I understand every experiance we have is co creation with other beings. I know some lives are needed to feel dissconnection. If we kill someone they need it in their existance too. I wonder what all think ? I read this peice of Seth channeling and wondered what all here think?

Love n light.



Idealism also presupposes "the good" as opposed to "the bad", so how can the pursuit of "the good" often lead to the expression of "the bad"? For that, we will have to look further.

There is one commandment above all, in practical terms – a Christian commandment that can be used as a yardstick. It is good because it is something you can understand practically: "Thou shalt not kill." That is clear enough. Under most conditions you know when you have killed. That [commandment] is a much better road to follow, for example than: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself," for many of you do not love yourselves to begin with and can scarcely love your neighbor as well. The idea is that if you love your neighbor you will not treat him poorly, much less kill him – but the commandment: "Thou shalt not kill," says you shall not kill your neighbor no matter how you feel about him. So let us say in a new commandment: "Thou shalt not kill even in the pursuit of your ideals."

What does that mean? In practical terms it would mean that you would not wage war for the sake of peace. It would mean that you did not kill animals in experiments, taking their lives in order to protect the sacredness of human life. That would be a prime directive: "Thou shalt not kill even in the pursuit of your ideals" – for man has killed for the sake of his ideals as much as he has ever killed for greed, or lust, or even the pursuit of power on its own merits.

You are a fanatic if you consider possible killing for the pursuit of your ideal. For example, your ideal may be – for ideals differ – the production of endless energy for the uses of mankind, and you may believe so fervently in that ideal – this added convenience to life – that you considered the hypothetical possibility of that convenience being achieved at the risk of losing some lives along the way. That is fanaticism.

It means that you are not willing to take the actual steps in physical reality to achieve the ideal but that you believe that the end justifies the means: "Certainly some lives may be lost along the way, but overall, mankind will benefit." That is the usual argument. The sacredness of life can not be sacrificed for life's convenience, or the quality of liie itself will suffer. In the same manner, say, the ideal is to protect human life, and in the pursuit of that ideal you give generations of various animals deadly diseases, and sacrifice their lives. Your justification may be that people have souls and animals do not or that the quality of life is less in the animals, but regardless of those arguments this is fanaticism – and the quality of human life itself suffers as a result, for those who sacrifice any kind of life along the way lose some respect for all life, human life included. The ends do not justify the means.

source: 1979.05.02 (850: INME)

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TReb Bor yit-NE


i like what Dalai Lama once said. Unless there is imminent death threat (meaning you are attacked and going to die this minute if you dont retaliate) to yourself don't be violent and seek and solution though talk. i am more conflicted about animals. obvisously there is no death threat to us and you are eating something someone killed but implicitly it means you are ok to kill (since i am a meat eater).

(05 Jun '13, 18:13) abrahamloa

Regarding "Thou Shalt not kill", i think its already implicit in it that you dont kill. Period. Not for any ideals etc.. so i dont think you need a "Thou shalt not kill even in the pursuit of your ideals". Its just people anyway went ahead and ignored that and did and tried justify it.

I think its clear for humans but i am not sure whether this statement includes Animals too.

(05 Jun '13, 18:15) abrahamloa

We kill animals all the time for food. Are they not living beings too ? If it is ok to kill these animals for food, then I don't see why it is not ok to kill someone else. But killing animals do fulfil some kind of desire (fulfilling your stomach), whereas killing a human doesn't really help you to do anything except to vent your anger and frustration.

(05 Jun '13, 20:30) kakaboo

so, when do you let them come for you

(06 Jun '13, 05:36) fred

All this stuff about "the sacredness of life" is meaningless when you remember that life, under normal conditions, is finite. You cannot really kill anyone because everyone is already destined to die. It's never a choice between life and death but between different types of life. What you can do, in theory, is change their life experience, shorten it, lengthen it, have them eat cake or go hungry or keep them from seeing their children grow up. Is it ok? What does it mean for something to be ok?

(06 Jun '13, 06:06) flowsurfer

@Kakaboo - when i said "I think its clear for humans but i am not sure whether this statement includes Animals too" i meant i am not sure what the original commandment meant and was not my opinion... at the time i believe they were eating animals.

(06 Jun '13, 14:09) abrahamloa

@flowsurfer. u r right, it is not a death at all., it is a new version of life, ty for reminding us this, i would love for u to use that in an answer, and express all details u feel about this, if u r willing dear brother, i love u and am so grateful for ur answer.

(07 Jun '13, 13:31) TReb Bor yit-NE

@abrahamaloa thank u, i believe the same way the dalai lama, about only needing to kill if u r in deaths aim.

(07 Jun '13, 13:38) TReb Bor yit-NE

thank u all for answers.

(07 Jun '13, 13:38) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-Ne Rob, I'd love to hear your own views on this question - could you answer your own question. You might even get a badge for it!

