This question is a response to this answer to the question, "How do you discern truth from the many opinions on this website?

The answer was, "You can't, because it's all opinion.

Does that make everyone's opinion equally valuable? Does that mean there is no truth, or that it's all someone's truth?

And if it is all just someone's truth, does that truth have any value or merit outside of his own thinking?

asked 09 Mar '10, 20:59

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Yes. All opinions are equal. And all of them have no value as a matter of fact - because opinions just are. The only time they gain any value is when they are put into a measurement also known as our reality. Until then, they have none.

(09 Jul '12, 03:04) CalonLan
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I think everyone's opinion is equally valuable. If someone eles's opinion resonates with me and I derive some benefit from it at this current point in time, then I guess I could say for 'Now' it becomes part of my 'Truth' and at this moment in time that opinion could be perceived as invaluable by me. If on the other hand it doesn't resonate with me, it may still possibly resonate with someone else and become part of their'Truth'. It has value outside the individual's thinking if it is beneficial to someone else and even if it doesn't resonate, it allows each of us to at least open our minds and consider other possibilities.


answered 09 Mar '10, 22:26

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I think you have it spot on. You can choose to believe in anything you want and that thing will be true for you. Even if everybody else around you has decided that their truth is the opposite of yours, your truth is still valid for you.

When presented with a set of beliefs, we will choose to believe in one that resonates with us. And as we are all very different from each other (in terms of what we have come to learn on this planet from eternal consciousness), what resonates with each one of us is likely to be different and that is why we get so many different belief systems on earth.

I think it is a good thing that people have the choice of what to believe in and make that their truth. It is the diversity out there that gives us that choice.

So, there is no universal truth. How can there be in a universe where there are no limits to our power of creation? It is up to us to make our own truth or choose to follow somebody else's truth as we feel inclined to to so.


answered 10 Mar '10, 12:12

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Pink Diamond

Truth is a moving target imo -

"The Earth is solid" - yes - until you put it under a microscope. "Water is a liquid" - yes - till you freeze it etc etc

  • so an opinion is a pointer to our position on the Truth Line from a personal perspective.

If someone has the opinion that water really is only a liquid how will they learn otherwise if they keep that opinion to themselves. Opinions give us the opportunity to be the student and/or the teacher. Opinions are healthy, apathy is a killer.

I vote for every persons opinion being most valuable.


answered 09 Mar '10, 21:59

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Inactive User ♦♦

Of course all opinions are valid. It is just when you take your OPINION and declare it as TRUTH do you have a problem.

I believe that ALL of my opinions can be discredited at any time and more than likely, most of my truths :)


answered 28 Jun '11, 21:55

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edited 28 Jun '11, 22:02

I read this question.the word knowledge floated around in my head. I left. I came back read again followed the link, reread older question.found this. I quote vesi

Well, in order to be useful, truth has to have a purpose. I believe that the purpose of truth, the reason for its pursuit, is to obtain knowledge that produces a reliable outcome. In essence, to learn. So now your definition of truth must include a reason or motivation for the pursuit of truth (a goal, if you will), and something to measure that truth against. Ultimately, for most people, that reason is to be happy

When read an opinion and agree or disagree with the opinion we have gained knowledge.and what we do with this knowledge sets it value. .


answered 10 Mar '10, 10:08

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If the world would stop inhaling the poisonous fumes of RELATIVISM, it would be able to discern that everyone’s opinion is NOT equally valid.

An OPINION is a judgment that the mind forms of any proposition, statement, or theory. The truth or falsehood of the proposition, statement, or theory is supported by a degree of evidence that renders a PROBABILITY but does NOT produce absolute knowledge or certainty.

The TRUTH is any proposition, statement, or theory which has been demonstrated to be in conformity to the totality of FACT or REALITY and thereby produces absolute knowledge and certainty.

The TRUTH is always TRUE. However, an OPINION is NOT always TRUE. An OPINION becomes the TRUTH only when it is validated by the totality of FACT or REALITY. Otherwise, an OPINION will forever remain an OPINION.

