is there a difference , if so explain please ?

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blubird two

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The link to your website warns of phishing. Why is that?

(13 Jan '11, 19:38) jim 10

I get that too... The warning says that you may be trying to create a 'trick' to get financial information... If not true, maybe you should investigate where such info is coming from...

(14 Jan '11, 12:27) The Prophet

Positive thinking implies negative exists also, it corresponds to the world of duality, ex. good/bad, love/hate. Magical thinking corresponds to the whole sphere of energies ... metaphorically speaking the world of duality would correspond to the traditional seven visible colours of the rainbow, magical thinking would correspond to a disk divided into 12 segments, seven rainbow colours extending through infrared and ultraviolet, black and white and completing the circle in negative green

(03 Jun '15, 10:13) jaz
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What is the difference between positive thinking and magical thinking?

"Is there a difference, if so explain please?"

Hey blu ~ good to 'see" you again ~ it's a good vibe.

... and since your question has risen back to the top, I'll do my best to explain my thoughts.

It's a well recognized concept that positive thinking will create a positive reality. It's even been scientifically proven. We are all familiar with "like attracts like". If you 'program' your brain with positive thoughts, you will receive positive energy in return. Neuroscience has proven that positive thought can actually change our brainwaves & influence the 'frequencies' of our brain waves in addition to forming new neural pathways.

Magical thinking is the LOA.

Magical thinking is imagination in motion.

Magical thinking is imagination in action.

Magical thinking incorporates positive (or negative) thinking & expands on it exponentially through the power of our imagination.

Magical thinking creates good vibrations (feelings).

Magic just makes you feel good. It brings back memories of a time in your life when you believed wishes always came true.

Yes, magical thinking has gotten a bad wrap. Only because some people do not understand the concept as well as you do. Some people even equate magically thinking with mental illness. I agree, it's hard to believe.

Schizophrenia is often related to magical thinking because some schizophrenics believe they have the power to control things with their mind, or can create things just by thinking about them. lol Isn't that exactly what we do here? Isn't this what the LOA is? We get in the exact vibration (feeling) & use are imagination to visualize & if what we want for example is a parking space or a cup of coffee, we will manifest one.

I also believe magical thinking allows us to connect with our higher self & source energy.

The more faith we have in the power of magical thinking, aka LOA & the more practiced we become, we can create & manifest to our heart's desire. We are only limited by our doubts or the capacity of our minds to imagine.

The magic to create begins within & incorporates our whole mind through positive thoughts & imagination & the magic continues to flow through our physical body, connects with feelings from our heart & our spirit.

.. and remember

alt text

I believe in Magic & Magical Imaginative Thinking & thus, the Power to Create our Dreams.

An article in Scientific American explains "Why Magical Thinking Works for some people" . Research shows magical thinkers set higher goals for performance.

According to Alex Schlegel, a researcher in the Dartmouth College Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and an author of the study on Imagination states - .

"The Dartmouth researchers found that the activity of what we call the imagination is the product of a widespread network of neurons (what they call the "mental workspace") that consciously alters and manipulates images, symbols, and ideas, and gives us the intense mental focus that we need to come up with new ideas and solutions to complex problems."

The process of imagination incorporates the whole brain ~ both the right & left hemispheres.

Blu ~ I thought maybe you would appreciate a little music as you're cruising the cosmos. Have an internet connection up there?

If you believe in magic, come along with me

We'll dance until morning 'til there's just you and me

And maybe, if the music is right

I'll meet you tomorrow, sort of late at night

And we'll go dancing.....

lol ~ Enjoy...

Thank you, blu....


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thanks for the question blu :) ... and thanks for the clear answer ele :)

(21 Oct '13, 09:50) jaz

Yes jaz, blu asked some really thought provoking questions & was a great teacher. Thank you blu.

(22 Oct '13, 01:22) ele

I like the phrase magical thinking,i like the idea of magical things happening in my life.

BUT i see the thought world as being split into 2 groups only.

Thinking things that you would like to experience.

Thinking things you wouldnt like to experience.

I would say after reading everything on Psi Tek and listening and reading a lot more besides it would seem the consensus of opinion is this.

Whatever you spend the majority of your time focusing /thinking/meditating and imagining will eventually manifest into your life experience.

If this is in the positive then it will eventually manifest and will appear almost magical. Particularly if youve had a lifetime of negative thinking and the corresponding results.

