The majority of my existence I have always been strongly fearful of taking drugs of any style. I am constantly repeating in my head that "I never have nor never will."

Until now, where, the past 6 months I've had an increasingly stronger and stronger desire to test out cannbis (pot/ dope/ marijuana) after really getting involved with these leading edge ideas.

To assist my query, understand I will not accept any fear based answers or pay attention to them. I have had those responses to myself and have dealt with them, and wish to go through and try this substance.

Cannabis being a naturally grown plant from earth, is purely that: a natural occurring substance. Compared to other illegal psychotic drugs (in my country at least, cocaine, LSD) cannabis is like any other herb.

There are 3 sources I am strongly resonating with to help you understand my beliefs when it comes to this idea:

^^ Both Bashar on the uses and the spiritual relevance of it. Below is a link none other than our highly evolved @Eddie:

So, why am I raising a question on IQ and what do I want to ask?

I just want to know if there are any precautions I should take before I do this, such as, being in a calm or happy state before inducing, should I have a list of questions to ask my higher self and be prepared to channel? How much to take. Having zero experience with drugs aside from alcohol and caffeiene, I don't really know what to expect.

My dad talked to me about this subject upon asking, and he says the only negativity is that you have a large apetite after smoking.

Also, I am not doing this for a 'high.' As Bashar describes in his videos, this is an educational experience designed to perhaps help me enhace things about reality or maybe melt away my ego :)

This idea is inspired. At the moment I am enjoying my life and am in the vortex the majority of my days the past 2-3 months. I can hold off on the idea, I am taking this in my a curious mind.

Positive answers only please. Appreciate it.

Update- My experience

Without even demanding for it, I literally was given some cannabis from a friendly aquantence and had it sitting in my cupboard whilst I originally posted the question. My biggest yearning for it was just as an idea to keep my life free from boredom.

A few days later I deicded to try it with a friend. I was very anxious and not so whole-hearted on trying the substance, and as a result of that I prevented myself from inhaling through my lungs and resorted to breath smoking.

If anything were happening, which I don't recall so, it would have been accredited to a placebo effect; colours were becoming brighter and objects becoming perceived with greater clarity and detail, as if there was a smoke beforehand that had completely shone away. Having these goood qualities going, I wasn't really enjoying myself because we were freezing cold outside at a lake we were smoking at and sort of waiting for a semi-psychadelic experience to happen.

At the very least, I knew it wasn't a real inspiration and felt emotionally unwell before embarking on the experience. With that in the background, I would be kidding myself if an amazing visit with Bashar were to happen :) "And GOOD DAY!"

My relectancy to take the substance properly stemmed from it being illegal, and a fear I'd lose control of my body. There are a few comments comparing meditation to drug use, I advocate meditation solely because you are fully in control of your experience.

Last night I obtained Sun Opener, or, sinicuichi. In my country, this is legal and thus I bought it from a shop with a pipe. I smoked it and got a greater, more lucid experience. The feeling of drunkness was all that came to my body and sort of a light sensation of feeling 'spaced out.' To word it better, just a feeling of intoxication you would get from a standard alcoholic drink. I was having the most deep conversaiton with the friend I was with about how to live life, saying "I think we are more passionate about talking about fixing our lives when in reality we don't have that big an intention to." As another effect, I was able to breathe extemely deep and clear, the smoke did clear out my lungs and I could positivly feel my chest expand for the better.

However, I didn't feel good say an hour later. I felt light-headed, as if I was going to faint. I felt upset slightly in the stomach and throat. I had a very pleasant, deep sleep packed with vivid dreams like out of Alice in Wonderland or a Pink Floyd experience.

I wake up now, as I'm typing this and don't feel pleasant. A small headache, a continuious subtle nauseous feeling in the stomach, but the most unwelcome feeling is that things are causing me to feel angry with little effort- I am making typooos right now and even that is making me frustrated.

Whilst it may have been inspiration to try it, and though the current experience wasn't the best, this serves in only a positive manner: because I wasn't feeling about it as passionatly as I thought I was earlier, when it comes to taking certain herb substances, what you think you'll get out of them (positive and negative) is what you'll get.

So, if you really, really feel emotionally enthusiastic about doing them, do it. Personally, despite how the wording of the question came about, right before I took it my feelings were telling those drugs to bugger off :P

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I would say to concentrate more on the experience of being high and communicate with cannabis itself rather than trying to channel although that could be something to try out!

Dont worry about doing too much, I think its something that you need to jump in head first with. That being said you still need to take your time and build it up, If you start to have a bad time eat something sweet, sugar will save you. Orange juice is gonna stop you throwing up when the room is spinning too.

(27 Jun '13, 06:56) lastplacefavourite

Here's someone's experience with using cannabis for meditation. The only suggestion I have is to first try a bit to see how well you tolerate it.

(27 Jun '13, 08:48) crosby

^ Thankyou both for your positive support and helping me use this in the best possible way :) I really appreciate it.