Now, in order to understand the difference in the validity of OPINIONS, let us examine the following example:

  • The OPINION of the disciples of the New Age Thought Movement is that the statement ‘GOD is love’ describes the totality of the essence of GOD.

  • The OPINION of the BORN-AGAIN BIBLE BELIEVERS is that the statement ‘GOD is love’ does NOT describe the totality of the essence of GOD.

QUESTION: Which of these two OPINIONS is more valid??

Honest investigation and analysis will prove that the OPINION of the BORN-AGAIN BIBLE BELIEVERS is MORE VALID than the OPINION of the disciples of the New Age Thought Movement. WHY?? Because if you HONESTLY research the FACTS of the Scriptures (The Authorized King James 1611 Bible), you will discover the following:

  • GOD is comfort. [Isaiah 66:13]

  • GOD is peace. [Psalms 29:11]

  • GOD is joy. [Psalms 43:4]

  • GOD is mercy. [Ephesians 2:4,5]

  • GOD is love. [I John 4:16]

  • GOD is hope. [Romans 15:13]

  • GOD is judgment. [I Chronicles 16:14; Romans 2:5,6]

  • GOD is providence. [Hebrews 1:3]

  • GOD is salvation. [Jonah 2:9]

  • GOD is wisdom. [Proverbs 2:6]

  • GOD is knowledge. [Proverbs 2:6]

  • GOD is understanding. [Proverbs 2:6]

  • GOD is righteousness. [Philippians 3:9]

  • GOD is holiness. [Exodus 15:11]

  • GOD is sanctification. [II Thessalonians 2:13]

  • GOD is purification. [Titus 2:14]

  • GOD is redemption. [Colossians 1:14]

  • GOD is reconciliation. [II Corinthians 5:18,19]

  • GOD is justification. [Romans 3:26]

  • GOD is everlasting life. [Galatians 6:7,8]

  • GOD is goodness. [Psalms 52:1]

  • GOD is truth. [John 17:17]

  • …Etc…Etc…Etc…

Any HONEST observer can see that the FACTS of the Scriptures do NOT validate the OPINION of the disciples of the New Age Thought Movement regarding the totality of the essence of GOD. Therefore, because of the lack of factual validation, the OPINION of the disciples of the New Age Thought Movement is NOT the TRUTH.

In contrast, the FACTS of the Scriptures clearly validate the OPINION of the BORN-AGAIN BIBLE BELIEVERS regarding the totality of the essence of GOD. This factual validation then transforms the OPINION of the BORN-AGAIN BIBLE BELIEVERS into the following ABSOLUTE TRUTHS:

(1) GOD’s essence is NOT single-faceted.

(2) The statement ‘GOD is love’ describes only ONE facet of GOD’s essence.

(3) The ‘God’ of the New Age Thought Movement is NOT THE SAME as the GOD of the Bible.

Unfortunately for the disciples of the New Age Thought Movement, the so-called ‘vibrational energies’ of a person’s thoughts and feelings CANNOT validate an OPINION. As demonstrated by my example regarding the essence of GOD, the validation of any OPINION results from the HONEST examination and evaluation of the FACTS. Thus, although everyone has the right to an OPINION concerning any subject, the ABSOLUTE TRUTH is that everyone’s OPINION is NOT equally valid. In fact, the reality of the matter is that a great majority of OPINIONS are completely ABSURD!

Concerning all OPINIONS, the following proverb is quite appropriate:

‘Anything is possible for someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about!’

Thanks for reading.

Concerned Citizen


answered 28 Jun '11, 21:02

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Concerned Citizen

Hey @Concerned, nice to see you again. Funny you should show up right now:

(28 Jun '11, 21:14) Vesuvius

Excellent! and plus one for me!

