With the recent question on suicide and as well Jai and I being in a bit of a slump I have decided to tackle this question of what really needs changed. It is not the body and life but the brain to be the coordinator of the life experience.

As we understand from many of the great masters that as we think so we experience then we have to come to the conclusion of a flawed experience must come from flawed beliefs that are hidden within the brain. People want to escape life but what they really want is to escape the thought process that makes them miserable.

We need something like a brain transplant of what doesn't work for us to what does work for others. There are millionaires and billionaires that have lost everything only to regain it all back in a few short years, that is powerful thought right there! So if we can just say this brain is not cutting it for me I want a new brain with new thinking to have experiences that I want to have then everything would be different.

So I have been thinking of eradicating all thought of failure, poverty, hopelessness etc commanding my right brain to handle this like it is seeking and destroying a virus in the mind. Then I would need to use something like NLP to put in to the mind the thoughts and beliefs I would need to have in order to experience the things I want to experience.

So my question is that the answer to our troubles stems from our thinking instead of destroying the vessel we simply destroy the thoughts and beliefs contained in the brain to become a new person in effect killing off the old person similar to The Magic Story, I believe it to be so.

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Wade Casaldi

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You are right Wade if one can change their way of thinking and stop the worry than life shall become happiear and new positive circumstances shall become ours.

(08 Jan '12, 04:11) Paulina 1
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The first thing to be clear about is the difference between the brain and the mind. Our brain is merely the instrument of our mind. It is a mechanical device similar in nature to a computer; call it a biological holographic computer. Our mind programs our brain and our brain has no choice other than to carry out the wishes and commands of our mind, that's the mechanics of our brain. Once we understand that we see that any challenge we have lies not with our brain, but with our mind.

Thus, all issues are concerning our mind, so what is our mind? Our mind is our personality construct, otherwise known as our ego-self. Our mind is built up of past memories; it is no more and no less than that, a bundle of memories. However, due to conditioning, our ego-self believes it is real, believes it is something permanent and therein lies the greatest clue to pain and suffering.

Once a person remembers their higher self, one’s ego-self finally grasps the reality that it is an artificial construct made up of past memories. And that due to change being a constant of life, by its very nature, the ego-self is impermanent and forever changing, thus it is not real in any permanent sense. From one moment to the next our mind is not and never has been the same artificial construct, it is always and forever changing as we flow through life.

As long as our mind insists that it is real in a permanent way (self-importance), the potential for pain and suffering will always exist. After all, what is the cause of pain and suffering? Things are like this, but I want things to be as they were. Things are like this, but I want things to be different to this in future. Right there is a clue to how a dysfunctional mind works, always comparing the way things are to the past or the future, rather than observing what is in front of it and dealing with What Actually Is right now.

Take the issue of suicide. The reality is that someone who has decided to commit suicide does not talk about it, they just do it, it is over, it is done. Whereas a mind that is seeking attention does what it can in any form to gain the attention of others, including in extreme cases actually committing suicide. I realize that someone who is caught up in the trap of their ego-self will not like hearing what is being said here.

Nevertheless, their higher mind or higher self wants them to hear it. If that were not the case, I would not feel inspired to write it; there are no one-sided coins in the Universe. I am merely acting as a reflection of the reader’s own higher self and what it wants them to hear.

The solution to most challenges lies in fully realizing that our mind is forever changing and that only this moment is real. When you primarily reside in the eternal moment of now, what possible trouble can there be in terms of past regret or future anxiety? Gone are the days of clinging to the past or hoping for the future, all that’s left is a being in the present, that’s presence.

Realize that your higher self, the greater part of you, is what is really real beyond the illusion. Pay attention to it and be guided by it; that is all you have to do for a wonder-full, peace-full, happy and exciting life.

Namaste ♥


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Excellent, Eddie have you ever read "IS"? Here is the link http://www.is1.org/index.html

(08 Jan '12, 10:40) Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade. I may read that book :)

(08 Jan '12, 23:21) Eddie

good book wade first time i read it. i liked the part of i am that i am. i also liked the ending:

Wherein I may not be entirely comprehended, the plus-entity of whosoever reads will supply the deficiency; and upon that Better Self of mine, I place the burden of imparting to generations that are to come, the secret of this all-pervading good - the secret of being what you have it within you to be.

has for the question on suicide: one needs to go with in and understand is though and emotion and put it to rest. that duality does not serve you.

What people don't seem to know is that they chose to come here so there is nothing to escape!If they really did meditation and went out of the body to god(samadhi) they would know that! You chose to come here and experience this world to grow and learn new stuff so stop trying to escape, and do something good for yourself and others from this experience! Know that you are here by choice and when you really make the choice at 100% to leave from here you will go... that is called death!That is why suicide is bad, it is destroying the body and stopping you from doing what you came here to do! There is no escape from your own choice!


the man that was thinking that he was trap; and see that he is not. is he not free to escape is own delusion?

experience and enjoy.


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white tiger


Yes agreed. :-)

(08 Jan '12, 10:44) Wade Casaldi

Dear Wade, Yes you ae right in that if we can only change the way we think to a more positive way and stop the worry than we shall have more positive circumstances in our life. It is a lot easier said than done when one is feeling down but right thought is all important.

What many on spiritual questers seem to forget is that we have a physical body that abides by the physical laws of our world and sometimes needs physical intervention on top of the spiritual.

I have over the years through my nutritional studies discovered that it is imposible to think positively when your brain chemistry is not as it should be. We have many neurotransmitters that if not funcioning properly for whatever reason make it almost imposible to think and feel in a good way.

Our bodies use fuel (food) and no amount of trying to think right will work unless the right fuel is provided to activate and make all the right neurotransmiters and hormones needed for good funcioning of the brain. Once all components are in place and there is ample supply of all the right stuff than positive thinking is much, much easier and in fact seems to be the norm.

If you want to change your thoughts to more positve thoughts give yourself the right nutrition and it will be easier to acomplish your goal.


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Paulina 1

Ahh nutrition is a part too, I like this. :-)

(08 Jan '12, 10:42) Wade Casaldi

what if it is your will that hold
the throttle of control,
by what do you let it be swayed
a history of stored thoughts of instinct
instead of remorseful, unfulfilled desites
or be it of new spiritual intuitions;
surely not by wisdom


answered 10 Jan '12, 22:06

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