a pendulum or any other support tarot , oui-ja etc

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blubird two

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It depends on what your definition of failure is.

If failure is meant in the sense that you "intended something" but the outcome was not what you intended, then there can be no one alive on this planet that hasn't failed using whatever physical or mental apparatus or technique they were involved with.


Failure (in the sense mentioned above) always generates desire which is the essential pre-requisite to getting what you really want from the place you are currently in.

And fresh, new desire is what causes the life-force to flood through you towards the thing you are desiring which makes you feel alive and joyful...which is always what everyone really wants.

So from this re-framed viewpoint, no-one can ever truly fail at anything :) ...you are always either succeeding in Step 1 or Step 3


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@Blubird - The Stingray name is probably more appropriate than most people realize. Certainly from that stinging aspect, my youth was full of violence, revenge and other not-so-typically-spiritual stuff...lots of stinging going on :) Sometimes you've got to try what doesn't work to be motivated enough to try what does

(13 Jan '11, 17:38) Stingray

@Stingray I cannot imagine you violent and those other things. But, maybe that's why you answers are so good. As far as step 3 just feel expectant and joyful. And not concerned about when the good thing comes???

(13 Jan '11, 20:08) Tom

@Tom - I think those with strong inner desires who feel frustrated in the expression of them often turn to either (external) violence on one hand, or depression ("internal" violence) on the other. I think many of the problems with today's society come about because those who are being born these days also have strong inner desires but feel confined by existing societal structures. As for Step 3, the easiest way is joy/expectation but there are others. You can get as involved in it as you want to...sometimes it is fun to be the creator and sometimes just the visionary

(13 Jan '11, 22:12) Stingray

@Singrey, Thanks for the confirmation about easy way, it just seems like the younger people are lazy. I hope that's a misread on my part, Thanks again. I love joy/expectation!!

(14 Jan '11, 02:25) Tom

@Tom - I don't anyone who is lazy when it comes to doing something they truly love doing. But I know plenty of people who are lazy when it comes to doing things they don't really want to do :)

(14 Jan '11, 12:25) Stingray

@Stinray: Sorry I joined this conv so late, but I want to fully understand. I failed with the pendulum too (it always lied to me). I didn't want it lying of course, but instead of putting it away I kept on and on with it. Now it doesn't lie any more. Do you imply that maybe, by trying non-stop, I was generating the desire to succeed, and then I succeeded? Thank you!

(25 Aug '11, 14:23) BridgetJones09

@BridgetJones09 - Lie is quite a strong, emotive word :) The pendulum doesn't have any power within itself, it's just a conduit from the Broader You to the Physical You. So the question to ask yourself is what has changed about you from the time it was lying to the time it has begun telling the truth

(25 Aug '11, 14:47) Stingray

Stingray-i'm starting to realize the value of your answer, thanks yet again

(02 Nov '11, 05:45) blubird two
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I thought I would bring this question back to life to tell people about how a pendulum works, and how I use it as a tool in healing.

I have a Vogel, which is a natural clear quartz crystal and has been cut with twelve sides and is doubly terminated. It is suspended from a sterling silver chain. This is what works for me; in a pinch, I have used necklaces and even a pencil hanging from a string.

The pendulum works with the aura of the body. Your aura is part of your soul- an energy field that surrounds you and comes from within you. You have energy centers all over your body- these are called chakras. The major chakras align with the spine. There are seven, starting from the root chakra, located at the base of the spine-then the belly chakra, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras.

When I am doing a healing (I use Reiki, which is a healing method that comes from Japan), I first check out how the chakras are doing using my pendulum. If the pendulum does not circle, I can pretty well guess that the chakra in question is closed and needs to be opened using Reiki.

It is not that the pendulum does not work- rather it is that you need to know where to place it in relation to the body.

I hope this helps clear up the questions any of you may have about pendulums.

Stay swinging! Blessings, Jai


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As I mentioned in another answer pendulums don't seem to like me, but I find the tarot astonishingly accurate and find it comes to me naturally in the way the pendulum didn't. Swings and roundabouts :)


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Success comes from fixing our mistakes rather than getting things right first time, failure is the first step to success, they are both on the same continuum

alt text

By voluntarily altering your mood from a feeling of failure to a feeling of success you are actually strengthening your vibration, you're amplifying it. Visualize that which you want to create, feel the success as if it's really taking place at this very moment. In doing so you're amplifying your vibration which will ensure that it manifests into your life.

alt text

For those that would like to learn how to use the pendulum or have had difficulty in starting, there's a method presented in my answer to this question



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Hi jaz nice to see you.

(13 Nov '13, 18:38) ele

hello ele :)

(14 Nov '13, 02:43) jaz

I find that the pendulum gives me the answers I want rather than the truth. If I ask wether a particular person will call me the next day, the pendulum will say "yes" if I really want it to happen. When the phone doesn't ring the next day, I realise that the pendulum answers according to my wishfull thinking and not my higher self/ intuition/source. I would love it if he pendulum would provide a connection to source, but sadly it doesn't seem to work that way for me.


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Welcome to IQ @Pebbles88 I've use a pendulum off and on for 20 yrs. Sometimes many months go by in between. I've had the opposite experience -- I find it very accurate. It also depends on what you are using it for. I get results/answers I do NOT expect.

(13 Nov '13, 18:38) ele

@Pebbles88 the pendulum doesn't provide anything, it's a simple indicator, an amplifier of your own energy ... you can find out how to handle a pendulum here


(14 Nov '13, 03:15) jaz

For you, I would stay away from the pendulum. Stick with what works. Your spirit has chosen the Tarot for a reason. And your spirit rejected the pendulum, I would not push it any further, just my opinion.


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The Knights Alchemy

Hone your skills with the Tarot. Your spiritual awareness has a problem in the Pendulum area. The reasons are infinite. By sharpening your skills in the area your awareness is comfortable, you will gradually be able to tackle the Pendulum.

(26 Jan '11, 14:18) The Knights Alchemy

I tried using a pendulum and failed. I recall having my kids asking me questions as I'd use the pendulum to figure out the answer. It'd repeatedly fail me until finally I got exasperated and asked it whether it's been lying to me and the answer was yes. So I asked whether it will go on lying to me and the answer was no! Tee hee, that's when I realized I wasn't meant to use objects. It is far easier to get into what stingray calls the vortex and get my answers from there.

thank you, namaste


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Same thing was happening to me, but you just need to charge them more, under cold water from the tap, and then sleeping with it under your pillow or have it in your pocket for nearly a week. Mine stopped lying. It only does one thing. It moves nonesensically or doesn't answer when I already got it tired with so much asking lol Even pendulums have a limit!

(25 Aug '11, 14:16) BridgetJones09
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