(27 Jun '13, 09:13) Nikulas

@Nikulas- "Positive answers only please." True inspiration won't be swayed by negative answers Nikulus. Ask yourself Is that inspiration coming from a good feeling place, an okay feeling place or a bad feeling place? Where you in the Vortex when you felt inspired to smoke cannabis? These are the questions to ask yourself. Inspiration from a bad feeling place isn't necessarily the wrong path to take but it is usually the longer one. I'm wishing you well whatever you decide buddy :)

(27 Jun '13, 16:32) Satori

@Satori- Yeah, saying what I said "positive answers only" was silly because 1) People who will give 'negative' answers wont listen to that, and 2) It's a statement that doesnt need to be there.

Yes, many people I feel wont believe me, but as Ive said, this idea has come from within the vortex. It's when Im out of the vortex that I am a bit wishy washy with the idea.

(28 Jun '13, 07:04) Nikulas

I'm glad you had your experience @Nikulas, at least now you know :) I agree the illegality can make one paranoid - this is an experience I don't really have since although it is illegal in England practically everyone smokes here (London anyway) and the cops won't go out of their way to give you trouble unless you're in a public place or dealing. But yes, that can be a problem.

And I agree with @Satori - true inspiration usually isn't swayed by negative answers...

(11 Jul '13, 12:16) cassiopeia

On another note, a couple of legal herbs which I have read anecdotes about being good for meditation and visualisation are damiana and passionflower tea. Personally, they just make me fall asleep, but if you're curious you might want to try them out. People say it feels like a mellower marijuana high.

(11 Jul '13, 12:18) cassiopeia
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I wanted to warn you and say to you that cannabis will mess up your whole life... but then I got high :).

No, just kidding :). Now listen to the song while you read on.

I haven't smoked pot for years but I was a pretty heavy user in my teens. And I was even a dealer myself.

From my personal experience I can just say that to me it's no big deal. Just don't go overboard with it the first time. Maybe take just one pull the first time and wait for about 10-15 minutes before you proceed. And crumble up some hash/pot and mix it in a joint with some tobacco (20-30% cannabis, 70-80% tobacco).

From a spiritual and personal perspective, I would agree with Abraham's take on this.

Cannabis diffuses your focus. And whenever you diffuse your focus by going general with your thought process or by meditating, you can't be specifically negative at the same time. So you offer less resistance. And when you offer less resistance, you feel better.

Same goes with cannabis.

It becomes easier for you to stay general and more positive. But cannabis has a disadvantage. It diffuses your focus completely for a short period of time. So it becomes hard to focus specifically on the things you want too.

So I would prefer going general or meditation if you ask me. It's much more powerful. And the high from meditation feels much better to me than the high from cannabis.

However, if you feel inspired then just do it :). Be easy and relaxed about it. Listen to your favorite songs and as I said... just don't go overboard with it the first time. That's all. Have fun! :)


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@releaser99 - "And the high from meditation feels much better to me than the high from cannabis" - A former girlfriend of mine used to be a regular user before she met me and then got into meditation instead :) and she used to say exactly the same thing...there's just no competition between a drugs "high" and a meditation "high".

(26 Jun '13, 20:30) Stingray

@Stingray Yes, there is really no competition. And another important point is that the more often you smoke pot or drink alcohol, the more tolerance you build up. So you have to smoke/drink more to feel the same high. But you can't build up tolerance to meditation. So that's another advantage to meditation.

(26 Jun '13, 21:01) releaser99

@releaser99 Loved your humor & I agree with what you said. I also agree with what both Abraham & Stingray said.

(26 Jun '13, 21:11) ele

I'm afraid I have to disagree about mixing it with tobacco! In my experience (mixing the two for seven years) I would suggest you stay well away from tobacco unless you have grown it yourself for a natural source of nicotene. Tobacco you buy is very tainted as they put so many nasty chemicals into rolling tobacco and even more into cigarettes.

(27 Jun '13, 06:48) lastplacefavourite

@releaser99 I agree that cannabis makes it very hard to focus! I've often tried visualising while high, since my imagination becomes much more vivid, but unfortunately my mind wanders too much!

(27 Jun '13, 07:46) cassiopeia

To call cannabis a "drug" is just sooooo wrong!! The root meaning of the word 'drug' is POISON!! Pharmaceutical concoctions are "drugs" because, that is precisely what they are. Poison to the body. Cannabis, by definition is a MEDICINE. The root meaning of the word 'medicine' is: to heal or cure; the art of healing. Cannabis has many medicinal properties and is NOT a drug. We need to stop calling cannabis a drug just because some former government deceived the public into believing it is.

(27 Jun '13, 09:42) crosby

@releaser99 - LOVED the song, thanks! Haven't thought of it in years.... Wonder why??? ;)

(09 Jul '13, 12:47) Grace
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I think marijuana can be a very powerfully spiritual drug if approached the right way. I like to smoke once in a while as it helps me see layers of my psyche that I don't usually see. I like to smoke recreationally as well, but that's a different matter.

The only side effect I can see is that it makes some people paranoid. It also has a negative effect on motivation and productivity, but usually only when it becomes a habit.

