When using a pendulum to Divine answer to yes or no questions, why is it more demonstrative for the no answers. Do I need more practice? Do I need to reprogram the pendulum? This is so funny after asking these questions on the site, the device started behaving better. Like when you tell on a little kid they get embarrassed and starting behaving better. What up with that?

asked 05 Jan '11, 03:07

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@Stingray, and all for some reason I don't believe that pendulum wanted to work with me. Funny I just lost it, for good I think. Time for a new one. Thanks for you answers.

(05 Jan '11, 21:39) Tom
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You have taken yourself out of the equation. You treat the pendulum as if it has a mind of its own. It is an extension of you. The conflict is within.


answered 06 Jan '11, 08:57

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The Knights Alchemy

Great answer :)

(06 Jan '11, 21:44) Michaela

Thanks all ....

(06 Jan '11, 22:07) Tom

Difficult to answer this without knowing how and when you use it - and how much previous experience you have with it.

If you are not already doing so, try asking questions in the third person to keep yourself more emotionally-detached from it.


answered 05 Jan '11, 07:27

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it's a situation of feeling and becoming aware not using the five senses : the pendulum is just a physical support to magnify your feelings .


answered 05 Jan '11, 10:06

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blubird two

I can't get pendulums to work at all for me, and it was suggested that my energy was too jumbled and unsettled last time I tried; you need to be clear and as Stingray says unattached to the outcome.

As a method for finding an answer though isn't it just an extension of your intuition, which if you are really connected to it you can use without needing a pendulum? I find the feeling in my stomach more reliable than which way the pendulum swings.


answered 05 Jan '11, 11:14

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seems to me you've answered your own question and that you don't need a pendulum .

(08 Jan '11, 07:35) blubird two

Yeah, I stopped trying a while back!

(08 Jan '11, 11:04) aquamarine

The Pendulum of it self has no power it only has the power that you give to it! Therefore, it is a fool proof aid to boast your moral into believing that it has some kind of power that you do not have, but in essence it is mind games.

Man was created to create whatever it is that he desires in his life, and if you desire to use the Pendulum to manifest for you, then, so it shall be with proper manipulations, and commands from you; the power is within you to command!


answered 07 Jan '11, 03:47

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