I think that distinction is important to make.

Is darkness consciousness and everything that exists light and we bring stuff to ourselves by focusing on it? Or is consciousness Light and darkness is the space that we are using to create things?

Does all possibilities exist and we are able to bring those possibilities to us by focusing on it? Or does nothing at all exist and we are able to create by focusing ideas on that nothingness/space?

Is everything Light and we are darkness bringing what we focus on to us?

Or is everything darkness and we are The Light creating the things we focus on?

This is an important distinction to make because it really effects how we perceive things and I want to know how we - as consciousness - as creators (or attractions) - are forming our own experiences of reality.

Bashar seems to teach that everything already exists (including parallel worlds), and we are non-physical and constantly shifting and bringing different "frames" of physicality to us to give the illusion of "living" and "time". Abraham seems to teach that as we focus on something we create it in our "vibrational reality (vortex)" and then it manifests (is created) in the physical. Which way is it?

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The darkness or light analogy doesn't matter: those are just words we associate with the concept of formless infinite potential or consciousness and the specific expressions of that potential. Darkness would be pure Self awareness or consciousness and the light within that darkness would be specific imaginations that would beget their corresponding reflections in conditions of any specific "world" of consciousness. Yes, everything exists in our consciousness which is infinite / formless potential. This formless consciousness can be shaped into any specific expression we can imagine. A good way to understand this is thinking of it as a lucid dream. You can dream anything can't you? So you can create anything and you are limited only by your consciousness i.e. beliefs and ideas that you may hold. You are conscious of what you are conscious of. Consciousness is all there is and is the basis of all things experienced. Experience must reflect what we are conscious of in ESSENCE (: general idea and feeling :) and sometimes (: perhaps very often if we are in alignment all the time :) the exact thing we imagine.

So in short everything exists and what you really create is the UNIQUE FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE of it. When people say when you desire something you "create" it, it simply means you are activating or animating a corresponding vibrational state of mind that will eventually make it's way into your conditions if you are aligned. The expansion is not about creating absolutely NEW things from scratch, EVERYTHING EXISTS IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS but is activated / animated or not based on your focus through the seemingly finite senses.

Let me know if this helps.


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ok, thanks for clearing that up.

I guess that's why people who do energy healing like Reiki, they don't use their own energy, they draw that energy in from an infinite source of energy in order to heal them.

(26 Sep '14, 17:09) arpgme

Yeah that Infinite Source is You that is you that is the same as ALL there is. It is the you that the senses cannot comprehend. The You that is consciousness is all there is.

(26 Sep '14, 17:58) harsha
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