I have been following the Law of Attraction for a few months, and to say the least it has turned my life around. I am a much happier person and have found several ways to make me feel good and happy almost all the time. I am also looking for a job, since I quit my last one a few months ago. I understand that I need to come from a place of having already aquired the job, to attract it into my life. I even try, but I seem to get stuck at times. I know I deserve the best for myself, I tell myself that I trust the universe and the best job for me is already mine, it just is on its way. But, how do I keep going? Or is there something I need to do differently?

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Here is a 'cheat'- apply for 100 jobs, within one week. Your trust in the universe to get you a job will increase by 100%

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This question is all about using the Law of Attraction to manifest a job:
What does ‘detachment’ truly mean in Law of Attraction?

That might be what you are looking for.


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It is definitely you noticing the lack of a job right now that is keeping it away from you. You feel that you need a job to be happy and that is why you are not getting it.

You need to get to a place where you are happy in spite of not having a job. Stingray has provided a link to a good way of getting to this place above.


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Indeed you should let it go. Positive thinking isn't repeating positive things, it's choosing to look at the good side of what comes to you. I know nothing about law of attraction, but by its name and context in this Q&A I'd say it must say things naturally come to you so there's no need to worry.

It's not easy, but that's what you're missing as you're still worrying about it. Look at every other thing around you, choose one or a few of them, focus on that. Literally. Move your head and look around. Subjectively too. Loot at who's around you, what's going on in your life. Pick things you can do right now, and do it. Soon enough you'll forget you don't have a job and if you need one, it will come.

That's not to say to neglect jobs interview, opportunities, sending resumes, looking for it... It's just it should take a small part of your day, if any part at all. 5h per week is more than enough to spend on looking for it, 1h per each weekday. But that's just a base line. For some people it could be a lot more, or a lot less. If you have spare time after doing everything around, then you can maybe go online and look for a job. If you have nothing to do around you, then maybe you should be spending more onto building a resume or a portfolio.

But again, let it go by doing other things, things that are at your hand's reach. Always.


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Niki, How you proceed depends on where you are. First you must take care of what is urgent. Because it is difficult to use the law of attration if you are desperate. So come up with a plan to meet your immediate financial needs (whether you have to barrow from family or friends). After you have addressed that then you can figure out how much time you have until you need money again. If you have one month or three months then you can relax and use the law of attraction.

If you do not desperately need the money then you may want to consider doing some volunteer work. This will help to fill the space and time and you will be contributing to some worthy cause.

Hope this helps.


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