(08 Jun '13, 08:34) Catherine

@catherine I was going to, BUT , most of what was already thought., has been said,I will though. Thank u

(09 Jun '13, 12:52) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I don't think that many will like this answer but this is how I see it.

First I want to start with the following premises:

  1. We are all one: the one is all and the all is one.
  2. Everything is consciousness (even stones and trees): all souls are equal. No soul is more consciousness than other souls, meaning no consciousness is superior to another.
  3. Law of Attraction exists: you cannot attract anything that you aren't the vibration of.
  4. There are no bad things. There is only experience (contrast).
  5. There is no "death". You exist and therefore you will always exist.

Is it OK to kill someone?

The word "someone**" implies if it is ok to kill a human being, a human consciousness. So the question also implies that human consciousnesses are significantly superior to animal consciousnesses, bacteria consciousnesses, stone consciousnesses or tree consciousnesses.

And I don't agree with that (see the first two premises that I mentioned above).

If you think about it, we "kill" all day, every day anyway. If you breath in, you kill many, many bacteria consciousnesses. So if "killing" (I like the word "transforming" better) consciousness was bad, we should be crying all day, every day.

Most human beings eat meat and meat comes from animals. If killing was bad, we should be crying all day, every day and not eat meat at all.

So what's with these double standards? Why are we human beings so arrogant to assume that we are more consciousness than other consciousnesses? Why do we feel superior and say "we are all one" in the same breath?

The other thing is that the Law of attraction exists and you cannot attract what you are not the vibration of.

So if I went out to punch someone in the face who is not the vibration of, I wouldn't find one. You can only punch someone if he is the vibration of the punch.

You can only "kill" (better words: co-create the transition) someone if he is the vibration of that experience (contrast).

So is it ok to punch anyone you like?

Yes, it is ok if you feel like it.

Is it ok to help with the transition of another human being?

Yes, it is ok if you feel like it.


answered 05 Jun '13, 22:13

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@releaser99 "So is it ok to punch anyone you like?" "Yes, it is ok if you feel like it". Assuming we are all one, this doesn't seem like such a good idea though.

(06 Jun '13, 05:28) Catherine

"Yes, it is ok if you feel like it." - And it is worth emphasizing that when someone feels good (empowered) within themselves, they don't gravitate towards violence anyway...very much the opposite. Only people who feel disempowered have a need for violence towards others as a form of expression because anger/blame feels better than fear/depression: Why are people mean to each other?

(06 Jun '13, 05:56) Stingray

@Catherine The word "ok" in my answer is not a moral judgement. I don't claim to be the moral authority here. It is more an "ok" in the sense that "this is how the universe works anyway".

"this doesn't seem like such a good idea though." It is not a good idea if you give the punch a negative meaning with humanly limiting beliefs. But the universe isn't judgemental at all.

(06 Jun '13, 09:03) releaser99

@Catherine My forth premise in this answer is that there aren't any "bad" things. There is only experience. Maybe the punch could be a positive physical manifestation for your belief system if you consider this scenario: A 30 year old man who is known as a rapist, serial killer and thief tries to steal a handbag from an old, vulnerable lady.

(06 Jun '13, 09:04) releaser99

@Catherine But he fails to do so because the old lady punches him so hard in the face that the man is confused and has to flee. I don't know anyone who would say the following: "i think the lady doesn't know that we are all one. Why did she do that?". So any punch is always a neutral vibrational match. Only your judgment makes it a bad or "a good idea".

(06 Jun '13, 09:04) releaser99

@Stingray Thanks for the clarifying link. I especially like the sentence in your link "You cannot go from depression and fear to feeling better without going through some kind of anger".

(06 Jun '13, 09:13) releaser99

@releaser99 I'm still not sure about the "punch anyone you like" line R99. Stingray makes a great point about only those who are disconnected would ever do that. Truthfully this whole issue has bothered me for some time .... I am working up to asking a question about it.

(06 Jun '13, 09:58) Catherine

@Catherine I'm looking forward to your question and the answers to it. I hope you will get a more straightforward explanation than this one.

(06 Jun '13, 10:37) releaser99

@Stingray I want to add that the word "violence" is also a judgement with beliefs attached to it. People who enjoy cockfights or shooting animals as a hobby might be in the vortex and feel love in their hearts while doing it. Or a butcher who helps with the transition of animals could also do his job passionately. Some might call those things "violent" while others would call them passion. "Only people who feel disempowered have a need for violence towards others" might not be quiet accurate.

(06 Jun '13, 10:51) releaser99

@Releaser99 - i dont agree with your answer. Its not ok to kill people. Period. There is a reason why all religions say "Thou Shalt not kill" or even to not Harm others even in thought. Also if Stingray says only someone who is disconnected would do it, means you would never do that if you are aligned. So the answer is - to never kill or harm others. Period. The "ok" you are saying is for people who are disconnected. and they should be asked to get connected and not "OK" to punch, kill etc.

