using the pendulum to help choose the winning horses in a race , my results are good and getting more precise . does anyone have any ideas how i can improve them even further ?

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blubird two

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@BB2 If your pendulum is a crystal you should cleanse it every time you use it and re-charge it occasionally. Cleanse by placing in running water for a few minutes, crystal cleaning drops or salt water. Re-charge by putting out in the sun or overnight when the moon is full. Further details on loads of good internet sites!

(12 Mar '13, 03:17) Catherine

"The formula would be this - spend some time identifying what your desire is, and then spend some time fantasizing your desire being satisfied, and get very familiar with what that feels like. And then peruse the internet and FEEL for matches. And if you feel no match - do nothing. If you feel a match - follow it and see what happens. Until with a little bit of effort you can show yourself 'Hmm, I'm on to something'." - Abraham Hicks

(15 Nov '13, 09:58) releaser99

thanks @releaser99 and Abraham Hicks

(15 Nov '13, 10:56) jaz

you cannot miss in the very nature of things. Don't seek, don't search, don't ask, don't knock, don't demand ... relax. If you relax it comes ... if you relax, you start vibrating with it - Osho

(16 Nov '13, 02:41) jaz

the simple answer is "practice"

you might try a little intentioning too it is you who creates reality.. the racehorse that wins is more about your intention/creation ;)

(01 Dec '13, 15:31) themaster

in fact in some ways you are putting the power outside yourself.. by claiming the "pendulum" knows more than you do :P

(01 Dec '13, 15:32) themaster

@themaster just as the needle of a compass is directed by the earth's magnetic field so the pendulum is directed by energies through you ... needle/pendulum being indicators

(02 Dec '13, 02:55) jaz

see the graphic representation through the eyes of touch to access the composite pattern

(28 Apr '14, 04:13) jaz
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Firstly, establish what it feels like to you when you have placed a bet on a horse race and you have been correct and thereby won some money.

The idea now is to capture and learn how to conjure up that feeling again at will, even before winning anything again. You may wish to do some research into the concept of anchoring in NLP to solidify this state for yourself.

Now, before you use the pendulum, simply re-establish this "state of being" for yourself...then make your decisions with the pendulum (or whatever other intuitive method you prefer).

From that winning "state of being", you will find that your accuracy increases in choosing the action that matches it i.e. placing the winning bet

Hope that helps


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It seems only insiders win over a long period, so let us know how you use the pendulum and are you still winning.

(08 Jan '11, 15:52) Tom

@Stingray-thanks for the info ... i've finally understood what you mean!

(02 Nov '11, 05:39) blubird two

@Blubird - Glad to hear it. It can take a while to "get it" sometimes but, once you do, it's obvious :)

(02 Nov '11, 09:26) Stingray

yes @Stingray feeling is the doorway that allows us to by pass the conscious mind, access and activate the subconscious mind, thus opening the passageways to other dimensions

(07 Apr '14, 02:51) jaz
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I wouldn't over-think it, or put a lot of effort into it. That perhaps sounds like the opposite of what you should do, but if your current method is working pretty well as you say, then trying to force more out of the enterprise could back-fire on you since you would be focusing on lack or disappointment rather than happiness and victory. I think if you enjoy your wins and just continue feeling like a winner, your percentage will improve with no effort on your part other than what you are doing. Interesting! Best wishes!


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LeeAnn 1

yes @LeeAnn thinking is effort, awareness is effortless

(06 Apr '14, 02:51) jaz

This is a summary of my latest method adapted for the french based quinté+ race also known as the "top 5" puts into play two manifestation boxes. The game is to select the first five winning numbers.

The first manifestation box is prepared the day before the race actually starts and is exactly the box as described in the manifestation box experiment 1, although i prefer to use a two dimensional rather than a three dimensional box, they are both equally performing.

On the sheet of paper i hand-write all the details of the race including all the numbers and corresponding horse names and jockey names. To finish i simply state "i wish to know the five winning numbers of this race so that i can place a bet and win the gains 5/5, thanks"

The second manifestation box, i prefer to call it a graph, is used in a dynamic mode during the half hour before the race actually starts.

I take an A4 size sheet of paper cut in half, and place it on a slightly larger sheet of deep black fairly thick paper, i now have a nicely drawn black rimmed box and fix it at each corner with a small piece of sellotape. Using a graphite pencil i now draw five boxes in line from left to right, approx. 3x3 c.m. each and slightly spaced.

I now have a graph representing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th winning numbers of this race. Once you feel comfortable and start getting satisfactory results then i suggest that you prepare the first manifestation box 45 minutes before the race, wait 15 minutes, then perform the second manifestation box, this gives a better flow of energy and therefore better results.

During the half an hour before the race actually starts i use headphones and binaural beats, and test each box with my pendulum. I concentrate on the first box projecting my energy into the box using my eyes and forefinger of my left hand, and mentally draw the image of the number 1 in the box, with my pendulum in my right hand i test the reaction. I continue the exact same procedure for all the numbers and all of the boxes. A few minutes before the race starts i place my bet of 1 euro using the internet.

