Been syudying the EFT thing. I've got my head round the concept of tapping points around the body. I've seen the old Chinese graph ,know where the points are,see the meaning of the energy blockages.

BUT I've seen some on YouTube make positive affirmations whilst tapping, others do it differently.

What do IQ users who have adopted this method do whilst in the actual process of tapping?

I want to use the method specifically to deal with the odd time I feel negative regarding my finances. I want to use this to get at least to a neutral point.

It's what happens DURING tapping that I would be interested in knowing about.What has actually worked for people would be very interesting. More practise than theory is what I'm after.

Thanks in advance


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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

As I implied in this answer ( Does the release technique work better than EFT? ), I'll do whatever I can to really amp up the feeling that is bothering me...this method works best when the feeling dominates you.

Then I will simply tap on each point saying "Release, and let it go". Obviously, this statement refers to that amped-up feeling I am holding at that moment.

That will usually bring immediate relief from that imprisoning negative feeling.

If I still feel any remnants of the negative emotion, I will keep going round and round the tapping points until the issue is gone, or drastically diminished.

Whether the results are permanent or not depends on whether I have correctly identified the cause(s) of the negative emotion.

For example, if your car won't start because it has run of gas then it might seem that the problem is that the car won't start...but the real problem is that it has run out of gas.

However, in this non-standard EFT approach that I am talking about, you don't need to give that cause a label or name, you just have to conjure up the feeling.

So, for example, if suddenly for some reason, I feel a negative emotion out of nowhere and I have no idea at all what has just caused it, it doesn't matter. The fact that I am in that state at that moment is all I need to neutralize tapping and saying "Release, and let it go"

And then, often, neutralizing that emotion may then allow another linked one to surface which, again, can be neutralized.

For a highly-complex issue that has dominated your life for years, there can sometimes be multiple layers of these negative emotions to neutralize. But, with practice, there are no issues (for me, at least) that cannot be neutralized within a minute or two.

Newcomers to the method might think they are not making any progress because they still feel bad but it is often the case that they are now feeling bad about a slightly different thing...the original issue is actually no longer a problem.

Regarding EFT and Finances in particular, I can recommend you take a look at Carol Look's Abundance packages. I've tried out a few in the past and she has done a particularly good job in identifying causes of financial blockages, which can then be neutralized with EFT.


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Thanks Stingray. As usual youve cut to the chase.I re read a few of your earlier posts and am now pieceing this together.The method stated above seems to have a certain honesty to it. Your admitting to the emotion,accepting its there and then getting rid of it.I will study the Carol Lock link and let you know how i got on with it.

(03 Jan '11, 13:00) Monty Riviera

Seems taht Carols ideas are not dissimilar to the Abe/Hicks teaching.She recommends acceptance of the feeling and then a staged progression up the scale. NOT making massive statements TOO far away from what you would be able to grasp or believe. There does seem to be an underlying similarity.I will keep reading Carols stuff. I like the practical nature of her work,again quite similar to Esther.

(03 Jan '11, 14:59) Monty Riviera

@Graham - I have found over the years time and time again that the major stumbling block for people in change-work is the refusal to accept the emotional place they are currently at. There is usually a fear of allowing oneself to re-experience the emotion one is frightened of. That's usually the way it should be when there is no way to handle that emotion. But it gets in the way when you are deliberately trying to mold it into a better place

(03 Jan '11, 15:45) Stingray

I agree Stingray. With me its a cultural/family thing. Stiff upper lip and all that rubbish. Also the cult of the affirmation doesnt allow much honesty in the way were feeling.Were meant to gloss over it and affirm the impossible! I much prefer the Hicks approach because it admits that 1. were not always going to be in a great feeling place 2. We can step out of the bad feeling place incrementally and without coming up with statements that frankly are not believed ( not REALLY believed ) and have little effect.Im now ( finally ) happy to face the feeling and deal with it.

