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Can anyone dowse?

What is the method, technique, and cause?

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question is a nice "bump" to the duplicate.. let it ride

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I think this question should be "How do you dowse?" instead of, "Does dowser work?"

I thought you were asking about people that dowse if you could hire one. There are people for hire that dowse for water using two bent coat hangers.

(29 Mar '14, 22:29) Wade Casaldi
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Dowsing is a particular way of knowing or perceiving things other than through the five senses and can be assimilated to remote viewing (virtual sensing). You can't see on underground stream neither someone a thousand kilometers away. Dowsing can give you the exact route of an underground stream (plan of it's path, width, depth, potability, mineral content, etc...) and can indicate on a map the exact position of a particular person many kilometers away.

The most accepted view of how it's possible is that everything vibrates, everything emits influences all the time in all directions. These vibrations are certainly so feeble that they're as yet physically undetectable, however every tiny bit of information be it past, present or future seems to have a characteristic bar code that emit influences throughout the time space mesh. I am, you are traversed by influences of all that is, all the time and whenever you think of something your subconscious automatically locks into it by resonance.

When someone sings near a piano certains cords vibrate in harmony with the modulations of the voice. This phenomenon is well known in physics and is remarkably similar to that when dowsing with a pendulum for example, we can find resonance between things that emit harmonic vibrations, the shape of the bashar space time antenna

alt text

and the shape of the fictive cone pendulum

alt text

fit perfectly together

alt text

indicating that the fictive pendulum shape with the correct proportions would be a good instrument for tuning the antenna.

When a dog thinks of his master, if he thinks of him long enough, he perks up and wags his tail, thinking of his master the dog modifies his own vibrations and becomes aligned and particularly sensitive to the vibrations received from his master at all times, whatever the distance. As soon as the link is made as soon as the two vibrations master/dog resonate together in harmony, a reflex movement is produced, the dog wags his tail.

When someone thinks of a particular thing, they unknowingly emit vibrations in resonance with that thing and the two vibrations automatically and immediately link together. The sensation is unconscious but your subconscious is instantly informed of this hookup (contact, coupling) and consequently reflexes and organic modifications appear, especially on the palms of the hands, at the ends of the fingers. If at that moment the person who is thinking is holding a dowsing tool (rod, pendulum, stick pad, etc) in the correct position, the instrument will amplify and render visible the reflexes at the ends of the fingers, at the palms of the hands. In remote viewing (or virtual sensing), the hands and fingers are used to probe a graphic symbol (just as you probe a graph with your pendulum), and this can be considered as dowsing without an instrument.

The pendulum in the easiest way of learning how to dowsing and here's a method of how to do it. The pendulum is held in your dominant hand between the thumb and the first finger, the other fingers are slightly spread out;

alt text

First pratice with an imaginary pendulum; walk slowly, to and fro for at least ten minutes, the hand and arm supple as if holding a pendulum. Now while maintaining the correct position of your hand, imagine that you're holding an invisible small spoon and that you are gently stirring an invisible lump of sugar in an equally invisible cup full of coffee.

Stir 20 times in a clockwise direction

Stir 20 times in an anticlockwise direction

Then again imagine that you're holding a phantom pendulum and walk calmly to and fro, stay calm and supple.

Now hold a real pendulum in your hand, in the correct position as described and slowly walk to and fro for a while, don't pay any attention to what the pendulum is doing, For this beginners exercise any small weight (5 to 10 grams) on a string (3 to 10 cm long) will serve as a pendulum

alt text

Now you know how to hold the pendulum and have practiced loosening up your wrist, the next step is to get the pendulum to move correctly; hold it in the correct position and standing calmly, slowly turn the pendulum voluntarily in a clockwise motion, as you did for the phantom spoon. Keep to the movement of the needles of a clock as show in the drawing.

alt text

Continue turning and little by little transfer your attention from your hand to the pendulum. Your hand can continue turning, but let your attention follow the giration of the pendulum, and wish that the turning continues. Fix your attention on the movement of the pendulum,

What will happen is this; your hand will pass from your conscious control which moves by gestures, to an unconscious control, which moves by reflexes. Your hand will, all by itself, continue to make the penduleum turn, because you wish it to, but without all the gestures, uniquely by reflex movements, Repeat these exercices as many times as you want.

Using exactly the same method, practice turning the pendulum anticlockwise, from left to right, forwards and backwards as shown in the diagram,

alt text

Once you've mastered these exercises you won't need to volontarily move the pendulum. Now here's some easy exercises; Hold your pendulum a few millimeters above the center of the drawing of a spiral;

alt text

Just look at the spiral and don't think of anything in particular, or you can wish to be sensitive to the influence of the spiral wave form. Soon your pendulum will start turning in the direction of the spiral, this is not yet dowsing but it's approaching it. The spiral has created the idea of movement and this idea has translated itself into reflexes. When dowsing, it's an unconscious perception that must translate itself into reflexes.

Do similar exercises with the anticlockwise spiral and the parallel lines, each time the pendulum will move in the direction of the drawing,

alt text

Now hold your pendulum over the center of a drawing like this;

alt text

the pendulum will remain immobile because there are four equal forces playing tug-of-war in opposite directions creating a dynamic equilibrium. Continue holding your pendulum a few millimeters above the center of the drawing and think of leather, the pendulum will start to oscillate in a definite direction because your thoughts have introduced a force in a definite direction, that of the force "leather", now think of imitation leather and the pendulum will oscillate in a different direction. This diagram is a simple separator of vibrations. Your thoughts add a fifth force disrupting the delicate state of equilibrium and the pendulum oscillates along a definite line of force.