I say go for it, just make sure that you are in an environment where you feel safe, and take it easy. You can't really go very wrong with weed - it's not a strong psychedelic like LSD. Make sure to have food around the house! (Although eating can diminish the high somewhat).

I also believe that psychedelic plants have a "spirit". Many people who take Salvia, for example, experience encounters with the Salvia goddess - even those who were unaware of her existence before taking it. So approach marijuana the same way - perhaps with a prayer of some sorts to the spirit of marijuana that you may get the most out of this experience as possible.

Have fun! :D


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You are right about it being spiritual! And I can confirm that with salvia too.

(27 Jun '13, 06:49) lastplacefavourite

@cassiopeia- Thankyou for the advise, I will report back to all on my experience with it.

(27 Jun '13, 09:15) Nikulas

If you are truly coming from a place of inspiration and not a place of feeling pressured or pushed into trying this substance, then I say do what feels like the right thing for you.

To assist my query, understand I will not accept any fear based answers or pay attention to them. I have had those responses to myself and have dealt with them, and wish to go through and try this substance.

Just remember...

"If you assign a positive meaning to an event, this will produce a positive experience for you."

"If you assign a negative meaning to an event, this will produce a negative experience for you."

So if you make your positive intention clear before you try this, you will get a positive reflection in return. The same goes for the negative side. This is the easy part though because it sounds like you have already made a very clear intention of how you want to experience this.

Most people who spread fear about this enlightening drug either...

  1. Have never used it before and want to make claims by seeing propaganda that are actually other peoples belief systems that they agreed to believe as well.
  2. Have an interest in something else that makes a profit and like to keep cannabis in the negative side of the illegal belief system shelf.
  3. Have tried it before in a negative or dis-empowering mindset and got a negative reflection in return.

So if you "wish to go through and try this substance" as you mentioned already, I would be happy to give my opinion.

Here's my opinion...

Enjoy yourself, have fun, and be playful and open minded about it.

Okay okay I'll share a little more.

It's actually been a good handful of years since I experienced Cannabis but it's a feeling that is very easy to remember. As Bashar states in the second video you posted in your question, you can actually get into a state eventually where you don't need the substance anymore. You can actually get to a point where you remember (or shift to that presently occurring parallel reality frequency) the feeling that it gave you when you last used it just by concentrating on that memory. This would be more for people who want the spiritual experience than the enjoyment of smoking itself.

I just want to know if there are any precautions I should take before I do this, such as, being in a calm or happy state before inducing?

Yes, a calm, happy and relaxed state would be a good way to start. I suggest listening to some relaxing music with your eyes closed beforehand. Find something that puts you into a relaxed state. Maybe something like Beethoven or whatever you find soothing.

should I have a list of questions to ask my higher self and be prepared to channel?

If this is something that you desire to do, I don't see a problem with that. I think a good way to start and have an enjoyable spiritual experience would be to listen to more relaxing music, or nature sounds, or do some type of body awareness meditation. Things like this may better help open your allowance to channel or communicate with your higher self.

Maybe try something like Quantum Entrainment Meditations. Or even another guided meditation that you feel comfortable with.

The key to all of this is to be in a state of relaxation and be in an environment where you feel at ease. The more positive/good feeling you make the situation around you, the better experience you will have since this would be your first time.

How much to take?

This depends on the type of strain you are using. There are many different types and many different levels of strength. It's always smart to start very small and work your way up gradually to a comfortable level. Try a very small pinch and wait about 15 to 20 minutes and see where that takes you. If you feel you need more, then do another small pinch and so on until you find a level of comfort. Always start small when you try something new like this.

Having zero experience with drugs aside from alcohol and caffeiene, I don't really know what to expect.

Depending on the type of Cannabis you use and guessing that you already possibly have it from a reliable and trustworthy source, and that you start small and work your way up slowly, it can definitely be an enjoyable experience.

As Bashar has mentioned, the frequency of Cannabis is just a slight step down from the template level reality of where we design our physical life. So essentially, that means we are experiencing going higher and higher almost to a point of our pre-physical incarnate life planning. This is why many people refer to the experience as getting high. We are literally getting closer to our higher self. We are experiencing more of who we truly are.

Other than alcohol, Cannabis is the only drug I ever experimented with. So when you hear people say it's a gateway drug, that is just an opinion that is trying to be projected onto others. I never once had and urge to try anything else. We are all different and react to various substances in unique ways.

I would never try to promote fear in someone. You sound like you are very determined and inspired to try it so I prefer to help you as much as possible instead of forcing you to trust in a negative belief system that isn't yours to begin with. You are an adult and can make your own informed decisions.

A few closing points I would like to add to this answer.

Your dad is right you will probably get hungry. The three symptoms I usually got when I smoked Cannabis were happy, hungry, and sleepy. Usually in that order as well.

You will feel great love and connection with the things around you including other people, plants and nature.

Time will slow down which allows you to be more in the moment of now. You literally will create the experience of less time or sometimes even time-less-ness.

