Some times some religious leaders will ask you to fast for 3 days and pray, to solve a pressing problem, and it seldom works out. Does fasting really help in getting our prayers asnswered? If this is so, how does it work?

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The way I see is that when we fast, we overcome the desires of the ego. While our ego is in command in our lives, our spirit can not manifest. However, it is not simply fasting. It is surrender our egotistic desires. In the Bible recommends, that when we fast, we must not make a show out of it. Nobody, except yourself should know you are fasting. If you are working, take your time for lunch and contact the nature to admire the wonders that God created for all of us. Go to a park and seat to see the people, the children, the pigeons, the trees. How many wonderful things are in all these things that we never pay attention. While working with your associates, think of them as part of yourself, as part of God. If you work with the public, see in each customer a manifestation of God. Suddenly, the complainer will change his/her attitude. Your physiognomy will be different. Some of your co-workers may mention it to you.

Physically, your body also needs to rest, your digestive system included. When you fast you allow to clean your body by only drinking water.


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I don't believe that any kind of trying, in terms of really needing will produce desired results. However, if you do a 7 day fast combined with colon cleansing, the affect will be that you'll enter into a total state of well-being. This state alone will put you in a perfect place to allow all things you desire to begin manifesting into your experience. And of course, there's the added bonus of removing many of the toxins that have accumulated in your body, just by living in our polluted world. Do It 8-)


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Thanks for the reminder. It's time.

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Fasting is good, and it has many benefits, but it is not the fasting alone that will bring about the results of your desire. It is the power to trust, and believe that what you are asking for is already given unto you, or you are already healed from your illness. So fasting is the discipline to help you achieve the goal, but the key to manifesting your true desire is belief! Believe it, and you will see it.


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I think the mountain being observed from all sides will have different meanings for different people yet how simply profound that all the answers above fit the meaning of fasting.Ultimately their is agreement that fasting fascilitates mastery over the physical which clears not only physical but spiritual debris. Making the manifesting platform so much more powerful.

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Hi, MUHD. I am writing this answer even though you have already picked your best answer. I am a Senior in College, and my major is Christian Studies, to prepare me for pastoral duties. I am telling you this not to inflate my ego, but to let you know that I have had a class where I studied fasting, and why people fast.

Fasting has been used for centuries to bring the brain into an altered state. It "cleans you out". In today's world, fasting is also important because of all the additives in our food. A fast allows your liver to "get a break".

But I must talk about fasting on a spiritual level. What the fast does is clear your heart (and your heart chakra) to allow God to come in". You find out during a fast just how much you rely on food to divert and entertain you. The fast is a visible sign to God that you mean business. Most people only fast for a couple of days, but I know there are some who fast for long stretches of time.

I hope this helps! Blessings, jaianniah

I would like to point out to you MUHD, and to everyone who might read this answer, that when you award your "best answer" award too qucikly, it discourages people from answering. Hold back a bit, and wait a few days before awarding those points. You'll get better, and more, answers. Jai


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