Most of us that regularly come to this site are aware of the LOA or its equivalent ... in everyday life there seems to be a lot of people still unaware of the importance of this natural phenomenon ... should we intervene ?

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blubird two

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hi Blubird, To pass on knowledge is a noble idea but don't be disapointed if people don't apreciate what you know and in fact some might even be a bit nasty. Not all are ready. I have given books to friends that say they are very spiritual and knowlegable but later found out that they didnt even bother to finish the book.

No offence was taken as I know that not all experiance spirituality or LOA in the same way and for different folks it is different strokes.

It is not up to us to try and speed up their progress but it is nice to test the waters so to speak and if they are interested give knowledge and if they dont like that knowledge we should respect that.

Be careful who you share your knowledge with (dont throw pearls before swine said Jesus) and dont blame yourself if someone you shared knowledge with retaliates in the negative way and thinks those that do manifestations and read about LOA are greedy and evil. No judgement is the best policy so do your best to the best of your ability without attachements to outcome and those that do apreciate your sharing your knowledge will make it all worthwile.

Good luck


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Paulina 1

Thanks for the emotional support Paulina

(08 Jan '12, 02:10) blubird two

No intervention is necessary. Assuming that others need your help is to believe that they are powerless to help themselves, but they are not. There is nothing wrong with anyone or the world. Everyone came here to experience the process of learning (remembering) what works and what does not work, what serves them and what does not.

Once someone has remembered certain Universal laws and they are happy with their life; all that is required of them is to be themselves. Others around those people will pick up on their energy and due to vibrational resonance, they will automatically be positively affected by their state of being.

In my view it is best to work on yourself and allow others to be and do as they choose. The exception I make is through forums like IQ where people come to ask questions. My personal challenge is in interacting with long-term friends and associates who insist on clinging to their old dis-empowering ways. But hey, life's challenges have their own rewards :)


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Let's say it was your mother that doesn't believe and she really needs money or she is going to lose her home. Would you then intervene and use the Law of Attraction to bring her money to save her home? I believe you would as anyone would want to help his own mother.

(07 Jan '12, 13:50) Wade Casaldi

Hi Wade, a few years ago I sent Conversations with God and You Can Heal Your Life to my Mother for her birthday. Because I sensed from talking with her that she was caught up in old dis-empowering belief systems. To this day she has not thanked me or even acknowledged those gifts, even though I know she received them. These days I simply refer people to my website if the opportunity arises...

(07 Jan '12, 19:04) Eddie

Exactly so if your mom needed it you would do it for her. Visualizing her healthy or whatever she needs.

(07 Jan '12, 20:23) Wade Casaldi

I don't think that the question asks or infers the point you want to make. The question asks how? I have provided my answer and clarified my reason for it in my comment above. Cool?

(07 Jan '12, 20:51) Eddie

I guess we both interpret the word "intervene" differently. Since this is the case we are at a crossroad to communicate further on this; consider it dropped.

(07 Jan '12, 23:21) Wade Casaldi
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Sometimes it is easier to just be blunt about it.

If you have a friend or acquaintance casually mention to you, "I don't want to drive during rush-hour because I worry that someone will hit me", you can take the opportunity to bluntly point out "Well, as long as you keep worrying about it, someone HAS to volunteer to hit you, because that is the only choice you have requested from the Universe (All that is, etc., etc.).

It is easier to learn about the law of attraction through our anticipated failure than our desire for success.

Since most of us effortlessly see ourselves failing at so many things, this is the best place to start understanding how that anticipation IS the foundation of our daily "attracted" existence.

And the way to stop it is not by trying to stop it, but by embracing and acknowledging that which we worry about failing at, is a choice of obsession within our consciousness.

We can't be in denial of the things we worry about. Unfortunately most people are in constant denial of their own part in the circumstances they find themselves in.

Listen to yourself complaining......that is attraction in motion.

Listen to others complain. They don't know that they are attracting when they are complaining.

When someone complains their mind wasn’t blank until the moment when they opened their mouth to complain about something.

Chances are, their mind was working away for days and hours and minutes and seconds focusing and envisioning and living and ATTRACTING thought after thought after thought of a massive encyclopedia of connected memories of misfortune and misery and failure which eventually boil over into a verbal spewing out of what has happened to them and what they expect to happen next to them if YOU don't help.

Now you can help them all you want, but if THEY are not willing to take responsibility for their internal dialog, there's nothing you can do to help them.

So the best lesson we can awaken to is to first understand that our internal dialog is our attraction. And then awaken others to it by pointing out that what they complain about IS their attraction.

When trying to learn about the power of attraction that we possess, if we don't study our anticipation of failure, we will find ourselves doing positive attraction 10% of the time and then worry if it will work and complain the remaining 90% of the time.

And guess what the outcome would be?

Here’s a clue, it's not going to be the result from the 10% of effort.

If you really want to understand attraction, study what it is that you are afraid of happening to you because that is your attraction.
Study what you are angry about because that is your attraction.
Study what you are complaining about, because that is your attraction.
Study what you are trying to avoid, because you will hit it dead on.
Study what you do not want, because as long as you do not want it, it has to exist in your experience so that you can physically participate in not wanting it.

We are all masters of attraction, and we don't need to learn HOW to do it. We need to awaken to realizing that we ARE doing it and HOW and WHEN we are doing it.

Once we can acknowledge this, upon realizing that we are responsible, the behavior of attraction automatically begins to change towards preference instead of avoidance.

Anticipation = attraction

You are constantly attracting all that you anticipate happening to you and that which you anticipate others doing to you.

You can't switch it off in order to avoid it. The only thing you can do is to acknowledge it and change it by catching your self doing it again and again.

The content of your mind is the content of your attraction.


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The Traveller

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Yes, the first lesson is to recognize and acknowledge that "i am responsible for everything that happens in my life" ... thanks for the reminder

(09 Jan '12, 02:07) blubird two

Yes I would say so because it is no different than if you see someone in dire straits in the news paper then pray for them. I think this is an excellent idea to use the Law of Attraction for others that do not understand how to use it for themselves. :-)


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Wade Casaldi

well you can bring a horse to the well but you cannot force him to drink. but everything happens when it is the time for it to happen. you can set up the condition for it to happen but it will only happen when it is the right time for it to happen. you must do it from a non ego based decision in perfect harmony and let things take their course with faith. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger


very clear, thanks

(07 Jan '12, 03:51) blubird two

you are welcome my friend. experience and enjoy.

(07 Jan '12, 04:07) white tiger
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