There is a difference between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica . Be smart and get informed on what you plan to purchase.

This idea is inspired. At the moment I am enjoying my life and am in the vortex the majority of my days the past 2-3 months. I can hold off on the idea, I am taking this in my a curious mind.

If this is truly inspired then stick to your inspiration. Ignore anyone who tries to promote fear. Take advice from people who have actually used the substance in a calm state of mind.

It doesn't matter to me if you try this or not. If you are determined to do so though, I would rather give you helpful advice instead of instilling you with worry and panic. As I have already mentioned, you are an adult and can make your own decisions.

If you need anymore information that I didn't cover please leave it in the comments.


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@Cory has given some excellent advice @Nikulas I'm not encouraging or discouraging the use of cannabis; it's your decision & I have no issues with anyone who wishes to smoke. If you are going to do this - be smart. Make sure you trust your supplier & you know what you're buying. Have fun..

(26 Jun '13, 19:11) ele

Some very good points in here!

(27 Jun '13, 06:42) lastplacefavourite

@Cory- Good to see you brother. It's nice to hear some sincere honest guidelines about it. Yes the idea is defenitly inspired (its not coming from any place desperate). I'm going to hold off for a few days/ weeks and just keep an eye out for vibrational matches and more inner guidance. Funny enough, not even through asking, somebody gave me a stick of it but yet I've had no desire to even touch it. The smell puts me off and I'm getting different ideas that are driven by fear.

(27 Jun '13, 09:19) Nikulas

...Ideas, in terms of, any negative effects. At our Treb says, any negative/positive washovers I get out of the experience are self-perpetuated, and what I fear is if I smoke it (even just one puff) I'll become paranoid...that thought in my head will probably leave me paranoid.

But my feelings and thoughts are pushing me into it.

(27 Jun '13, 09:22) Nikulas

@Nikulas I wouldn't worry about becoming paranoid, as far as I have ever experienced paranoia it is from worrying that you will be caught. If you are sensible enough to smoke in your own home or somewhere away from people you will be safe. Knowing you are safe you will be fine. Its only because of its legal status that paranoia exists, which is a belief system that has been brainwashed into people by all the propaganda and the bad name such an enlightening plant has received! I wonder why ;)

(27 Jun '13, 11:16) lastplacefavourite

@Nikulus it is funny to me that you do not like the smell! It is one of the most beautifull smells I can imagine. And one of the most complex! Different strains are like fine wines. Whatever you choose to do will be the right choice my brother. Take it easy, Peace

(27 Jun '13, 11:19) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite - I sometimes experience paranoia, not for fear of being caught, but if I am with a group of people that I don't know well. This is because weed makes me hyper-analytical and brings out a bit of social anxiety, so it's not about being caught (I've never really worried about that!). But alone, or with close friends, I'm fine :)

(27 Jun '13, 13:02) cassiopeia

@cassiopeia ah fair enough, I forget how different peoples experiences can be. Speaking for myself I found it easier to communicate with people I didn't know and I would act a lot more outgoing than sober.

(27 Jun '13, 15:34) lastplacefavourite
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Well, it is as easy as this. If you feel it will expand you, it will. It can never effect you in anyway, UNLESS this experience is within you to begin with. It is an extension of u. It is a permission slip, BUT if it works for u, do it brother. Be weary of the ideas of using it to fill voids, this is how addiction happens. LOVE. Treb talks about this here. I really think he nails it on the head. It is already at the correct time.

Love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Cool Rob. I thought you'd be one of the first to pop up and joyfully say "go for it!!" hahaha.

Great video. I'm really starting to take an addictive liking to Treb even more so than bashar these days!

(27 Jun '13, 09:14) Nikulas

This is a great way of putting it. I have a particular friend who have tried almost all kinds of drugs and vices and he never seems to get addicted to any of them and a lot of people (including myself) wonder why. His motto is to "Try all the vices in the world at least once before dying"

(27 Jun '13, 10:51) kakaboo

@nikulas. You know urself better than anyone. So u know ur limitations. I do not personally advocate any drug in itself. I know from my old addiction days, that it only takes one time of falling in love with a feeling u do not think u can get without it, and that is all done from there. I do know u know urself well, and as long as u do it for the right reasons,. then it is just fine @kakaboo. I know what u mean, some people can do it and never pic up again.

(27 Jun '13, 14:09) TReb Bor yit-NE

Love u guys, just re read, and yes, treb is an addiction in himself LOLOL,

(11 Jul '13, 23:08) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I recently listened to an Abraham segment about marijuana, wherein they explained that the way it works on people is that it makes it pretty well impossible for you to focus specifically, and by zooming out and going general, you experience the natural flow of well-being, and that's what being high is about.


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I agree to some extent but rather than being impossible it can be quite the opposite if used with intent to focus on a subject.

(27 Jun '13, 06:41) lastplacefavourite

I think you are setting the right intention to do it ... so its fine. Its like when someone goes to a club and is afraid to dance. but then has some alcohol and dances, and the lesson they realize is oh wow i had a great time i can do it. So then they get understanding that they can do w/o alcohol too.