(06 Jun '13, 14:15) abrahamloa

@releaser99 speaking of 'judgement' - in my part of the world, punching someone would be considered battery & you certainly can do so if you don't mind paying a fine or doing the time..

(06 Jun '13, 19:03) ele

@abrahamloa It is a tough game to try to decide for others what they should and should not do. If we insist that other people should behave in a way we want, it simply means this: "you must behave the way I want you to behave because then I can feel better/safer". And history shows that those who try to control other people's behavior aren't that successful. So maybe it is better to not kill if you don't like killing and let other people do it if they like it.

(06 Jun '13, 19:38) releaser99

@ele And maybe this is the reason why the prisons are bursting at the seams. Because the system insists that it is not ok to move up from depression and fear to feeling better through anger (which is the only way to move up anyway). They are being punished for wanting to feel better and so they stay in the loop of depression and anger and can't find a way out. Because being angry means punishment. And punishment means moving back to depression. So they keep being a problem to society.

(06 Jun '13, 19:38) releaser99

@releaser99 I misspoke - in my part of the world - simple battery (a punch in the face) usually results in a fine or community service & probation & at most, one night in jail (to cool off). I agree about anger. I just mentioned to flowsurfer how happy I was to hear he was FINALLY feeling anger - a huge step forward IMO.

I would suggest using a punching bag or speed bag - I have one & it's also a great workout.

(06 Jun '13, 19:49) ele

excellent answer. thank u,. love u

(07 Jun '13, 12:57) TReb Bor yit-NE

Releaser is correct in saying "[quote]" might not be quite accurate. I for fact there are people who can be well in their vortex whilst doing things others might consider highly unaligned behavior.

(07 Jun '13, 15:29) Snow

@abrahamloa - If you - if - I were aligned. There would be no need to kill someone. There would be better answers to what we felt it necessary to do. Actually the situation would never arise, or even if it did, it would smooth out in a good way.

You don't have to have horror lives anymore than you have to go to horror movies.

(07 Jun '13, 19:52) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill Yes, if you want to change the world and your experience, you have to change how you feel, how you are aligned. But true alignment cannot exist if you feel bad about people insulting, harming or killing each other. You must find a way to feel love for everything that exists in your reality. My answer is about accepting and making peace with insulting, harming and killing...and seeing those things lovingly through the eyes of source. Alignment can only exist by making peace with that

(07 Jun '13, 20:52) releaser99

@releaser - I don't care to even try to change "the world." I am focusing on the beauty in my world. Alignment can only exist within myself. And this includes trying to help sick people, needy people, harmful people, insulting people. I don't. This would only attract needy people into my experience.

Distraction into beauty, into love, into joy, is the KEY!

(10 Jun '13, 08:33) Dollar Bill
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Nature doesn't recognize good and evil . Nature only recognizes balance and imbalance

We often equate killing a person with evil when we call this ending of a life murder. When it is a conflict between men it is called causalities of war.Or when two cars crash it is called an accident.There are many ways and circumstances that humans cause the ending of physical life among each other.
The concept of balance and imbalance I see as harmony and disharmony,or even simpler good vibrations vs bad vibrations.
Killing someone is seldom a random unthought through act,it is done through contemplation .A compounding of inharmonious thoughts and deeds.Yes there is killing as a response to an immanent death threat (see @abrahamloa 1st comment to question).This is from the fight or flight part of out nature and occurs with out premeditation.

So the root of the question is "Is it ok to be inharmonious?"
My answer would be: Yes,as long as you know how and why you are feeling this and that you are reaching for a better vibration/harmony/balance. and you would also know that the act of murder is completely and ultimately negative vibrationally /disharmonious /unbalanced action.If we are to co-create then true co-creation is an act of balance

As far as the questions and thoughts posed in the previous answers about the killing of animals as food. Our consumption of meat as caused an industry to grow and the mechanism to keep it growing. If the world stopped eating meat today the animals destined for production would still be slaughtered and so would the whole production line. Meat production takes great amounts agricultural resources to feed. The movement to vegetarianism is growing for many reasons,not only concern for animals. Many are just reducing their consumption of meat.
To quote @fred comment"particularly, if those consuming the food appreciate the sacrifice from whence it came to nourish their body" Many cultures thank God before they eat. We should all reflect on the sacrifice made for use of the animals in our food. I believe that these animals have moved on to a better place. Meat production is not the idyllic farm life that marketers would have us believe it is factory production nothing less.
We will someday get to a point where meat production is no longer a feasible resource. Alternate sources of protein and nourishment that do not strain the agricultural base will be found and more widely accepted.


