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So many studies in neuroscience are currently being made available to the public which makes me wonder of the existence of a spiritual world and God.

It has been noted, in several religious tradition, that "the divine" manifests as blinding light and booming voice from above. Current advances in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation have discovered that electrical stimulation to certain areas of the brain leads to such effects. It is also a well documented fact that the Earth's magnetic field goes through fluxes in different points of the planet, depending on what is being hit by the Sun's extra burst of radiation. This knowledge plus the knowledge of ghosts account being more prominent in areas of magnetic fluctuations begs the question: Is God real, knowing that the brain is so easily short circuited by external changes of our environment's magnetic field?

The brain receives 25% of the body's blood supply. Hypoxia or reduced oxygen level in the blood has been known to elicit feelings of nostalgia, elation, out of body experiences and angelic visions. It has been documented that the Oracle of Delphi, Native American Shamans, and some Yogis in India use smoke-suffused areas to enter into trance. This environment artificially induces hypoxia by having carbon monoxide compete with oxygen in the blood. Individuals exposed to this almost always have "visions". If "visions of the Divine" can be accomplished by such means, Is God Real?

I've recently read a study about why people believe. Psychologists found out that we try to ascribe meaning to random events whenever we encounter situations that we can not control. That is why, according to this study, belief in God is more common in non-affluent countries than in countries in western Europe (for example) because of the uncertainty poverty brings. If that's the case, my husbands grandmother (may she rest in peace) might have a point when she said, "If we want more people to attend church in this part of the world, we need another war." (These are not my sentiments nor do I acquiesce to her opinion. I'm merely connecting the dots to illustrate a point that fits the findings of this study.)

Then there are the controversies within the scripture itself. Hail of brimstones rained down on sodom and gomorrah when its people was deemed "unfit" save Lot. What could these people have done that has not been seen or heard in the modern world? How come we haven't seen or heard any of "God's messengers" check-in lately? OR lets reverse the question: What could the people in the rural areas of Russia have done for them to receive hails of fire and brimstones on February 15, 2013? Or the people of Jersey Shores when Sandy Hit? How come there were no messengers who came and checked in?

Push comes to shove and God has been proven nothing but our own creation, what then?

   For the record, I believe in God even though I am not affiliated to any organized religion. I have no proof of His/Her existence except the knowledge that He/She does.
   I am aware of the possibility that He/She is but a figment of my vivid imagination. If that be the case, may He/She be forever vivid in my mind and heart for He/She fills my being with peace. 
   I am aware that believing in Him/Her can be seen as magical thinking and have myself deemed  insane, like a person who suffers from a chemical imbalance in his brain. If that be the case, let it be so. I will gladly be the one who shall be intoxicated by the bliss of this malady.
   I am aware of the fact that I am more aware of my dependence on Him/Her whenever chaos surrounds me and feel helpless in this vortex of incapacitation, making Him/Her a coping mechanism invented by my resourceful brain. So what! It is my soul that invented Him/Her and He/She is my most prized invention for I am comforted while I traverse the unknown. Like a placebo curing a disease better than an engineered pill, the God that I made-up restores my being.

*If this is insanity, my friends, you should try it! For no anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic nor any other host of intoxicants can lead you to bliss. ONLY the ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY & KNOWING that you are loved without condition by the very Being who is the "apparent" foundation of all can bestow upon you this gift.*

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Lakshimisiddhi Saraswati

Excellent question, and a very fair one.

What if there is no God, law of attraction , law of transurfing etc. What if were purely a physical/energy body which will expire and our consciousness will cease....i guess it would be as if we never existed at all.

This is the reason i like Esters teaching. If you lived your whole life simply reaching for a better feeling thought, you developed a habit of doing this and then you died at 80 years old.

Ask yourself this question, would you have had a better life than someone who had consistently reached for a worse feeling thought and lived to 80 too?

Yes you would, even if the thought brought no new and better manifestation for you, the quality of your life would be better. You live very much in your own head, so why not make it a better place to live.

Im of the opinion their is a source energy and intelligence, but if your years using your mind to create a better within.

If there is no God then you will have made the best of there not being one...


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Monty Riviera

Why do you assume the spiritual world is not this one?

We know for a fact that our consciousness is real, that our sensations exist. We do not know for a fact that the objects we conceptualize as being the cause of those sensations exist and in fact, we are constantly reviewing the concept we have of the objective world. We know that "electrical stimulation of the eye" through TV screens causes sight; we also know that the objects we see through this stimulation are not "there", because we can't touch them. But touch is just another sensation.

The objective world is entirely defined by our sensations. If you have a dream that feels just as real as your waking life, or more, the only reason you define it as "not real" is because you do not notice a cause and effect relationship with your current waking sensations. You believe it will not transfer. What if it does, just not in the way you are used to seeing the transfer in your waking life?

Also, always consider this:

"The decline effect is troubling because it reminds us how difficult it is to prove anything. We like to pretend that our experiments define the truth for us. But that’s often not the case. Just because an idea is true doesn’t mean it can be proved. And just because an idea can be proved doesn’t mean it’s true. When the experiments are done, we still have to choose what to believe"


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Never saw this episode before,made me smile,Thanks...