So as you said it expanded their limiting belief in this case.

i myself dont know much about drugs so take advice from others who about it. Always be moderate in anything in life. Its same with this. Its ok to take small dose to expand your consciousness. later if you see yourself to keep on doing it, then checkin and think why ? am i getting addicted, then its time get off of it. etc...

Also you should do this since you are inspired you say. But if are following your joy in your life, then that joy would be sooo much powerful and exhilarating that you dont need drugs. So keep that in mind. its the same for me with alcohol, i am social drinker and i do get crazy occasionally and enjoy like crazy. But that should not be norm. My regular life is supposed to create that joy w/o that drug. I dance and for me thats my real natural drug. And when you have the real joy you will know the difference.

So use this only as a jump board to something greater in your life. For now go ahead and enjoy the experience!!


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Yes, I love my life just fine the way it is, thus there is no realy essential desire to smoke it. Like I said, it's just been an idea in my head and is really getting sharp after I heard Bashar talk about it and after hearing a close friend of mine trying it and having one of the greatest experiences of his life.

(27 Jun '13, 09:26) Nikulas

I recall Abraham stating that unless an idea is "hell YES!" and you have burning drive to do something, then the answer is "Hell NO!"

Based on saying that, me trying cannabis is hell no.

(27 Jun '13, 09:28) Nikulas

I am putting my two cents in here because you wanted all sorts of points of view on this.

Be sure you know your dealer well, and the quality of your dope. I had two really bad experiences after smoking dope, and they were both caused because the pot was "laced" (infused with) in one case, cocaine and the other PCP.

My daughter smokes for medicinal reasons, and it really helps her headaches and her neck. She rolled her Jeep in an accident, and screwed up her neck. The doctors cannot do anything for her, so she tried marijuana.

Marijuana has been legalized in 18 states and DC. If you go to this site, you will find a listing of the states and what they will allow or not. It is a really great resource for you to see if you are in the USA.

Frankly, pot did little for me except make me sick. :) So good luck on your investigations, but be careful. You do not want to end up in jail because of your spiritual adventures!

Here is a copy of a paper I wrote for college about the need to legalize marijuana in the USA. It has a lot of statistics about weed. Enjoy!

The Need to Legalize Marijuana

My daughter, K., was in a bad car accident about three years ago- she rolled our Jeep Cherokee three times and was lucky to survive. The accident left her with a permanently misaligned neck. Her neck problems cause her to have chronic migraine headaches. K. does not have medical insurance, and cannot afford the cost of prescription medicine for her headaches, chronic neck pain, and muscle spasms. With her neurologist’s approval, and despite the fact that marijuana is still illegal in Mississippi, she smokes it every night and finds it very effective in dealing with her pain. The cost is about $50 a month. The prescriptions she would need would cost much, much more. Similarly, cancer patients and chronic pain sufferers are finding that marijuana is very effective in dealing with the pain and consequent nausea of their conditions. Unfortunately, marijuana for medical use is only legal in sixteen states. As a society, we need to look at the use of marijuana in a new way. In the right hands, at the right times, marijuana helps many, many people.

Americans consume about 31 million pounds of marijuana every year at an estimated street price of $3,570 per pound. That adds up to an expenditure of $113 billion annually, all of it going into an underground black market “economy” that is untaxed by the federal government.

As explained by a new report in the Bulletin of Cannabis Reform , the illegality of marijuana costs local, state, and the federal government billions in tax revenue. According to the United States Office of Management and Budget, 28.7% of the gross domestic product – the total economic output of the country in a year – ends up in government’s pockets as taxes. So, if we do the math, the diversion of money into the marijuana black market costs the government $31.1 billion annually in lost taxes. Marijuana arrests account for 5.54% of all arrests in the United States. The USA spends $193 billion annually on its criminal justice system. So, marijuana arrests thus add up to $10.7 billion annually in criminal justice expenses. If we add these facts together, we can conclude easily that marijuana prohibition costs the US $42 billion every year! (

Marijuana use by humans, both as hemp and as a medicine, is a long one. Around 6000 B.C., hemp seeds were used as food in China. By roughly 2700 B.C., Chinese history tells us that cannabis was used as a medication to treat a variety of health problems. Later, the plant was grown there on a large scale for food and fiber. In fact, all through history, marijuana has been grown as hemp for rope and other household and business needs. Surprisingly, in 1617, a law was passed in The Colonies of America that required farmers to grow hemp; George Washington's major crop, that he willingly grew, was hemp. So our acquaintance with cannabis is a long, long one, and it was not until the late 19th-early 20th century that people decided to make an issue of marijuana. (

Recent history has been much harsher. There is actually a man in jail right now who was sentenced to thirty years in prison for his first possession charge! ( There is a petition being circulated to get this poor man, who was jailed as a teen, out of prison. His sentence is very much cruel and unusual punishment. It points out our need to rethink our attitudes about marijuana.