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Absolutely wonderful. Thank u brother, thank u very much for ur love, I love it.

(08 Jun '13, 08:06) TReb Bor yit-NE

To me co-creation isn't as simple as person A wants X and person B is capable of accommodating so they should provide. "Do unto others."

If you're going to kill you better be willing to accept someone else killing you for the same motivations. If I'm to utilize violence it'll only be with 'love' as the motivation. For my loved ones driving me to protect them from harm, or need to preserve my own life & well being in order to do the former. I'd be perfectly OK with being killed because I was an imminent threat to other's loved ones, as I wouldn't hesitate to do the same if there were no other option. Any reasoning should expect repercussions.. I accept mine.


answered 05 Jun '13, 22:28

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Live by the sword type thing huh ? lol . Great answer

(07 Jun '13, 13:05) TReb Bor yit-NE

Hmm very interesting way to put it, I really like this question. In my opinon and from what I have researched,

It is quite honestly your universe. Everybody you are talking to and interacting with, is your version of them in your own universe reflected from what your consciousness is fully capable of projecting them as from out of their consciousness to what your beliefs and capabilities of perception will allow them to be projected as into your physical reality.

So to iron that out a little more, the person that you are killing. ...Let's say me for example. You are going to kill me. Well, you are first off killing the physical projection of me, because you can never truly kill me. Even more so, You are killing the version of me that exists in YOUR universe. You are killing your own physical manifestation of Aaron. You have killed the version of me that exists in your universe, which was a physical version of me projected from within your own consciousness that came from YOU. So you are actually more so doing this murder to yourself. Because ME, myself, has never actually met you or even goes onto InwardQuest, never even heard of that website before, because my consciousness is not experiencing your version of me to even experience this death.

Therefore, it is more so you killing them with in you, because you are killing YOUR version of them that is a part of you. It's not wrong at all. You didn't actually do anything to the "real" person or animal even. You just killed a part of yourself that physically represented/symbolized them to you. So I personally have to agree with that is ok to kill that person or animal, because in truth, you are really killing that physical representation of them inside of yourself. However, it will still be experienced as real. And I do feel you will carry this with you and judge yourself from this experience nonetheless, which would cause weight on the soul, therefore building karma. Therefore lowering you into a lower vibration than before.


answered 06 Jun '13, 00:21

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edited 06 Jun '13, 00:27

ikaruss, you are wise enough not to fly so close to the sun that it melts the wax holding your feathers together. because 'i like it' does not identify with others, keeping one in isolation programmed to gratify

(06 Jun '13, 17:58) fred

no wonder terrorists are killing people w/o even your perspective.. someone might wipe out the world with nuclear weapon using your theory thinking its their own world... there are cosmic laws one has to follow even if you believe in this your own version of universe.... why do you think LOVE is the word spread by all masters??

(06 Jun '13, 19:48) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa, I think you don't have a full understanding of what Im trying to say here. To truly LOVE like the masters you are talking about, is to be able to LOVE everybody like you would love yourself. You can never fully LOVE every person in the world if you do not LOVE yourself completely to the same magnitude.

If you obviously truly had this ideal within you, then the mere thought of harming another person would be completely nonsensical and infallible to you because your understand that..

(06 Jun '13, 20:15) ikaruss21


everybody is part of you, therefore you would never even go out of your way to do such a thing intentionally, because it would not make sense to you. Because you would see this as you doing this to yourself when attempting to harm another. So you would never even come close or even think of doing something like this.

(06 Jun '13, 20:28) ikaruss21

Absolutely agree with u, i have my own opinion, and this is very much like my own, so thank u so so much

(07 Jun '13, 13:05) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks for the reminder,great answer.

(07 Jun '13, 16:18) Roy
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"Is it ok to kill someone".

This is more of an approval thing.

Even if someone considered to be an authority said "no, it isn't ok". Certain people would still kill; and even if the authority said "yes, it is 100% ok" there would still be certain people not killing.

Even if killing someone was legal - kill someone is an action that most likely comes from Hate, Anger, or Revenge and what you put out is what you get back (so these type of actions will be returned at some point causing endless wars or violence).

At least when an animal is killed for food it is not from a negative vibration it is from a positive vibration of Appreciation of The-Soon-To-Be Dinner...


answered 06 Jun '13, 14:15

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particulary, if those consuming the food appreciate the scarifice from whence it came to nurish their body

(06 Jun '13, 18:04) fred

ty very much @arpgme.. i appreciate this greatly ,. lnl 2 u

(07 Jun '13, 13:24) TReb Bor yit-NE

I think the answer to this one can only be offered from a personal perspective dependent upon the level of consciousness or awareness of the individuals involved. In the grander scheme of things can we ever really say that one life is more valuable than another? If we're all one, then undoubtedly not.

