I wonder about eating meat and animal derived products. Since my spiritual journey, about 2 years ago, I turned raw vegan (don't ask me how, it was consciously unintended, and took me by surprise!)

However, recently, about 3 weeks ago, after repeated dreams about eating eggs, I started eating eggs besides honey. I physically feel way better than before but wonder how this affects my vibrations. (I have no cravings whatsoever for other animal products or intentions there) Thank you, namaste

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Jesus both drank alchohol ( and made some too ) and was a flesh eater.[Citation Needed] Im not too sure but i think He was fairly spiritual as a being and cant see it damaged his credibility,vibration or much else. Sorry if that sounded a bit flippant.As a regualr partaker of meat,fish ,alcohol and the odd pipe i find it difficult to understand how this affects me spiritually. However i will say that many of the new thought writers i study and admire DO recommend some dietary considerations so there may well be something in this.



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I believe that what you think matters more than what you eat. We line up our vibrations through our thoughts not through food.


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good answer Graham

(06 Sep '10, 20:08) Monty Riviera

Well said. Different dominant thoughts (attitudes) may inspire you to eat different foods at different times but it's always about the thoughts first.

(22 Aug '11, 13:49) Stingray

I change my diet all of the time (surprise lol) and as someone said above, it is all in how you feel about what you are doing and not WHAT you are doing. Same reason Americans have diet issues with certain foods that are also consumed in Europe. We feel more guilty about sweets than the French do hence the fact it does not affect their body the same way.


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I dont know how the answers above arised -but having been a meat eater myself for the greater part of my life and turning vegetarian in relation to feeling made a huge difference.No matter which way you look at it morally or socially whatever is on your plate was killed.Do not have the idea that it was done ethically -How do you kill a living being ethically?Would killing an animal ethically make it more acceptaable? The question should arise how much compassion and how does my own involvement cause greater suffering ultimately.To be or not to be that is the question.

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Animals all over the world kill each other for food everyday. Are they being unethical?

(26 Feb '11, 02:48) Stingray

@stingray I would hope to have higher expectations of myself than animals do of theirs :)

(28 Feb '11, 07:58) daniele

If humans were not meant to eat meat...then why do we have teeth that allow us to do so. Otherwise we would all have teeth like bunny rabbits, no?? Our thoughts are very powerful...if you think you are eating low vibrations...then viola! You are...and vice versa.


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You body will let you know when it needs certain nutrients. You probably needed protein,hence the craving for eggs.

There is no right or wrong answer here, only what works for each individual. Some people live a strictly vegetarian lifestyle but are on no way spiritually awake. While others are spiritually awake and choose to eat meat. However, when choosing to do so they are conscious of how the animal is raised and treated so they are not ingesting negative energy when the animal hasn't been treated well.

Some of the answers to this question - http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2155/what-do-you-think-of-vegetarianism-are-you-a-vegetarian - may be helpful.


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Yes. The diet influences the vibrational level and not just few.

For digesting meat, especialy red meat, the body needs to decrease its vibrational frequency nearer to the animals' frequency, say Hathors by chanelling. Read the book: The Hathor Material, Messages from an Asceded Civilization" by Tom Kenyon & Virginia Essene. To renounce eating meat is the fewest what you will learning. But you can see what say the human level of scientifical knowledge, for example at:


"Liberal" vegetarian diet includes dairy and eggs, which are very digestible and welthy in animal proteins, minerals and vitamins, being naturally dedicated for assurement of all needs for a developing organisms (whelp and chicken), supporting multiplication and diferentiation of cells; this means both these foods promovates the hidher vibrational levels.

Special mentions for goatmilk, see:



and quail eggs:


Add the silver tools for associated to food and eating:


Good apetite and high vibrations!


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Very helpful! thank you so much, namaste

(15 Sep '10, 10:54) daniele

The higher on the food chain you are eating, the more energy it takes for your body to process it. For example, swine has a higher consciousness than does a carrot. As Gleam said, your body will have to match its vibrations to digest it, so it is much easier for you to process carrots than a big slice of ham. You are also taking on a karmic debt if you believe in your heart that eating meat is wrong and mean, and then do so anyway. And of course, most of us know that farm animals being processed for human food are treated very cruelly and the raising of these animals is using a lot of resources.

My opinion is that it is better to eat lower on the food chain as much as possible. If a craving or need for more protein arises, then satisfy it without guilt, but do so sparingly.


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Lately many Christian spiritualists have started connecting spiritualism with vegan-ism. The oldest (and yet still thriving) major spiritual traditions started from India some 5000 years ago. They had a lot of ritualism too, which was sometimes intermixed with spiritualism.

In Indian spirituality, while it is very strongly recommended to abstain from flesh & egg consumption, milk is devoured as a 'sattvic' or spiritually pure food product. It was a major source of protein, calcium, vitamin B complex, etc. at a time when fortified vegetarian-source protein and vitamin foods were not available. So, they used it as one of the natural alternatives to meat consumption.