If marijuana was legalized, a number of costly practices would be eliminated. In the first place, the Federal Government would no longer need to chase down the dealers of marijuana. The government itself would become responsible for both the authority to manufacture marijuana and also would then become its only supplier. As stated above, we are spending a fortune trying to stop drug dealers of marijuana and at the same time, not benefiting from the profits of the sale of marijuana. That $42 billion mentioned above, by itself, could in part fund the space program, help Medicare and Medicaid, or really help our country in some other, more positive way.

Another benefit of legalizing marijuana is this: the government would be in charge, instead of illegal drug dealers; and legalization would create a new taxable item, and the government would be in charge of the production and sale of marijuana as a drug. As I have said, this would allow the government to chase after the really troubling drugs, as “crystal meth” and cocaine, and heroin. There is not one documented case of a person dying from an overdose of marijuana! Plenty of people die from the overuse of tobacco and alcohol, which are considered legal drugs.(

A further benefit of legalization would be in the creation of a new cash crop for farmers to grow that would be a very profitable crop for them. We would no longer need to import marijuana for medical use. Finally, the police would thus be free to concentrate on drugs that are a much larger and more dangerous problem than marijuana, like home-manufactured “meth”, and cocaine, both which are terribly addicting, and almost impossible to quit.

Perhaps the major issue in legalizing marijuana has to do with the fact that, as it stands now, because marijuana is an illegal drug, if a person wants marijuana, he or she must go to a drug dealer to get it. The drug dealer is in business to keep his or her customers and to deal drugs- no matter what. This person also may deal harder drugs, and may try to “push” those harder drugs upon the customer. This is so dangerous, and peer pressure is so strong, that our children are being exposed to hard drugs easily and very casually. Getting marijuana out of the hands of drug dealers would put it in the same category as alcohol and tobacco. There would no longer be any exposure of our children to drug dealers of marijuana; thus marijuana would stop being a “gateway” drug.

Marijuana is already legal for use in 18 states. Here is a short quote from a former Surgeon General about the need to have marijuana available for medical use:

“"The evidence is overwhelming that marijuana can relieve certain types of pain,    nausea, vomiting and other symptoms caused by such illnesses as multiple    sclerosis, cancer and AIDS -- or by the harsh drugs sometimes used to treat them.   And it can do so with remarkable safety. Indeed, marijuana is less toxic than   many of the drugs that physicians prescribe every day."<p>
-- Joycelyn Elders, MD
Former US Surgeon General
Editorial, Providence Journal
Mar. 26, 2004””


I have already told the reader about my daughter. Now there are millions of people who can legally obtain marijuana in the United States! But because marijuana is not legal across all fifty states, some of the people who obtain medical marijuana also deal what they get from the pharmacy! This fact alone justifies a National Law about legalizing “weed”. If the plant was grown and sold legally, this illegal dealing of medical marijuana would come to a halt. Nobody would be able to make much money from it.

This is why we need to get marijuana out of the hands of dealers. It simply is not as dangerous as the many other “illegal” drugs that are out there, except in the hands of dealers.. In fact, smoking it only became a real issue in the early-to-mid 20th century. Prohibition tried to stop the use of alcohol, and was a complete failure- it also started a fervent black market for “hooch” that immediately caused more trouble for America than drinking ever did. Although the law against alcohol was a huge failure, the attitude of angst about “drugs” prevails even today.

It is my fervent hope that our country grows up and starts to see that the war on drugs should begin with strict legalization of marijuana, tougher laws against stronger and very addicting drugs, and changing our feelings about what amounts to an effective remedy for many real ailments. I do NOT advocate the illegal drug trade as it stands; I worry all the time about my daughter being found with marijuana and getting arrested. This would be wrong in her case, because she needs it for her pain. There are so many, many other people just like K. who are good people, good citizens, who are suffering and could benefit from medical, legalized marijuana.


Hope somebody scrolls all the way to the bottom of this page and sees this! LOL!

Good luck!



answered 27 Jun '13, 10:26

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I saw it. Great essay :)

(27 Jun '13, 13:13) cassiopeia

TY! @cassiopeia! I am glad somebody saw it! LOL!

(27 Jun '13, 15:30) Jaianniah

The only down side to cannabis is that it's illegal in some areas. Besides that, it's WAYYY les harmful than tobacco or alcohol (and brainwashed people in the USA need not refute this, I'm not listening ...) The only reason I do not smoke now is because I get drugtested every year or so, and I do not think it's worth risking my income.

It's a natural substance, it's not harmful, and if you have never tried it, it's worth experiencing. I personally enjoy experiencing altered states of consciousness, as long as I am a willing participant. I do NOT like altered states of consciousness that have been surrepticiously forced upon me in the form of HIDDEN food additives such as aspartame, MSG, HFCS, glyphosate, "natural" flavorings and who knows what other chemicals thaat are hidden in our foods.

Besides does it not say in Genesis 1:29, "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." Who are you going to believe, the Hebrew God or some people?

Cannabis is way safer ... enjoy! And have a few tokes for me.