From a personal perspective I would have to say that taking the life of another, without extenuating circumstances, is never justified but even that could always be seen as a judgement call on my part.

However, in saying that, as a Mom if someone threatened the life of my kids and the only way to save them was by taking the life of another, would I? In a heartbeat with no regret. Yes this means that I value their lives more and I choose to stay attached...guess I'll never reach enlightenment haha!!

So Rob in the end the only one who can answer this question for You is You :-)


answered 06 Jun '13, 21:06

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michaela, a beta brain trying to know a delta conception

(07 Jun '13, 07:53) fred

@fred...I see You :-)

(07 Jun '13, 11:34) Michaela

@michaela, absolutely, same with me, i feel if my or my families life were in danger is the only way, not even words, or a punch, but TRUE death danger, so I agree with u very much, answer is great

(07 Jun '13, 13:07) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Seeing as I have weighed in so late, probably nobody is going to read this, which is fine by me...

I think that those who believe that it is okay to kill other people because of something called co-creation are stark, staring crazy...

Killing people is wrong!

Read Dollar Bill's answer...He said it sure did not feel so great.

Why do you suppose that the Vietnam War was a mess? It is because we at home got to see what was going on, and it was terrible...Half the troops were on drugs- that points to something gone horribly wrong.

I am sorry, but I think this whole "co-creation" thing is crap.

Bad idea, that.



answered 07 Jun '13, 10:43

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LOL, well, i would expect nothing less than ur truest heart and words, as u always share them, and i am so thankfull for this, :-) this is why it is easy to love u my friend. i agree, no death (in murder) is needed nor should be , and thank u so so so much my friend, love 2 u and ty for ur heart .

(07 Jun '13, 13:28) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Jaianniah After reading some of the other responses on this site to this question, I was frankly starting to think whether I should come off this website! Thanks for being a voice of sanity!

(28 Nov '14, 05:23) Inner Beauty

"If everything is co-created, is it ok to kill someone?"

Here is how i see it :

God, from his beyond duality reality, will be like : "Ok, but you will also be the co-creator of your own consequences..." :)

..and you will continue to co-create only to realize that the right way to put your question is:

"If everything is co-created, is it ok to kill myself?" ..hmm..guess not.. :)


answered 07 Jun '13, 16:04

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Well. We've something good here. Die you bit*h! Co-creation is totally a LOA prospect. So I'd say no you don't need to kill someone to get what you want. We only want to kill someone when we think that he has made our life miserable or done us too much harm, or will be doing something along these lines. BUT THEN AGAIN LOA says whatever happens to us is what we attract or create. So I'd say before you go and plot that kill (whatever your reasons) through away the key to your gun locker and work on your vibration son. No need to judge good from bad, I'd say. Everything is what it is. Blah.


answered 06 Jun '13, 05:53

Pankaj%20Pal's gravatar image

Pankaj Pal

if it be what we believe it to be, possibly an alternate focus may stop the (perceived need to) killing

(06 Jun '13, 18:01) fred

LOL, no worries, it is not a kill i want, only to expand all minds in this group, i already have a great idea of my own personal opinion n circumstances that i feel death is a true choice, but i appreciate the humor and love, lnl 2 u.

(07 Jun '13, 13:09) TReb Bor yit-NE

Kill another human being? Here is a real experience.

I have had to do it. He was about to kill someone I knew. I had no choice. I did not think, nor care if it was some kind of karmic event for them and/or me. It was an ambush and I was behind the ambusher, my friend was in front and did not see the guy raising his shotgun.

I had a pistol and felt that only a shot to his motor center would instantly stop him. If I had just wounded him, he could still have used the shotgun. It was part of a drug bust and I had no idea what this guy could have been using.

It was a horrible experience that I hope never has to be repeated and now that I know more about reality creation, I am certain it will never happen again.

I like guns for target shooting. There is something about putting a hole in a piece of paper at 200yds with a big magnum pistol . . . .

BUT I don't believe in killing wild animals.

I would like your input here. A friend has a large tract of land in Georgia. He has "pheasant shoots". This is where a group of "hunters" stand around the edge of a 200 yard circle. In the middle is a 40 foot tower.

He buys specially raised pheasants from a breeder. These birds are exercised so they can fly well. My friend hauls up crates of them to the top of his tower and throws them off one at a time. They fly over the hunters and about 60% are shot down. The birds are retrieved by dogs, cleaned and the meat frozen and passed out afterwards to the shooters.

With extremely mixed emotions, I joined one of these "shoots". It seemed somehow wrong.

I am an excellent shotgunner, from skeet, trap and sporting clays. But here we shoot small clay targets that can travel at up to 50 miles an hour. The birds are bigger and slower.

I reiterate that these birds were specifically raised to shoot. Well, I would guess that most of our food, animals and vegetables are also raised to be killed for our consumption.