(08 Apr '13, 13:59) Roy

@Flowsurfer This is one of our very favourite Friends episodes and this segment in particular. I often think of that episode whenever someone says something hasn't been "scientifically proven" and therefore doesn't exist. Thanks for posting.

(08 Apr '13, 15:18) Catherine

I would like to quote a group of wonderful people on this one:

"WHO ARE YOU TO SAY THERE IS NO GOD?" (Alcoholics Anonymous)

A lot of people have debunked God. This is nothing new. Perhaps the most famous debunk-er of God was Saul of Tarsus, Later Paul. Freud thought belief in God was also crazy- the need for a person to have someone to care for him, or some such nonsense. C.S. Lewis writes of his disbelief in God in His now famous book, Mere Christianity.

I suggest that you read at least Lewis before you move on with your quest to say that belief in God is insane. A great many people on this planet believe in God. Are they ALL insane? It is not possible.

I have been blessed by God, and have seen His Mind, His Heart, and even Hell. They are all real. Maybe you would say I am insane. What matters to me is not whether I am insane. I feel very sane. Instead, what matters to me is whether anyone sane could disbelieve in God. As Lewis proves in his book, the belief in God, and Christ, is a sane choice a man can make.

I feel sad for you. I will pray that God Himself wakes you up to His reality, and that the rest of your days are happy and fulfilled with the Love of God.

In Christ,

Jaianniah (Cris)


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what is real to one with
limited sight is as it
was when they proclaimed

and the earth the center
of the universe.
there is a master plan
of the master mind


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Here is the link to the most respected psychologist. He believed in God. He did not believe that people that believe in God are loony.


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Wade Casaldi

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I love the responses I've received, for that I'm grateful.

A yogi chooses from so many paths. I am delighted to see people who follow the path of Bhakti Yoga, for in this age of Kali, it is the quickest and surest way to salvation. Your firm faith is sufficient enough to sustain your vision of God. Blessed be, and may that Light forever sustain you!

However, since life is a choice, I, through a series of perhaps doubting incarnations, have lost this firm vision. My heart knows there is a God, it doubts not. It screams of His/Her actuality. My mind wishes to know more. It wishes to know the why's, how's, where's, when's and who's. It wants to know God, not just feel His/Her presence.

Is this so wrong? Is it wrong to desire absolute certainty of His/Her presence, not just feel it? Is it wrong to desire true communion? I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic and God is my true love. Oh what was it..."Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (5:3)" I do not claim knowledge of anything. On the cotrary, I know my knowledge is at this moment insufficient. I am truly just seeking!

Pardon my appearance, I'm still evolving!!!


answered 09 Apr '13, 08:34

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Lakshimisiddhi Saraswati

The concept portrayed by the author of "The Gods of Eden", resonates the best with me and appeals to my common sense. The following is taken from “The Gods of Eden” by William Bramley.

ff“Every spiritual being (unit of awareness) seems to be completely unique and independent. Each appears to possess its own distinct viewpoint, which cannot entirely be duplicated by any other unit of awareness. This uniqueness and individuality of viewpoint appear to be the very essence and purpose of spiritual existence. We may see some evidence of this in the fact that when individuals are crushed into a sameness, they become unhappier and worse off; their perceptions deteriorate and they are less creative. When true uniqueness and individuality are restored to people, they regain their vitality and creativity. “It appears that every unit of awareness is capable of infinite creation because creation by a spiritual being is accomplished by the act of thought or imagination. If you imagine there is a white cat on top of this book, you have created a white cat, even if it only exists for you. Such creations, when shared and agreed to by others, eventually give rise to universes that can be shared and experienced by others. This seems to be how spiritual beings create universes of their own and in cooperation with others, and why there exists evidence in modern physics that our universe appears to be ultimately based on thought. …… Every unit of awareness is the source of its own infinity because thought and imagination have no bounds; any amount of space, time or matter may be imagined by any spiritual being and ultimately agreed to and shared by other spiritual beings. Where did all these countless units of awareness come from? Did there exist at one time only a single unit of awareness from which all others originated? The many similarities between all spiritual beings make it appear so. That original unit of awareness would be what is normally called a Supreme Being, which we might also call the Primary Being. It appears that individual spiritual beings are actually units of awareness of a Primary, or Supreme Being, yet each unit is possessed of its own self-awareness, personality, free will, independent thought, and infinite creativity. …….. : how could a Supreme Being be so foolish? Why would it create awareness units that were self-aware? ……. why did a Supreme Being not do the sensible thing and simply retain its own single undivided viewpoint? Self-awareness is apparently the quality which gives spiritual beings the capacity for thought and imagination, and hence to be a source of infinity and creation. ……. Theoretically, of course, a Supreme Being was already capable of creating an infinity and of creating anything within it, but only from its own single viewpoint. A Supreme Being could only be the source of one infinity: its own. If a Supreme Being wanted to experience another infinity, it had to first create another unique self-aware unit of awareness like itself. So, it apparently did just that. But it did not satisfy itself with just one more unit of awareness: it appears to have put out an uncountable number of them so that it could enjoy an almost infinite number of infinities and realities. This suggests that the potential scope of a Supreme Being extends far beyond the boundaries of this one small universe – it encompasses trillions of potential infinites and universes. …… It is hard to imagine that a Supreme Being would condemn its own units of awareness, no matter how small and entrapped they have become, and no matter how insanely and destructively some of them behave as a result.”


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