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Beach Baby


i dont agree with you using the Genesis 1:29. Its like saying God created fire so i will put my hand in it. God loves you but he will burn your hand. But he does NOT want you to put your hand in the fire. So there can trees that are poisonous and if it is you dont want to try that. Same case here. I am not disputing you should not smoke cannabis here at all but the quote you are using. I am a social drinker and i WILL FOR SURE CONTINUE TO HAVE MY WINE!!! lol no one is stopping me there.

(27 Jun '13, 18:39) abrahamloa

I dont know much about drugs.. but if Cannbis is like marijuana or social drinking type then i would YES indulge in it moderately enough to not affect your body or unnecessary attachments.

(27 Jun '13, 18:40) abrahamloa

WEll, God does not say to put your hand in the fire anywhere in the Bible that I have read ...and I am neither a Christian or a Jew ... although I Have studied the Bible, because it has much knowledge ... cannabis is not poisonous ... more people die of alcohol poisoning than cannabis (and I like wine as well) It is natural, and has not killed people ... lt's not be brainwashed by the US gov't.

(27 Jun '13, 20:45) Beach Baby

let's* (not it's)

(27 Jun '13, 20:48) Beach Baby
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I don't think this is a good idea. You could become addicted like Cheech and Chong. I still remember it was either the 80's or 90's there was a commercial for taking drugs. It showed a girl smoke a marijuana joint type of cigaret. She took two puffs then poured gas over her car and lit it on fire! She was laughing hysterically!

It said something like, "Don't take drugs, you could end up like this."This was a very powerful message against drugs and the risk. It was a scary commercial!

This is the closest I could find, but the message is the same. Pot smoking drove these people insane!

This is some bad stuff, here are the facts against marijuana.


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Wade Casaldi

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Sorry Wade, but those commercials are pure propaganda. The documentary "Grass" - provides some insight on the politics of the war against marijuana.

I have smoked weed on and off for 10 years, and most my friends have as well.I have only known one person for whom it became an addiction that impacted his life badly, but that was during a time of his life when he had depression issues (he had smoked for years before without becoming addicted). He is now fine.

(26 Jun '13, 10:20) cassiopeia

Also, there is a little evidence to suggest that marijuana can bring out latent psychological disorders in people, but out of the 50+ people (probably more) I have known that smoked weed, I have never seen this happen, nor have I heard of it happening. As for the last link you posted, I agree with some of the side effects, but only for people who smoke a lot on a regular basis. I can easily smoke 3 evenings a week without side effects (I don't do it that often usually, but it goes in phases).

(26 Jun '13, 10:25) cassiopeia

The only real danger for a responsible person with no mental health problems is of course the smoke, which is carcinogenic. You can use a water bong or vaporiser to minimise the risks.

(26 Jun '13, 10:25) cassiopeia

PS. Here is a link to watch the documentary Grass online, if anyone is interested:

It's been years since I watched it, but I remember finding it very insightful and entertaining :)

(26 Jun '13, 10:30) cassiopeia

@cassiopeia In states where medical marijuana is legal; it's actually prescribed to people with MH issues. For "some" people who suffer from bipolar or depression it acts as a mood stabilizer . It's also RX for PTSD & anxiety for its calming effect. It depends on the individual & yes it can make MH issues worse. Personally, I know someone whose only medication for schizophrenia has been cannabis. He's 10 yrs older than me & has been using it for medicinal purposes his entire adult life.

(26 Jun '13, 19:09) ele

The illegality of cannabis (marijuana is the term governments gave it upon prohibition) is ridiculous and mostly stems from the fact that if Hemp was grown it would end most of the problems we face today in society, they make more money from cuttig down trees for paper and using fossil fuels..Etc. If people would like me to dig up facts I can but it will take time to go theough notes and find sources. The male plant Hemp will save our planet and the female plant cannabis educates us spiritually.

(27 Jun '13, 06:38) lastplacefavourite

@Wade- I really would have thought you would have given me a different, more open minded answer that a strict bold "dont do it." Perhaps others will gain insight through reading it , so just wanted to say thankyou for the contribution.

(27 Jun '13, 09:24) Nikulas

I'm appalled that there are still people who believe cannabis will drive the mind "crazy" and other such nonsensical propaganda. As I posted earlier, cannabis, by definition, is NOT a drug, as it is NOT poison. Wade, and all others who beLIEve the propaganda, really need to get educated on the subject. Here's a good start.

(27 Jun '13, 09:54) crosby

All I remember was being so shocked at this kid burning up his car! I thought man he is so out of it, he has no idea what he is doing! He could kill someone or himself without realizing what he has done!

Maybe they wanted to make the commercial scary and it is a lie. I don't know, you would need to look up incidents and deaths related to pot I guess. I will watch those links though, thanks.

(27 Jun '13, 10:23) Wade Casaldi

Cannabis was listed in the United States Pharmacopeia from 1850 until 1942 (prior to PATENTED DRUGS!!), and was prescribed for various conditions including labor pains, nausea and rheumatism. Its medicinal properties include: topical anesthetic, anti-asthmatic, antibiotic, anti-epileptic, antispasmodic, antidepressant, antitussive, appetite stimulant, and as an agent to ease withdrawal from alcohol and opiates. In other words, the government banned a MEDICINE, not a "drug."

