Consider: and are our thoughts the blue print of what later becomes the physical form?

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according to the Master Key System, yes 100%

(07 Jan '11, 01:00) Back2Basics

@B2B thank you for sharing that point!

(07 Jan '11, 01:46) Inactive User ♦♦
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Yes and No

Yes it is crucial to pay attention to your thoughts (especially if they consist mostly of what you do not want)

And if the assertion is that we are responsible for the physical form of reality that surrounds us, then NO.

It is not that we are the sole architects of reality as we know it.

It is that reality seems to have a foundation in a matrix of energy that seems to be the common denominator in all matter regardless of its purpose, its nature, or its texture.

It is a common source of energy that is within everything and let's loosely calls this "All that is"

Now it turns out, that when one decides to completely still their consciousness long enough allowing it to expand from this highly concentrated moment of attention called "self", it has been described to expand till it is one with the totality of "All that is" although the individual's body and point of reference is still maintained.

So it seems that the reality that surrounds us emerges from a holographic energy source where every point of reference is capable of being "everything" and "anything", and within that capability becomes matter.

Your consciousness is a glimpse into this same energy potential as seen from your point of view and within that capability becomes matter with the capacity of thought (you).

Your source that you know as "me" and the physical reality that surrounds you seems to be the same thing

So you can say that you are the portion of reality that THINKS.

But how do we all coordinate ourselves so that we automatically accommodate each other?

It is like looking at a picture on a computer screen where thousands of pixels work together to create 1 picture.

If you were to pick one pixel that is shining bright green and examine it's consciousness you don't see bright green, you see the entire picture within which this pixel is identifying with bright green, the nature of its consciousness is the entire picture.

Now if you pick another red pixel and a different end of the picture and examine its consciousness, you see the same entire picture, within which this pixel is identifying with red. But its consciousness is the same entire picture as the green pixel.

So you are not creating the reality around you, it exists with or without you.

However it's source and your source is the same source, and you have access to that source.

You know that source as CONSCIOUSNESS.

So you do not desire WITH YOUR consciousness.

You desire AS CONSCIOUSNESS of creation from the reference point of Vee.

Others desires become your thoughts and your desires become others thoughts.

So you see nothing wrong with participating in accommodating other's desires for they naturally emerge from within your own consciousness as your own thoughts, for your consciousness is the same source as theirs.

Likewise the reality that surrounds you exists apart from you, but its source and your source is the same source. It is a natural extension of yourself, for what you know as yourself is the source from which it emerges as well.

So you are not modifying it as much as emerging from it.

What "It" becomes also becomes your mind and yourself.

The smaller the proximity to "it", the greater the influence.

Your greatest influence is yourself (your body)

Then comes your immediate surrounding (your house plants, your pets etc.)

Your next sphere of influence is the collective consciousness of our species. (As a databank of ask and receive)

Beyond this your influence drops very fast.

So you have an influence upon reality but only in a very small way.

Unless you manipulate the collective consciousness with the intent of manipulating reality.

In this case you get the majority of the portion of reality that "thinks" to think the same thing. That is you get the majority of the human species to envision the same conditions within the physical reality.

It's a big job and you have to manipulate all the source of information with which the average person "makes up their mind"


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Ok Mr Traveler you went and did it again. What? You ask. Explained something that I understand. Very clearly. When you talked about the pixels I kept thinking about when you divide a hologram in 4 you do not get 4 different pieces but 4 exact versions just smaller. I can sleep easy now.

(05 Jan '11, 04:41) jim 10

Wandering Dude: I really appreciate your encouragement because I didn’t exactly like my answer. Usually I don't edit the answer except spell check; I just put it down like a conversation. This one was not easy because I tried to just give up so many times. Somewhere along the way I lost the answer and then tried to "edit" it back to make sense. (Took a couple of hours)

(05 Jan '11, 04:56) The Traveller

it's an understanding challenging to put into words. i like the pixel, fractal, and hologram metaphors too :)

(05 Jan '11, 05:02) Hu Re

Thank you for all the work you have put into your answer, and I am going to read, and read it, because it has a lot of information that is interesting, and educational!

(06 Jan '11, 06:58) Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you Vee! Appreciate it!

(07 Jan '11, 15:40) The Traveller
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there may be more to it than a thought,
the intention may start off its own balancing force,
particularly if too far out of line,
so it appears that we do, start the ball rolling in our thoughts


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You are right on point as always! Thank you.

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I would say Vee we do it for almost exactly the same reason that we watch what we eat and drink.

Folks spend sometimes TOO much time worrying whats being fed into the physical body. BUT they realise that what they put in is what they will reap or get out.

The body is SO like the spiritual body. What you consistently put in youll eventually get back.If i remember rightly Jesus drew on this analogy. For Him ideas,thoughts,service to others and beliefs were food and drink.

I try to treat my mind/spirit as if IT IS my body...cos eventually when my bodies gone it could be all ive got left!!



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Monty Riviera

You have cover an important point treat your mind/spirit etc. I agree totally! Thank you.

(07 Jan '11, 01:43) Inactive User ♦♦
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