The above method builds-in automatic reflexes ... a bit like learning how to drive a car. Once you get reasonably proficient then progressively eliminate the preparations and you end up using just a pendulum and number witnesses. A number witness is simply a number written on an object usually a piece of white cardboard ... at the moment i'm experimenting using smooth river pebbles as witnesses, each pebble being numbered ... pebbles act like quartz crystals, that is, they have excellent qualities as resonators and relays.


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blubird two

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how much money have you won...using your method ?

(14 Aug '11, 14:27) streetsanto

@streetsanto-your question indicates that you need reassuring...the way to show yourself that this method gives good results is to put it into practice...exactly as for the manifestation box, the way to know that it works is to use it and see the results for yourself.

(14 Aug '11, 18:31) blubird two

yes @blubird there are as many personalized methods as you wish ... and they all work, regular training and dedication automatically brings better and better results and personal evolution :)

(06 Apr '14, 03:07) jaz
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This is for playing in the USA. The collective consciousness is a huge pool especially when they covet say a race. You can determine if your dowsing self is in fact gravitating toward those thought forms IF your winning dowses are the favorites or near favorites. AND if very large win prices have dowsed as NO responses before the race. If so then those NO RESPONSES might have been different than an actually CORRECT NO ANSWER. Having this talent early in learning the art, it can be chased away by thoughts of doing something wrong.

This is not a get rich quick method. It is an art form and best serviced while practicing without limiting expectations such as the need for action or the need to find the winner.

Yes you want to cash some winning wagers, but while actually dowsing prefer to have a sense of wonder about the process and looking for a feeling of discovery.


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@zazzle "a sense of wonder ... feeling of discovery" yes dazzling with wisdom

(12 Mar '13, 04:39) ru bis

@zazzle i like the bit about the "collective consciousness"

(15 Nov '13, 07:52) jaz

yes @zazzle dowsing for winning horses is great fun and a foolproof way of verifying your results and progress ... with or without playing money it's a good way to evolve spiritually

(07 Apr '14, 02:57) jaz
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i would say bet on the one the less popular. or go see the horse before the race. you will see if they are healthy. the one that serve you best is your number 1.experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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@white tiger-yes the idea of going to see the horses before the race is a great idea, if not in reality but at least in mind, enjoy and have fun :)

(31 Aug '11, 17:08) blubird two

yes @white tiger horses are like dogs they are very easy to communicate with telepathically

(07 Apr '14, 03:08) jaz
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What exactly does "using a pendulum mean? ... it is a particular way of knowing and perceiving things other than by using the five senses, it's a precious aid in everyday life.

Events to come are directly linked to events from the past and present and by their structure humans are naturally linked with these influences, as soon as you think of a particular event your subconscious enters immediately into resonance with it, you are not conscious of this hitch up but as a result there is an immediate involuntary response.

It's important to quiet your mind so that you can perceive these very subtle and fleeting messages that come through from your subconscious, you need to reduce mind chatter to a minimum and increase the volume of the subtle messages. You also need to calm down your whole system, the signals come through your body too, your "body mind", so if the whole system has attained a sort of coherency and quietude, you'll be able to perceive the signal much more easily and get a much more accurate answer.

You can increase the volume of the messages, the flow of signals by activating the subconscious mind and you do this by making use of the involuntary nervous system (autonomic nervous system)

The subconscious mind already knows in advance all the details about what you wish to know, to tap into it you need to by-pass the very strong conscious logical mind.

Imagine you wish to know which horse will win the Hong Kong Cup that takes place at Sha Tin Racetrack today, In other words you wish to know the "Result" of an "Event" that will take place at a particular "Moment" in time at a particular geographic location or "Place".

You already consciously know a lot about the winning horse "the target", you know that it will cross the finishing line at a particular place at a particular time (to the nearest minute or so), you can now draw a sketch with as much detail as possible, you can copy from photos of the actual winning post, what it looks like, what are the surroundings, hedges, fences, trees, what kind of racecourse, grass, sand, clinker ... etc. Add labels in particular the racing colors, horse, and the position of the horse number

alt text

The winning horse can be characterized not only by it's number but also notably by it's racing colors that the jockey wears and also by the horse's name, each racehorse has a distinct name and identity. Using these three characteristics simultaneously you can greatly increase the signal strength and thus get much more clear cut results.

Now you are going to use a bit of eraser magic and make this conscious image disappear by rubbing it out with a rubber, you can longer see it physically but your subconscious is still aware of it's energy traces on the page and has recorded it.

The target is now internalized, digitalized in your subconscious, it has been incorporated within, personalized and made subjective. Now using the same piece of paper you are going to draw a picture of how your subconscious "sees" the target. To do this you use an ideogram, it's a movement by your autonomic nervous system through your muscles to create a little motion that you get down onto the page that tells you about the target.