I thought about not shooting until my friend told me that the birds that "escaped" would quickly die because they, having been pen raised, had no idea of how to find food or water in the land surrounding the open field.

How does this fit in with the idea of "Co-Creation?" My feeling was that I would not take part in these events again. But I look at a hamburger, a salad, or a piece of chicken -- how much different is a pheasant breast?

I am a part of cows, chickens and plants being raised to be killed. Would it be better if they never existed? Never got a chance to enter the earth plane?


answered 06 Jun '13, 09:10

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill

" thought about not shooting until my friend told me that the birds that "escaped" would quickly die because they, having been pen raised, had no idea of how to find food or water in the land surrounding the open field."

That is BS! In my area, they raise pheasants specifically to be returned to their natural habitat to repopulate. I'm no fan of hunting; but what you just described is NOT hunting & I don't consider it much of a sport either & should be banned.

(06 Jun '13, 14:35) ele

Pheasants have an innate ability to find water when necessary. I've never seen a pheasant drink from any of my fountains or tanks & they eat seed at my feeders. Pheasants get most of the water they require from dew, insects, plants, fruit, etc. A wild pheasant is not like a domesticated chicken.

(06 Jun '13, 14:56) ele

"Water is important to the pheasant, but the pheasant does not depend upon open water to satisfy its needs. Pheasants can fulfill their water requirements from dew, succulent greens and insects, but will use open water if available."


A quick google search contradicts what your 'friend" has told you.

(06 Jun '13, 15:35) ele

I believe if you're going to hunt you better be skilled enough to know you're not going to only wound your target and have them get away injured, and you'd better be using what you kill. Simply for pleasure or self-satisfaction, especially if it doesn't involve a quick and skilled kill with appreciation and respect for the life you're taking and its use for you, makes me extremely unhappy and I do believe it's wrong. I'd be more bothered by that even more than most human related conflicts.

(06 Jun '13, 22:42) Snow

I agree @Snow it doesn't sound like the shoot DB describes is very humane either.

(06 Jun '13, 22:58) ele

I agree with the above, mostly. I would hope the pheasants could survive. The problem was finding food. It was winter and there was little to eat. I do not think that many would have survived. They were used to being pen-fed and probably 50-60 "escaped". That would be a lot of competition for food.

He justifies this by donating all the profit, cost is $250/shooter) to local charities. He gave me a free pass.

The landowner and I don't talk anymore. I agree w @ele, this "sport" should be banned.

(07 Jun '13, 08:16) Dollar Bill

I don't like the whole thing, even though the birds were raised for this "sport" and would never have existed otherwise. Whether this is "co-creation" or not I want no part of it. I don't like killing anything.

But I do like guns!


(07 Jun '13, 08:28) Dollar Bill

ty 4 ur heart @dollar bill. i m srry u had 2 go through this, but as i beleive, it was all 4 a reason,, i take it u were in the service ? love

(07 Jun '13, 13:22) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb Broyit-NE - I was with the Police. A good friend was killed, we suspected, by this group of narcotics dealers. I know. now, that I created these events, and I wish I had not made this post and reminded myself (and my IQ friends) of this very dark spot in my life.

At the time, it seemed like this group were devils incarnate. My Police friends got all excited about "taking this bunch of scum bags down", and "putting their dicks in the dirt."

(07 Jun '13, 19:36) Dollar Bill

But when the smoke and noise cleared, there were several dead gang members, and they actually looked like nice young men. They were having a pizza.

I just couldn't see them as "scum bags", though their business and behavior were certainly horrible. I guess that IF I had not been there, another friend might have died. Or did I set the whole thing up?

I was not that motivated to do raids anyway, and quit and went back to private life.

(07 Jun '13, 19:39) Dollar Bill

I have always like the technology of guns, like the video, but I never liked killing things, also like the video.

(07 Jun '13, 19:46) Dollar Bill
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I was asked By Catherine what my own personal ideas was on this. I had planned to answer it but most of you had already given great answers. BUT despite that, I will have a go at it.

My belief is this. Yes. It is ok to kill someone. I know through The law-of-attraction, and also the concept of our oversoul, that this is one option. Is it one that I would choose, well maybe. I can not say I would not kill anyone. But what I can say is that my beliefs would ONLY allow me to do so if I or one of my family members were being attacked to the point of imminent death. Even at this, I have had many years of training Hap-Ki-Do and also many other styles of martial arts and have taught others Mixed Martial Arts. So I do believe in my heart if it ever got to that point (which I am sure it never would. explanation in one min ) I could protect myself or others without having to go to that extreme.

NOW. lets dig in to the whole concept of why i feel i never will have to worry about this. I do not feel that it is right, or acceptable to have violence in my existence, so in this ideal, plus keeping my vibration aligned, and also knowing that I would cause this, all is a healthy formula to not bringing it to myself. This is the concept of LOA.