Pendular reflection is nothing more than an extension of your thoughts and you should progressively become conscious that you have absolute control over your pendulum. You can play at controlling the movements of your pendulum just by varying your thoughts, and when you easily succeed in doing this, it is a sign that you have made progress and are now in the flow of energy, one end of the energy continuum leading to total control, the other end of the continuum leading to total freedom

alt text

The next step is to move along this continuum from total control to total freedom the point at which your subconscious is totally free to express itself. Here is a graphic that will assist you in taking those first steps along the road to greater and greater freedom

alt text

the ten concentric circles are size 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 cm in diameter, this graphic symbol serves not only to open your consciousness and perceive replies to simple questions but also as an amplifier.

To use it formulate your questions in such a manner that there can only be a yes or no answer, for example "is the petrol tank of my car half full? three quarters full?" "will the next person that i see be male? female?", "what will be the dominant color of the next photo that i see in my magazine, red? blue? yellow?". Let your pendulum rotate freely above the graph and you will shortly feel that it pulls in a certain direction, that it seems attracted to "yes" or "no", it may oscillate between the two in which case you should reformulate the question, it can be great fun to play with :)

Any question that you can think of is valid, it is important to verify the answer as quickly as possible this way you get feed-back and tune yourself into your subconscious. To start with most answers will probably be no better than guesswork but with practice you will get better and better, however here the accuracy of your results is immaterial, what is very important is that you are practicing to "feel" and perceive how your pendulum moves and reacts of it's own accord once it is completely free to do so.

"It is within our competence to think and become bound or to cease thinking and thus become free" - Ramana Maharshi

It's already been explained that movements of the pendulum are due to exterior influences and unconscious reflexes, so it's important to adopt a code of practice to interpret the movements of the pendulum. Practice proves that you can make with your pendulum, your unconscious, or more precisely with the global conscious matrix that extends beyond your individual consciousness any conventions, any mutual agreements that are necessary to obtain precise indications from your pendulum,

Here's a suggested code of practice for interpreting the movements of your pendulum. There are four significant movements.

1) Oscillation of direction ; the pendulum pulls more in one direction than the opposite direction, indicating a particular direction, A simple oscillation without pulling shows neutrality.

2) Clockwise giration : indicates positive, good, correct.

3) Anticlockwise giration ; indicates negative, bad, incorrect.

4) The pendulum remains immobile and seems to be attracted to a point. An object, a living being, or energy leaves traces of where it has been, and there are traces at this particular point.

When dowsing, measurements are largely the individuals unconscious, the conscious global matrix operating. Embedded within the vibrations of a particular thing are all the different characteristics of it; speed, weight, age, direction, etc ... all is inscribed within the vibrations in a global fashion, scientifically it's named modulation, For example: the alcohol content of wine is inscribed within the vibrations of the wine not in degrees, it's inscribed globally, the temperature of the wine is not in degrees centigrade nor fahrenheit but inscribed globally. A given weight doesn't vibrate in kilograms, a distance doesn't radiate in meters .. it's always the conscious matrix

(Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is a leading scientific in this area)


that's capable, by it's active, driving perception, to evaluate all these measures globally, and can establish a comparison with a standard that you propose.

You want to translate a distance known by your unconscious into meters? The conscious matrix will translate it for you ... do this by voluntarily swinging your pendulum in a clockwise fashion and counting the number of turns until it stops ... one ... two ... three ... you now have the distance, three meters.


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@jaz I love this answer - TY very much.

(29 Jun '13, 10:48) Catherine

What a fun way to learn how to trust your intuition. It's also a great tool for manifesting... Thanks!

(17 Sep '13, 02:47) ele

Hello Jaz, I have been following your answers with great interest for some time now. I have a quick question (among many others but I'll save them for now) I appear to have too much conscious control other my pendulum and realise I must be doing something wrong as quite often I only see movement in the directions I expect. Do you have any tips?

(28 Mar '14, 06:52) lastplacefavourite

Hello @lastplacefavourite, i've added info to my text to answer your question ... thanks for asking such an insightful question :)

(29 Mar '14, 05:09) jaz
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Yes absolutely anyone can dowse. Its funny how the universe unfolds in front of you. On April 6th I will be helping a local group determine the shape of their Light cocoon or energy body and after that we will attempt to locate which of their chakras is the ruling chakra and the Soul family that accompanies that chakra. All this using homemade divination rods.I believe the key to any higher assistance is our Intention...If it is off the Heart you can't miss.

What is the Method Technique and Cause? ... Desire Intention and Source Energy :)


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oooo, intend from the heart chakra? does our intention move the dowser or does source energy or both? thank you. nameste.

(03 Apr '11, 01:00) all2gethernow

It is your intention combined with the allowance of source energy.Love and Light

(03 Apr '11, 01:34) Roy

what is this dowser you are talking of? love n light,rob

(03 Apr '11, 02:42) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Rob They are divination rods and they can be made from several different metals copper seems to work best.Mine are twelve inches long with a four inch handle that is inserted into a rigid plastic so that in has free movement.They are L-shaped and are held at arms length and approx one foot apart.When you set an intention they will answer yes and no questions for you and also locate the shape and size of your energy fields. They are used as an introduction to Trusting your Intuition. Love and Light

(03 Apr '11, 12:27) Roy

I have seen these work.A department head of a larger city water and sewage,was at my house a few years ago and took theses out and could show me where my water mains were.and the are plastic pipes . peace

(04 Apr '11, 11:16) ursixx
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