(28 Jun '11, 21:59) Wade Casaldi

If a man locked up in a straight jacket were to say, "These doctors are crazy they are the ones with the problem!" His OPINION would most likely be ignored as NOT valid. lol

(28 Jun '11, 22:01) Wade Casaldi

OPINIONS which are based on a LACK OF KNOWLEDGE are not as valid as OPINIONS which are based on a collection of FACTS. I never said that people cannot have an OPINION. The question here is regarding the VALIDITY of the OPINION. If it can be demonstrated that the man in the straight-jacket is a danger to himself and others, then wouldn't the OPINION of the doctors be more valid than the man's OPINION?? Obviously, RELATIVISM would scream 'NO!'. And that's why pedophiles, rapists, and murderers walk the streets! Sailing on a ship of FOOLS, man! I'm sailing on a ship of FOOLS!

(28 Jun '11, 22:32) Concerned Citizen

Much agreed C.C. excellent point. :-)

(28 Jun '11, 22:45) Wade Casaldi
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Truth to me is very subjective and depends upon the individual. In that case a person must learn how to discern his/her own truth. I say this because we only have the capacity to intrepret based on our level of awareness. So even if what is said is true the one intrepreting may not be able to comprehend due to a limited state of awareness. The more spritually conscious you become, then the greater your ability to understand deeper truths.

There are individuals on this website that I can identify with very strongly while others seem to be coming from a whole different perspective. I read all the comments but choose which I believe to be truth.

To answer the question more specifically, I believe that we know all the answers to our questions. So I check the response to what I believe my answer is and usually I get a match. Sometimes with far more clarity and depth than I would be able to give.


answered 10 Mar '10, 00:28

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I think with regards to "truth" there is an individual and greater perspective.

When you have convinced yourself it is an individual truth

When you have convinced others it is an established truth.

From a universal point of view it is a vibrational harmony in consciousness. (Alignment)


answered 10 Mar '10, 04:48

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The Traveller


Posted 03 June 2011: I am reading my own answer today and I have no idea what the hell I was trying to say here. ???

(04 Jun '11, 01:29) The Traveller

No argument there. :P

(28 Jun '11, 21:17) Vesuvius

Maybe you were tired when you wrote that?

(30 Jun '11, 22:02) Wade Casaldi
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many people can understand different facet of something individual truth! the absolute truth is to see all the facet of that something! as long as it is true it is valid!


answered 03 Jun '11, 03:13

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white tiger

No, because everyone's opinion can not be equally valid. Some could be way off base, for example all the hate groups of the world, their opinions are worthless. Now on here most opinions are valuable because we all seem in a level of awareness that promotes good, happiness and help.


answered 03 Jun '11, 04:53

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Wade Casaldi

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

(03 Jun '11, 05:10) white tiger

Thank you White Tiger, I enjoyed the link and reading of Saint Stephen although I am not sure the connection to my answer I agree. We need to stand up for our convictions for God even threatened by death.

(03 Jun '11, 22:06) Wade Casaldi

perhaps we can look at an answer to this question as growing in truth,
as we refine our thinking and learn more of who we are our relative truths unfolds into the one.


answered 03 Jun '11, 09:38

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No! Opinions should be based in knowledge as well as a proper understanding of what an individual is giving a so called opinion on! Example: I'm a Martial Artist and have been training for over twenty years. After earning multiple Black Belts in various different systems and philosophies I have gained vast knowledge of many arts, I am also trying to finish my amateur card in Muay Thai to go pro; how can a non Martial Artist give their "Opinion" on what I should and should not do in a fight, how I should and should not train, etc. I can go on. So therefore what I call T.V/Couch warriors "Opinions" have no merit. Does this make since to people as it regards to opinion giving.


answered 09 Jul '12, 00:22

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John Goff

All opinions have value even if only to those expressing them and after all are they not cultivated and grown from the individuals experiences of life , making them unique . My opinion , lol, is that all are entitled to think as they please , even haters as Wade mentioned , but tis up to us to adopt/choose to take on board or discard such .


answered 09 Jul '12, 00:49

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edited 09 Jul '12, 00:50

Yes, or I would like to think so, since it is a learning tool that everyone can benefit from, either ways!

Personally, I see opinions as Fairy Tales mixed with the essence of some truth, to reveal, to discover, to inspire, to caution, to protect, to enjoy, enhancing our knowledge, experience and awareness of all of life talents’ good, and bad!


answered 03 Jul '11, 05:13

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