NOW The very last thing is somthing I have learned very strongly through my work with TReb. All things are Judged by us much to severely. We see all things as good, bad, resonate , not resonate, here, there, fun, boring, positive, and negative. This is NOT a good thing. (see i just judged us judging things lol) When we do this we are NOT the same as our oversoul. The oversoul is 100% complete neutrality. The exact example TReb uses is THIS. " When you experience the oversoul in it's TRUE form, you may see it as Two adults sitting down in a park. These are the oversouls. You will see two children as the fractiles that you are ( us as parts of the whole oversoul). When the two fractiles fight amongst each other, it is very similar to the idea of the two people at war. They argue, and fight, and become angry and hit each other. The parents know that this social interaction is vital to their growth, so they do not become angry.The see it for what it is, an experience that is needed. Just as these children need the experience, so do us fractiles. We need all experience. We need to kill, and be killed. We need to be born and need to give birth. The bible verse that expresses this idea is true in all ways. It must be done for all things to be truly learned. " And this is somthing I 100% feel through the entirety of my soul is true. This is why i do not see anything wrong, with killing someone IF you are aligned that way.

NOW the last fact I will share is the way physical reality is set up. We are in a conscious matrix. This puts our soul in a reality where we get to play. This alone lets us know that ALL people we encounter, all people we hurt, are only ourselves. This was shared on this session recently. I am happy to say that this question helped me think about this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siSqVWrAZJg I hope this helped anyone who may read it.

EDITED 6/10/13 had to add this newest session posted from TReb also. This one shows a little better how the soul only wants the experience in life, and doesn't see any "good" or "bad" in physical life. .


love n light



answered 09 Jun '13, 13:19

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 10 Jun '13, 21:20


we are not co-created, but initiated by absolute mind and what we decide to act affects all of this creation we find ourselves in

(09 Jun '13, 20:42) fred

Yes. I understand what u mean, i do not mean we are co created, i only mean the circumstances that we come through are.

(10 Jun '13, 07:47) TReb Bor yit-NE

"When the two fractiles fight amongst each other, it is very similar to the idea of the two people at war. They argue, and fight, and become angry and hit each other. The parents know that this social interaction is vital to their growth, so they do not become angry." Great analogy and answer @Treb! We are way too serious about things like arguing, killing etc. Being serious, worrying and crying is OK too. But it makes life less fun when we want to enjoy it instead. It's all just a game.

(10 Jun '13, 08:23) releaser99

@realeaser99.. Absolutely .. Thank you., I am so glad for this,. wasn't gonna write anything as response because u covered it all, lol. but because i was asked to, i did, great answer urself.

(10 Jun '13, 21:12) TReb Bor yit-NE

@releaser99 If someone you loved was killed by some deranged person, can you honestly say that you would see it as "just a game"? I know I never could.

(11 Jun '13, 03:54) Catherine

@TREb Bor yit-NE Thanks for answering Rob. I am listening to the clips and learning a lot. I need time to digest what Treb is saying.

(11 Jun '13, 03:56) Catherine

@Catherine It's funny that you ask because I had such fears for years. I was envisioning what I would do if the most terrible things that one can imagine would happen to my loved ones. So I learned martial arts to protect family and friends. I also build my own weapons. And that was the time where I was always facing fights and really "deranged" people. This was also the time where I was most often either in the police department or in the hospital. http://goo.gl/al3XE

(11 Jun '13, 06:39) releaser99

So the solution to the fear of arguing with someone, fear of transitioning and fear other "bad" things is obviously not to worry more about those things. The solution is also not to buy weapons and warn others that bad things exist in the world. The solution is not to visualize all day what might happen. The only way is to make peace. And it's not that hard. It takes 3-5 focus blocks or a few EFT sessions or any other tool that works for you.

(11 Jun '13, 06:39) releaser99

Maybe I was a little bit insensitive to other people's limiting beliefs when I wrote my answer. But this is because I feel completely neutral when I think about those things. And I really see it all as just a game. So I would suggest to make peace with all nightmare scenarios. Make peace with the fear of killing, fear of bad things and fear of feeling overwhelmed ("What would I do if someone I loved was killed by some deranged person?"

(11 Jun '13, 06:39) releaser99

Today's Abraham Hicks quote:

"The one who fears something the most is the one who has it most activated in their vibration. And so, it is logical that they would experience it.


(11 Jun '13, 07:21) releaser99

@cargerine U r welcome , and hope it works to ur benefit to learn anything u can from the sessions, It is a lot to digest and yes, it takes while to find what resonates with u@releaser99 I know what u mean, but even in knowing what I know, death can be hard for me still, i love people and when they leave my existence temporarily,, it can be shocking and rough , but yes, i know exactly what u mean , thank u both for adding to this. LOVE u both

(11 Jun '13, 07:30) TReb Bor yit-NE

@releaser99 You misunderstand me. It is great that you share your fantastic knowledge with others on this website. I disagree with your comments about it being OKay to be violent to others. I think it a sign of disconnection and basically that no good comes of it. When you say "we are all too serious about arguing and killing" - I think that is easy for you to say .....