(27 Jun '13, 10:27) crosby

@Wade Casaldi - Anyone who has smoked will tell you that the commercial was a lie. I don't have any information on hand about cannabis-related deaths, but apart from long-term problems from the carcinogenic smoke, I'd wager that the only cannabis-related deaths would be due to irresponsibility, e.g. smoking and driving, or the odd case of psychosis-waiting-to-happen-and-cannabis-triggered-it.

(27 Jun '13, 13:09) cassiopeia

That is not to say it is 100% harmless - everything can be dangerous in excess. Some people get potassium poisoning from eating too many bananas!

Still, cannabis is MUCH safer than alcohol, for example. And also much less likely to lead to irresponsible behaviour (e.g. driving while under the influence).

(27 Jun '13, 13:11) cassiopeia
(27 Jun '13, 18:31) Wade Casaldi
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After smoking cannabis for seven years and only recently managing to stop and stick with not smoking without being tempted to go back I warn you to keep your goals in mind and always remember why you started and plan when you will again stop. It would be unfortunate if you became attached as I did and undo all of your hard work you have put into progressing spiritually. For me it was a natural evolution to start smoking I just did it at the wrong time, I was 14 and obviously still in school. It stopped me from achieving all I could because attention switched from learning at school to learning outside at life. Believe me I wouldn't change it for the world though, I have learned so much over my seven years of bunning my beloved mary.

BUT! and this is a big but. I should of stopped when I hit a certain point! I cannot think back through the fog to realise when that point was although I can definitely tell you when it should of been. When you have experienced the many different states of consciousness it can show you, you have learned everything about yourself it can guide you to. When you experience all of these things; having thrown up from smoking too much, when you can't get any higher from smoking any more (you actually hit a plateau where you feel sober again because you are that high) when you want to get high before doing things because you believe it would make them better (it does but you need to remember that they were obviously fun sober otherwise you wouldnt be doing them at all) when your friends only want to get high and cant think of anything to do because you cant remember what was fun before getting anymore.

I know it seems a bit drastic but it can spiral to that all to easily, I saw it happen with myself, my freinds and other groups of people in my town. It starts off once in a blue moon and gradually gets more often until its at the weekends, then eventually its every night and finally every day.

So my advice would be to plan out how long you want to keep smoking for in advance, keep it fun, keep it about learning, keep it spiritual. In fact if I alwere to go back and try it for the first time aain I would eat it, honestly its a whole different experience when eaten! So much better and I believe it is what it would prefer rather than being burnt and inhaled. If you do not want to eat it then I can only recommend getting a vapouriser or if that is too expensive for you use a bong, DO NOT make the mistake I have by mixing it with tobacco. I now have a nicotine addiction I have to overcome even though I have only ever smoked the odd cigarette.

Another thing to think about is the type of bud you are smoking, there are a lot of different strains and growing techniques. I would personally advise you to try to get as close to natural as possible, stay away from genetically modified strains with high THC content and herb that is grown with non-organic fertilisers. Try to find it that has been grown in soil rather than hydroponics or other similar systems. The best thing would be to buy some seeds off the internet of a strain that is as close to the original plants that were found around the world as possible and grow it yourself under the sun rather than artificial light.

I have read that from a spiritual perspective it is damaging to your aura and causes a disconnect between you and your soul for the duration of the high and some time after. This can be combatted though as I found out when I went to Reiki high and my practitioner could instantly tell trough my aura's fuzziness and afterwards she told me she had cleared me up which did make me feel a lot more connected and clear.

I can add so much more as I have a LOT of knowledge about the plant due to all my experience, other's experience and my personal research. So please feel free to ask any questions you like and I will do my best to answer them and provide advise/recommendations.

It is truly a beautiful plant but unfortunately due to no-ones fault other than my own I did the unthinkable and abused its power, I will end on a quote I once read when I was started out smoking but I cannot remember the source "she is one of your greatest plant ally's and one of your closest friends, she can teach you much about the universe and yourself, but she is also a mad-man and will fuck you when she wants" I took that warning too lightly. Peace!


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edited 27 Jun '13, 06:54

I do not meant to scare you off the plant, you definitely should try it! Especially if you are inspired to do so. I just hoped to give you a warning of how quickly it can get out of hand.

(27 Jun '13, 06:30) lastplacefavourite

This got me thinking about all the different experiences I have had and one of the best was when everything I experienced (sight, sound) was split into timeframes literally with gaps in between. If I looked around the room there was a delay between the movement of my head and the information being processed by my brain, if that makes sense.

(27 Jun '13, 06:31) lastplacefavourite

It was like I was experiencing time as it really is (a collection of now moments, rather than being linear) funnily enough I have only experienced that a handfull of times which I think has sonething to do with my tolerance building as they were right at the start of my smoking career.

(27 Jun '13, 06:31) lastplacefavourite
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