I think positive uplifting thoughts with their corresponding good emotions ARE magical.But i guess after a lifetime of reaping the good results they would eventually appear to be just a natural part of life.

And i wouldnt complain if they were.



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Monty Riviera


"i like the idea of magical things happening in my life." I knew there was a reason I liked you @Monty (one of many)

(17 Oct '13, 18:52) ele

Positive thinking is basically optimism.

Magical Thinking is causal reasoning that looks for correlation between acts or utterances and certain events. In other words, we think two things are related because they occurred at the same time, or in the same context. It is a form of faulty reasoning, and takes many forms.


answered 18 Jan '11, 15:28

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Positive Thinking is putting all your Ducks in a row with the belief that they will all fly off magically into the sunset when you give them the command to do so, and that they will return back to you magically when you require them to do so. Positive thinking is using your magic wand to get what you want!


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Inactive User ♦♦

Positive thinking is when you are always seeing the glass as half full not half empty. Positive thinking is saying I can, instead of I can't. Magical thinking is when you seemingly have supernatural qualities or powers. Though positive thinking and magical thinking are closely related because the more positive your thinking is, the more it seems like you have magical, supernatural powers



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Whatever you spend the majority of your time focusing /thinking/meditating and imagining will eventually manifest into your life experience.

Try that with your height and let us know how much you add to it HAHAHAHA

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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Debbie Edwards


Gee @Debbie "Try that with your height" I didn't realize blu was insecure about his height. I've never envisioned blu as vertically challenged either or insecure for that matter. I doubt if that would be an obstacle for him if it actually mattered to him or if he was. He's a magical thinker afterall - one of the best on IQ. Welcome to IQ - a place to grow @Debbie.

(17 Oct '13, 18:14) ele

@Debbie Didn't your mother ever teach you that it wasn't very nice to speak ill of the dearly departed? blu was very dear to me. Someone else must of thought this as well, since you received a downvote.

(18 Oct '13, 05:57) ele

@ele...manners, men-made delusional limitations telling us how to live, imposed upon each individual by society, that must be transcended if we are ever to evolve.

Nicely looking on the surface, rotten and repulsive on the inside.

(18 Oct '13, 06:33) CalonLan

@Cal You are giving men too much credit. I think it was one of the first acts initiated by & for women. I don't care how anyone lives -- free choice. Did you NOT read the FAQ on how to use IQ? WE are to be well mannered & not offensive.

(18 Oct '13, 06:51) ele

@ele, rules are tragic resolution. For they are attempting to provide objective guidelines based on subjective understanding of aspects they stand on.

We are not meant to be offensive, ok, then define what's some it's naughty words, to others talk of Jesus is offensive enough. And who's in his right mind can say where to draw to line, what's too much and what's still ok. That was my point.

If I wanted to speak ill of dead, I would. I'm not worried about karma coming to bait....

(18 Oct '13, 08:38) CalonLan back, or actions some people consider evil. I'm at peace with the fact I'm gonna die, I'm at peace with the fact I harbor evil inside of me. I'm not worried about people talking bad of me after I'm gone. I don't consider it ill when I'm alive, let them spit whatever they want, why should I consider it any different when I'm dead.

This is my life, right here and now, I feel through this body, I precept through my mind, I enjoy it. Reputation and words people say 'bout me, mean nothing.

(18 Oct '13, 08:44) CalonLan

You could think I'm an #####, you could say it to me, I don't care, right now I'm having a great chinese noodles...right now, I'm ok with being #####, being evil, whatever names people want to call me, I'm having a great chinese food and it makes me happyyyyy. =D

I consider whatever description of a person or a situation irrelevant. It's all subjective. Don't matter to me at all.