So with your body nicely relaxed and your mind quiet and centered on the target, with a pencil in your hand just allow your hand flow freely on the page and trace a line, this is your ideogram, it can be any form for example

alt text

Since it already knows all about the target ... when you touch it ... when you sound it's frequency ... when you probe the sketch with your finger tips ... when you feel the vibration of it's colors ... it can modulate, adjust and adapt that feeling and through the subtle way of how your whole nervous system functions and interacts with your immaterial aura and body energies it can create different sensations, different feelings (smoothness, hot, cold, wet, dry, soft, hard ...), characteristics that applies to the target wherever or whenever it exists in the virtual world. In this way you can extract information from the subconscious mind and by-pass the conscious mind.

Use your finger and probe the drawing, first get basic impressions ... is it man made, natural, water, person, animal, emotion, energy, get the gestalt, get the most basic impression that you can describe which feels correct.

Probe the ideogram again and describe some of your sensory impressions of colors, sound, texture, temperature, taste, smell, ambiance, contrast, whatever feels correct ... write down on the right and let go any nouns, any mental analysis ... now impressions of size, mass, orientation, direction, density, patterns, shapes, volumes, vibrations, energies ... now move 50 feet over the target area and describe patterns, direction, colors, textures ... and put your hand on the page and let your hand move as if you were at the target location, what might it look like? ... shapes, patterns, size, orientation, what would fit? ... what feels correct? describe your sketch, use words and labels.

This work can take anytime between half an hour to an hour or even more, the more time you put in the more details you get. The ideogram is like a kind of hologram, you can touch the page and get information. When you try it yourself you'll find that you'll get a lot more information than you would expect. This is a spontaneous holistic way of getting information, it comes to you like in thought balls, like a gestalt it all comes at once, then you have to write it all down. Anything that exists has it's own specific bar code that the subconscious can identify and tune into. This way you can get information about the colors of the jockey's jacket, the number and name of the horse.

Now you can clarify and verify the results using your pendulum, the graph and patterns, a pattern acts as an identification model, a sort of bar code and allows comparison. Here is what i like to think of as a bubble grid, it's basically 12 disks (spheres) arranged in a grid fashion with one of the disks much bigger than the others and surrounded by tension lines that form the shape of a lozenge. The smaller disks are 3cm in diameter and the larger disk is 6cm, thus they are in resonant harmony ... more to follow ...

alt text


Event, Moment and Place are the key factors that fit together to form the reality of the research and for practical purposes they're arranged in graphical form

alt text

The question should always be posed in such a way that there can only be a clear yes or no reply, for example :

« will horse number 1 win the Hong Kong Cup that takes place at Sha Tin Racetrack today ? »

Notice that "result" is also materialized by a disk, and when operating we allow the pendulum to escape towards + and - signs,

Using a lead pencil write the question on a square of white paper and place it on the question disk, then let the pendulum girate above the question and slowly direct itself towards the result disk and the + or - sign,

Each circle carrying a word forms a good pattern of what the word within it signifies, The event disk is a complete pattern of the event, the same applies to the moment, place and result disks, All that directly implies the research finds itself well and truly evoked at the moment that you operate,

This basic drawing can however be expanded upon so as to represent by isolated disks all the factors susceptible to have their importance in a divinatory research,

A horse race is always part of a whole suite of events, it's a result of previous horse races and it joins and prepares those that follow so we represent the possible influences all this can have by a disk "ensemble events"

alt text

We wish to select a single horse, an element amongst a whole list of participating elements, so we figure a disk "element event" to be used for testing each horse individually

alt text

The position and aspects of the planets, manifestations of providence and other such energies can produce rectifying influences that we can group together as "rectors event"

alt text

Elements and ensembles can also have their own predetermined course of events, they too can produce rectifying influences, "rectors elements" signifies horse owners, jockeys and their destinies as well as the destinies of the horses

alt text

and "rectors ensemble" figures the race course directors and their destinies

alt text

The collective energies of the stable staff and those betting can intervene to boost certain horses and bring down others, It can also play a role in creating a barrage to all those that use occult practices and dubious means to realize gains that can be considered detrimental to the masses, So it's useful to figure a disk "collective unconscious"

alt text

and there can be secret arrangements, hidden negotiations that take place behind the scenes, fixed in advance before the race, So a disk "intrusions" is added

alt text

Here's the complete representation of what's going on in the box : it figures all the possible influences imaginable ,,, and if you can think of any more, let me know :)

alt text

Before starting the research it's a good idea to test the collective unconscious, intrusions or rectors disks with your pendulum, if it indicates a strong reaction then it's best to do the research later,

It's important to fully understand the role each disk plays, For example the disk carrying the words « rectors event » forms a perfect witness, physical, of all the influences that actively operate on the subject of the research, You don't have to be concerned what these influences are about, they're there, evoked by the disk and the words that it carries,

You don't need to search for rectors events, neither rectors elements, etc ,,, all you need to do is work with the disks that are absolutely essential for the research, the other disks functioning automatically, That's exactly why the disks are figured once and for all on the graph, to relieve your mind of the task and facilitate the research,

references; méthodes et pratiques de radiesthésie - b.g. condé ; radiesthésie divinatoire - servranx


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