using the pendulum to select the winning numbers gives a much higher success rate than most

of the selections given in the local press .

is it immoral to use such an advantage ?

asked 10 Jan '11, 18:20

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blubird two

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Its not immoral,its downright good common sense.

The bookies will no doubt survive and after all everyones got the same chance as you,its not your fault their not using your methods.

Win as much as you can,and spend it on what makes you and those around you happy.

After all,moneys for happiness and sos life.



answered 10 Jan '11, 18:58

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Monty Riviera

Thanks for the chuckle Graham :)

(10 Jan '11, 19:19) Michaela

If you think it's immoral, then your success rate is not going to be as good, because remember that pendulum is an extension of you. So I'd say it really only depends on how you feel about it. In other words, if you're going to use it, you'll have to let go of any thoughts of it being immoral.


answered 10 Jan '11, 19:18

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@Michaela-yes, a good point

(25 Aug '11, 17:25) blubird two

Is it moral to let banks ruin our economy, and then reward that bad behavior by giving them billions of dollars to bail them out?

Sounds like your little moral quandary pales in comparison. If you think you can gain a small advantage by swinging a pendulum, I say more power to you. At least you're not knocking over liquor stores.


answered 10 Jan '11, 18:22

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Ask your pendulum if is OK to use it in this manner. Ask if pendulum will give you accurate answers.


answered 11 Jan '11, 01:42

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The pendulum is an extension of yourself. In fact, when using the pendulum, you are actually contacting your 'higher self' who has the answers to absolutely everything - yes, even future events.

I have tried using the pendulum to dowse the lottery and the numbers came up. I have also been close on more than one occasion. Positive frame of mind, and a belief that it will work normally is the way forward.


answered 15 Jul '13, 09:42

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There's a kind of circular flow of (money) energy involved here ... as Alan Steward mentions in his book "Down to Earth Magic" in the chapter about "Easy Magic" ... it's all about the law of tenfold return, often called tithing which means a tenth ...

The moral of the story; give 10% of all betting gains to a good cause.

Yet another example of the law of attraction in action.


answered 15 Dec '11, 07:15

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blubird two

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