They were aware that they were exploiting the cows for that purpose; so as a mark of gratitude 'cow' was declared 'mother like' and cow slaughter is considered a criminal act to this day by almost all Hindus (excluding Atheist Hindus).

I'm a lacto ovo vegetarian, planning to go lacto.


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thank you for the info, quite helpful!

(03 Nov '10, 10:49) daniele

If we go by the old testament we are not to eat meat that has any blood in it. In other words like I like my meat well done is cool but medium well medium rare and even rare not so good. God doesn't like that.

But if we go by the new testament Jesus said we can eat anything and it does not affect us, it is not what we eat but what we say that is important. We could even eat poison and as a new creation in Christ be unaffected when we bless the food it becomes acceptable as a spirit sustenance.

Now as for eating animals because it kills them, this is interesting, let us think of this. You are a carrot growing in the ground the sun is shining down on you, you are soaking up the sun and the earth feels cool around you. All of a sudden you feel you leaves being yanked on you are being pulled out of the ground, what is happening! You now feel cool water you are being washed off, oh okay that feels better, next you feel your top broken off! Someone is starting scrap your skin off and now is chopping to to pieces! Last you are ate and ingested. There is nothing left of you except some leaves in the trash now.

Did this kill that carrot? It seems if we really want to eat food that wasn't killed we need to eat artificial food.

That is not a bad thing, I read scientist are coming up with ways to make artificial food.

I could imagine a day when we could have artificial food, like we have generic brands of food now this would be generic food, it would just be a big box that says "food" on it. In this generic food would be all the vitamins and minerals, all the nutrition you need in this stuff. Even more than any natural food could ever have. There already is artificial cheese so I know we keep getting closer to the day we will no longer need natural food.

This would be perfect for survival or space travel or living spending years under the sea whatever we might decide to explore.


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i used to be blind on thios subject. The universe will not judge you for your desisions. BUT if you do not have a great balance between the mind body spirit trinity, you will not recieve full cappabilitys of your connsoesness. You can streangthen your vibrations greatly by alighning these! My source speaks of this.

part one

part two

part three

hope this helps, love n light,



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Now people, there are major elements we are excluding from this whole equation, The body is coded by the spirit and the spirit can be affected by both esoteric (internal) and exoteric (External) programming and vibrational frequencies.

For those who say it is what you say that matters, please be advised that what you say can be controlled by what your eat, for those that feel that what you think is all that matters, please be advised that what you think can be adversely affected by what your eat.

For the religious references; The old testament there was Jesus only in a different name created by man (Moses e.t.c), in the new testament came Jesus again also created by man. Man manipulate to suite itself, scriptures are re-written to suit man's appetite, therefore expect to see information such as these in support for the deeds man cannot currently do without for now. its called evolutionary replication.

I agree partly with the food chain theory (LeeAnn)

All nutrient including protein can be gotten from Plants, and a better form of it for that matter. there are no excuses what so ever, man's choice to eat meat today is solely base on pleasure and desire to for-fill taste.

And yes the higher the vibration of your intake the better for your spiritual evolution.

To answer your question daniele, your vibration is best with the exclusion of egg in your diet, we are all trying to get better and recover from this illness including myself....but the truth must be told, the more we hide behind excuses instead of addressing the issue the longer we stay stock here on this dimension of repetition. Egg when eaten would even be worse than eating chicken for the simple theoretical fact that the chick's life span has not even started and therefore you have to pay for what debt it was coming to pay since you stopped the process you pay the debt., only way out would be to eat in-organic egg which has no purpose, however the down side to that would be the close vibration which will adversely reduce your vibration....so there is really no way out.

Man use to be breatheterian and extracted all required nutrients from the Air, all elemental exist in the thin air , Alchemical process internally in your body helps to manufacture nutrients that is required just like plant does it, skin conducted and generated energy just like plant (photosynthesis). through evolutionary degeneration of man we have lost these abilities.

to gain your way back follow this route...from eating human to pork..from pork to meat..from meat to chicken...from chicken to fish...from fish to plants...from plants to fruits...from fruits to AIR. have a safe journey back.

Chaos By Nature


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you can experience eating annything you like. i see no harm in it as long as you do not suffer from it. annything is made from energy annyway. i find it more stupid to imposse limit and belief on yourself because of other people choice. are you going to stop yourself from eating what you like because someone say to you that it is not good for you? what if your body needs it? you might get sick. are you going to starve yourself because someone say that you eat to much? some do that to lose weight and they become twice as fat when they stop the diet. also i would say to not always eat the same thing but a little of everything because each product as good and bad effet. so take each product with moderation. if you are fat go do some excercise it is the best way to lose weight. experience and enjoy.


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