  • I never read rules. + I meant men-made as 'artificial' not that men were to take credit for it ;)
(18 Oct '13, 08:46) CalonLan

" I meant men-made as 'artificial' not that men were to take credit for it " @Cal So I interpreted literately what you were expressing figuratively? lol Was this also your subtle way of telling me NOT to take what Debbie said literally? Didn't you see the bold black print I used when I typed the word 'your'? As for my 2nd comment ~ wish I could edit. I didn't mean to blame mom's. I was never taught by my parents, my school teachers, or my religion that I should not speak ill (A)

(21 Oct '13, 03:34) ele

(B) of the dead? What would you have to gain? They can't hurt you or anyone else. Your words won't benefit anyone or offer protection. I think the main reason one wouldn't want to speak ill of the dead is because if you do, you are allowing the past & the deceased to control your present. You're giving your time & your energy away to something you should have let go a long time ago. Why hold on to grievances? The only power the dead have over you is the power you give them. I also (B)

(21 Oct '13, 03:37) ele

(C) said dearly departed; NOT dead. The blu persona will live on forever in spirit. His words, his essence, his energy are captured for eternity throughout the many corridors of IQ. Open a new window & poof, there he is. Whatever you write on the internet remains till the end of time. Why would you care if someone talks badly about you when you're DEAD? Unless, it's because you do not want to be forgotten. Doesn't concern me, I'll be gone. Who said anything about karma? I guess I (C)

(21 Oct '13, 03:39) ele

(D) should tell you I chose to interpret "Debbie's" words literally. Hindsight tells me it would have been easier to have just asked this:

Don't get me wrong, I love a good troll if they are entertaining, funny, have a good heart or of educational value. I did not feel or recognize any of these traits when I read s/he's answer. I naturally assumed "Debbie" was trolling & I have no idea or care why s/he picked this ? (D)

(21 Oct '13, 03:48) ele

(E) "Debbie" could also be a current or former user with more than one acct. Who knows? We naturally assume when we see a new user with a gender specific name, they are of that gender. It doesn't mean it's true. It's a well known troll tactic to take on the identity of the opposite gender. Perhaps they are here experiencing IQ as the opposite gender for purely innocent reasons & not to deceive anyone or create havoc. I wish trolls wouldn't shout. (E)

(21 Oct '13, 03:55) ele

(F) As for you, my dearest Cal, I hold you in the highest regard & value your contributions. I do not think poorly of you; quite the opposite. Those are your thoughts, NOT mine. If truth be known, you are my favorite person to read on IQ. ETA (BTW, I read the quote in fiction books)

(21 Oct '13, 03:55) ele

agrees with (F)

(21 Oct '13, 04:13) ursixx

And you do NOT agree with A - E? @ursixx lol No, F is the only one which matters..

(21 Oct '13, 04:28) ele

@ele, I appreciate it. Although in a different way than you'd imagine. I appreciate being praised so that I have opportunity to learn to ignore it. I must say that watching tons of Star Trek lately, has helped me understand and even experience way of Buddhist more closer. Not flattered by praise, not hurt by Vulcans or Borgs would prolly agree pleasure or hurt are irrelevant and inefficient use of time...

I quite enjoy being able to dismiss emotions and exit emotional plane...

(21 Oct '13, 04:36) CalonLan use of pure of logic. It is rather enjoyable experience to be able to disregard any praise and just as well any blame. =)

which is rather paradox, as I used emotional state of enjoying the very emotionless situation lol.

(21 Oct '13, 04:38) CalonLan

@CalonLan but what would the Gorn say? and I like Chinese food too

(21 Oct '13, 05:03) ursixx

@Cal I was not trying to flatter you & it was NOT flattery. I was simply stating a fact & telling you how I see you & you're welcome.

(21 Oct '13, 05:19) ele

@Cal awe, the zen cloud of indifference. lol No, it's great to be in harmony and balanced emotionally but I would not be too quick to discard anything which warms your heart & makes you feel good~ just let go of the 'ego'.

(22 Oct '13, 01:27) ele

@ele, woot, no, ego defines flavor of one's life =D Without it, life is tasteless.

I don't advocate having ego, I don't advocate not having one. sometimes I set up rules to live by, sometimes I break them all. I don't wanna be right, while denying myself option to be wrong. I don't wanna love, refusing to hate.

I like to taste the whole palette,my whole life I learned how to settle disputes peacefully, yet I still wanna get into fist fight or boxing ring at least to let my hands do the talk.

(22 Oct '13, 02:10) CalonLan

Why confine yourself to a certain way of living, when you can have them all.

(22 Oct '13, 02:17) CalonLan

We only get to be in our bodies for a limited time & no one will ever accuse you to tip toeing through life @Cal. I'm sure your last words will be "Beam me up Scotty". In the meantime "Life is a Party" ~ or can be ~ you get to make the rules or not. You get to choose ~ how awesome is that. Or a ride with ...

(22 Oct '13, 23:52) ele
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