(03 Jan '11, 17:00) Monty Riviera

I think the greatest lesson that Hicks/Abe has taught me in the importance of EMOTION. I was for years oblivious of there importance. For me they were to be ignored/crucified. They wre a weakness and not a strength. If there was ONE metaphysical fact i wished i had known years ago it was this one.I have been looking for so called guidance for years in all the wrong places. It was in built right under my nose all this time.

(03 Jan '11, 17:05) Monty Riviera

@Graham - well said

(03 Jan '11, 18:48) Stingray
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As I understand EFT it's blending of acupressure and affirmations. Helps also with the admittance or awaking to problems and or desires. Some of the process reminds me of Abraham-Hicks climbing the emotional scale. I would think that the repeated use of EFT in that its a repeat process lies the success of this method,ie that you bring forth the desire or the resistance in your life acknowledge/affirm it and get to a better place. They also call this re-imprinting. There is the aspects of the energy meridians. Those that make acupuncture work also has a part in the positive effects.
I am not a user of EFT. Haven't really applied myself but there our several people here that seem to have success with it.
A nice little site with some good information is There is a very interesting article on Combining Modern Meditation with EFT that is a very good read.I have not bought anything from the site there are some free downloads. There is a alot on YouTube as you have discovered such as Robert Smith has a large collection of EFT videos and information.
Have fun on your journey Graham!


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Mnay thanks for the links ursixx.I geherally follow all these thru and get my answers,

(03 Jan '11, 11:03) Monty Riviera

The purpose of what you say during EFT is to bring up the feeling or emotion that you want to neutralize. If you are tapping in the moment that you are feeling the emotion, then you don't need to say words that bring up the feeling. Then while you tap, you say that you want to release the feelings. You can say, "let it go" or, "Peace be still." Then, when the emotional charge is down to zero, you can insert positive words instead, like, "I choose peace." You can visualize a pleasant memory while doing the positive so as to bring up a feeling of peace while tapping on peace. I love EFT and exploring the variations people have come up with including matrix reimprinting and fasterEFT. I just found the latter today from a link Stingray posted.

If you are doing EFT for past things, fears, etc... you can say a script to go with the tapping. While tapping on the karate chop point, you say 3x, "Even though I have this __, I deeply and completely love and accept myself." Then, while you are tapping the rest of the points, you say a reminder phrase, "This __) For example I had a fear of getting on the escalator. I cuold spend 5 to 10 minutes standing there, trying to get the nerve to get on, while letting others go on as they approached. So, I tapped on my karate chop point and said 3x, "Even though I have this fear of getting on the escalator, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Then I tapped on the other points, not the gamut, but I did the other points 2-4 rounds before checking, and said the reminder phrase, "This fear of getting on the escalator." I did this at the mall so I could try before and after tapping. After tapping, I went over to the escalator and got right on. Now I don't even hesitate to get on.

Another time, I had obsessive thoughts about not being treated right at my chiropractor's office. I couldn't concentrate on what people said, the tv, or anything. So, I tapped on, "Even though I have these obsessive thoughts, I deeply and completely love and accept myself," with the reminder phrase, "These obsessive thoughts." It took awhile and I may have had to change things up according to my thoughts at the time, but it worked. No more obsessive thoughts on that issue. I was then able to rationally take control of the situation.

I love the single handed tapping where you use your thumb to tap on the side of the nailbed nearest the thumb of the same hand. When I am in public or just feeling the stress, or fear or anxiety, or whatever I should tap on, I tap on those fingernail bed spots. The stress goes away as I do this. Sometimes I go from finger to finger, or just stick with one for awhile and then move to the next, depending on how it happens.


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Fairy Princess

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A while ago I came across something about this tapping concept EFT, I did not do a follow up on it, but I would love to hear more about it!


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Inactive User ♦♦

Me too Vee. Its something ive googled and watched on U tube. To save some time im hoping to get the lowdown here.I want to cut thru the people trying to sell me a course and get to the nitty gritty.

(02 Jan '11, 21:20) Monty Riviera its a very informative site.Very simple to understand.

(03 Jan '11, 11:27) Monty Riviera
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