of dirt through that cup of water then how can they see their own reflection? how does a laser work? if the light does not reflect on the mirror is the laser more powerful or less powerful? if you try to look at your self on a mirror painted with pitch black paint can you see your self? know your self.

(16 Dec '13, 19:22) white tiger

Who is with out sin to cast the first stone?

(16 Dec '13, 19:39) white tiger

@WhiteTiger: What are you on? I'd like some.

(16 Dec '13, 19:42) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius I have gave you something that did not touch your mind yet. all what I have said you can try it on the outside and you will see that I am telling you the truth. if you can see it on the outside why do you not see it on the inside? and for your question : What are you on? I'd like some. I gave you some water so that you may never thirst again. if you really want some shake of your wine and drink. It is to those who are worthy of my mysteries that I tell my mysteries.-

(16 Dec '13, 20:04) white tiger

That which you have will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves. That which you do not have within you will kill you if you do not have it within you." Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Do you not realize that he who made the inside is the same one who made the outside?" He who will drink from my mouth will become like me. I myself shall become he, and the things that are hidden will be revealed to him." or maybe that you seek to entertain me with the question you have ask and-

(16 Dec '13, 20:09) white tiger

are not aware of it? any way you have free will so do like you want and remember there is light in a person of light and it shine on the whole world if not it is dark.

(16 Dec '13, 20:09) white tiger

@Vesuvius another symbol that is being use is a lamp. the light with in and the glass that is transparent as water and is between the inside and the outside. you have the same symbol in the recent movie the matrix when neo look at the mirror seeking truth. before he comes out of the matrix. maybe it did not touch your mind yet.

(18 Dec '13, 06:14) white tiger

the only thing from the movie the matrix is that they are in a world of energy going to a world of matter. and here it is the opposite process you leave the physical world for a world made of energy. In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system cannot change--it is said to be conserved over time. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form. that is what science say about it and religion also God eternal the (αΩ) .

(18 Dec '13, 13:07) white tiger
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This question is beyond our limit. We know human beings have souls, in fact, they are souls with the costumes called bodies. God is incorporeal (John 4:24); and we are created in His image (Genesis 1:26-31); and we are called His children. (Mathew 23:9); hence we are souls.

Regarding lower species, we need revelation from higher source to know whether they are also souls. Their pain-mechanism (which is obviously intended for the protection of each living being) is more or like ours. See what happens when you unknowingly step on to the tale of a dog or a snake! When I got a first-hand experience, I turned vegetarian--knowing how painful it would be for the animals when we kill them to satisfy our tongue for a few seconds!


answered 14 Dec '13, 06:19

T%20D%20Joseph's gravatar image

T D Joseph

edited 14 Dec '13, 06:20

@T D Joseph Gen 1:2-4a And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: Verily verily I tell you no one can enter the kingdom with being born again of water and spirit. we speak about what we know and report what we have seen.

(14 Dec '13, 22:58) white tiger

@T D Joseph since you are able to use your bible.rev.3.5 rev. 3.21 rev.3.22

(16 Dec '13, 01:24) white tiger
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