Several times I have tried to eat a mainly raw food diet but each time have found it hard to maintain and have slipped back into a typical meat eating Western diet. Recently I have been attracting much information on upgrading my diet and came across this - containing interesting insights into why this is so important at this time. I have also read in several places of the need to drink lots of water.

Do you agree that upgrading our diet is an important part of the spiritual journey?

Here is another clip on this subject

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Water clears toxins from body. The more of it you drink, the faster/better clearing. Toxins may cause various illnesses or perpetuate some.

As for diet, there are many paths you can walk, many ideologies to follow. If you don't want to deal with various concepts based on corrupted beliefs (like vegetarianism - don't kill living beings blah blah)...then you may look into macrobiotics. Yin and Yang, Acidic and Alkaline division of food and combine your meals according to your desired results.

(11 Jan '13, 06:20) CalonLan

@CalonLan Water is really the key isn't it. Thank you.

(11 Jan '13, 10:51) Catherine

@Catherine, depends on the lock you are trying to open with it. ;)

(11 Jan '13, 12:36) CalonLan

@CalonLan Yes, I wouldn't try to unlock my house with water that would be just silly!

(11 Jan '13, 13:31) Catherine
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Always remember: Follow your highest joy.

If eating meat feels good for you, then eat it. I believe everything is geared toward thought and vibration. Vibration. Vibration. Vibration.

As an example: There are five (5) consecutive generations of vegetarianism in my family history (I am in the fifth). I grew up on a strict vegetarian diet and have eaten a vegan diet for nearly 9 years. Because I grew up with ideas that vegetarian is healthier and better for the earth, etc., etc...I have beliefs surrounding my diet that I like and choose to maintain, because I believe I feel better.


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Loved your response, F8S. Eating meats lowers one's vibrations.

(11 Jan '13, 13:26) LeeAnn 1

@Figure8shape Thank you for that. I am quite conflicted about meat - on the one hand it is part of my upbringing (I know only a few vegetarians) - on the other I have heard so much about it (particularly red meat) lowering vibrations. Maybe meat is a bit 3D but I still have a lot of beliefs to work through - e.g. you need meat for iron, you need meat to be healthy etc ... a lifetime of programming. I really appreciate your open mind on this issue :)

(11 Jan '13, 13:38) Catherine

@LeeAnn 1 That is certainly the message that I am getting but it would be quite hard to cast all my programming aside - maybe that is what is needed?

(11 Jan '13, 13:39) Catherine

@LeeAnn - Thanks!

(11 Jan '13, 13:52) figure8shape

@Catherine - I do my best to be open-minded to other people's choices. I realize that I have a belief that corresponds with @LeeAnn (eating meat lowers one's vibration), yet again, it's a belief that I choose to accept as true for my life. As you determine your dietary needs, remain open to alternative ways of eating and focus on how you feel. That will be your answer.

(11 Jan '13, 14:09) figure8shape

@figure8shape Great answer! And especially i like your self reflexion and your altitude in this to see where your beliefs come from.

(11 Jan '13, 15:06) releaser99

@releaser99 - Thanks!

(11 Jan '13, 15:10) figure8shape
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I don't know if it's important for the spiritual journey to eat raw food. But surely it cannot harm either. I think Abraham said that vibration is much more important than the energy of the food we eat.

So on one hand one could eat healthy meals but become sick easily if they feel bad constantly. On the other hand one who feels good most of the time could eat unhealthy food all the time without becoming sick ever.

Personally i also find it hard to eat raw food all the time. I tried to live this way many times but failed. So i came to conclusion that if i can't eat raw food all the time that i at least eat 1 meal of raw food with all necessary minerals and vitamins once a day.

And to save time i've bought a good mixer. So every morning i drink a green smoothie with vegetables and fruits. It's easy and fast and takes me about 10 minutes to mix and drink.

For the rest of the day i give myself permission to eat what i feel like. So it can happen that i drink a healthy green smoothie in the morning and visit mcdonald's for lunch. This way i feel better about myself.

Because at least it's better and healthier than being on an unhealthy western diet all the time.


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@releaser99 I like the idea of not going completely overboard on it - been there, done that. The green drink option and one raw meal would be a good place to start. I feel I should do something - I'm not sure if you listened to the You Tube clip but she explains about how the geometric structure of live foods helps raise frequency - very interesting. Thanks for your answer.

(11 Jan '13, 10:50) Catherine

@Catherine You are welcome. I haven't watched to clip but i believe that it's true. Many sources say that the geometric structure or vibration of raw food is better. It has more energy. So it raises your vibration too. Abraham says the same Interesting point: fresh frozen food has lower energy than fresh food!

(11 Jan '13, 11:16) releaser99

What fascinated me is also the idea that you can raise the vibration of ANY food simply by appreciating it. So if you're in the vortex and you appreciate your meal before eating it, it will be better for your health and vibrational frequency. There is also a japanese doctor that made pictures of water molecules that have been appreciated. They are obviously different in strucutre. Here is the link

(11 Jan '13, 11:16) releaser99

The point that i wanted to make is that the priority of eating should not be that high. You own frequency can change the frequency of the food so it is more important than the food. I see healthy food as a little bonus to my vibrational frequency.

(11 Jan '13, 11:16) releaser99

The point that i wanted to make is that the priority of eating should not be that high. Your own frequency can change the frequency of the food so it is more important than the food itself. I see healthy food as a little bonus to my vibrational frequency.

(11 Jan '13, 11:17) releaser99

@releaser99 I have ordered some Superfood (Dr Schulze green drink powder) following your answer. I think it is a really good compromise between just pushing too hard and giving up (going all raw food and not being able to keep it up) and just not doing anything - thanks and yes, I intend to appreciate a little bit more too.

(11 Jan '13, 11:46) Catherine

@releaser99, how about raw food has more energy simply because many of cells and organisms living in it are alive? When you freeze it or cook it, you kill a lot of them. Dead things produce no energy, thus there's more of it in raw, food, which is still alive.

Magic don't exist lol.

(11 Jan '13, 12:41) CalonLan

@Catherine You are welcome. Yes, i think that one shouldn't only see black OR white in this. Why not have black AND white as long as it makes you feel good? :) @CalonLan I don't take things for granted, so therefore you are right, i wonder often about new info that i've guessed before. And it sometimes feels like magic.

(11 Jan '13, 15:15) releaser99
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Yes many people set New Years revelations to eat healthier or lose weight every year. The problem comes with, is this really something you want to change? Is why you wanted to wait until the new year to start, because you really didn't want to change in the first place?

This determines if you will still be changed by next new year. Do you seriously want to change or are you changing because you feel you should, it is better for your health so you should.... But you really don't want to actually.


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Wade Casaldi


@Wade Casaldi I'm ready for a few green drink smoothies now Wade!

(11 Jan '13, 13:48) Catherine
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