(11 Jun '13, 10:39) Catherine

..... just as it feels easy to be lighthearted about a feud between two people that doesn't involve you. I think if it was someone you cared about was killed, you might find it harder to be so relaxed about this. I'm not attempting to focus on violence here at all - I'm just saying that it can seem a little flippant to suggest to someone who is in deepest bereavement that they are "too serious" about their loss. It doesn't feel that great to me to think that way.

(11 Jun '13, 10:43) Catherine

@Catherine "if it was someone you cared about was killed, you might find it harder to be so relaxed" Yes, you are right. I would probably feel really bad. I would probably cry and feel depressed. I would probably want to take revenge upon those who killed them... But right now in this moment nobody is killing anyone in my reality. Right now nobody is torturing anyone. I'm assuming that this is also true for those who read this right now. Right now none of those "bad" things is happening.

(11 Jun '13, 13:47) releaser99

So the only thing that can make us feel bad right now is our thoughts and fantasies that we project into the future. We have all those thoughts and fantasies that are active in our mind and we feel bad about them. The universe is also recognizing that those things happen and that we feel bad about them. But it doesn't see those things as being "bad". And the awesome thing is that we can right now see these things neutrally like the universe does right now,

(11 Jun '13, 13:48) releaser99

especially if we neutralize our thoughts and fantasies about the future. But then you say "Yes, it is easier to see it all as just a game when you are not affected right now. But it could happen to you. And then you would feel bad. And then you wouldn't be that calm as you are right now." And I say that if we make peace with our now thoughts and fantasies, we feel peace and we all can see all of this through the eyes of source as just a game...right now.

(11 Jun '13, 13:48) releaser99

"I know I never could" Are you sure? Don't you think that there is quite a lot possible in this universe? Haven't you experienced yourself that there can be light at the end of many tunnels? Don't you think that there are people who thought the same and that they overcame bad things after they happened? When you instead assume that there are things you cannot ever overcome in your life, it automatically holds you in a state of powerlessness and fear.

(11 Jun '13, 13:49) releaser99

And in a state of those emotions it is logical that one cannot see things as just a game. But emotions can always be changed in the now. They are fluid, not solid. And if they are changed and feel neutral/good right now, they will attract similar neutral/good feeling thoughts and events in future.

(11 Jun '13, 13:49) releaser99
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Rob the person that kills other would they like to be kill? if they say that they would not like to be kill then why kill other? is that loving the neighbor as your self? And if someone go killing people and get kill in self defense by the person that add no other choice to defend and protect is life, will you blame or judge the one that killed him? If you would be in the same position you would have done the same.

Like I said last night to someone that said to me that people are stupid in this world and that many should be kill.

They are worst thing then death. of course the person asked what is worst then death? Knowing that you should have done something and now it is to late to change it. And now you are stuck with people that will do the same.

A place will be make for you there are many mansion in the father kingdom. To the measure you judge also will you be judge.

If you look in this world do not people do the same. is it true? they make war with each other. they use money with each other they use the same product, they follow the same rule. they dress the same. if all those things are true in this world, how much more true it will be in the next.

Let there be light. Love each other. Be at peace with each other. Be merciful to each other. Be righteous with each other. Be just with each other.Do not judge.

Let there be light. Be the light that you should be. Experience and enjoy.


answered 06 Jun '13, 14:32

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

white tiger, as long as we draw breathe any decison made now can change the past future sent into motion, if it be of pure intent

(06 Jun '13, 18:09) fred

@white tiger. ty dear friend. always enjoy ur love n words. lnl 2 u

(07 Jun '13, 13:25) TReb Bor yit-NE

Your question pre-supposes that we are disconnected. Seth proposes that we are part of all-that-is. To kill another or attack another is to kill or attack yourself. That has its own consequences.

No one will die unless that person agrees to die. I believe that.

why do I believe that? Because I once faced death (the violent ex-husband told me I should prepare to die, and I believed him because he had never used such words before). I decided that I would not die in terror. This one time, no matter what he did, I would be in utter and complete peace.

Strange thing. He couldn't touch me and he didn't know why. Happened again a few months later. Same thing. Only then did he tell me that I could leave and he wouldn't come after me.

He wanted to kill me. He couldn't because I didn't sink into the terror and fear that he needed to inspire his cruelty.

Peace Pilgrim spoke of the same thing. I have since talked to others who have used peace and love as a mechanism of self defense.


answered 01 Dec '14, 06:36

Gail's gravatar image


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